Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, episode 4

This week, on Hart of Dixie: there was a heat wave that was just an excuse for people to take their shirts off, and which those hot people used as an excuse to try to talk Rachel Bilson into sleeping with her hot Hot Neighbor, Wade. (She didn’t, but only because the heat wave broke just as they were about to go at it.) In other plot lines: the Mayor and Lemon Had Issues (if any of you can explain why they’re not actually dating, despite the fact that they’re crazy about each other, and her parents seem to love him, please do so in the comments); Rachel Bilson and Tim Matheson continued Working Together Despite Having Personal Conflict in the Medical Procedural of the Week (a nutty lady turned out to be nuts because her car was poisoning her, which is going to be my excuse the next time I want to hit someone in the head with my purse); and Rachel Bilson finally seemed like she knew what she was talking about when she said Doctor-y Things. Over all: this show isn’t particularly good, but it is incredibly charming. I actually laughed out loud at least twice. Oh, CW. You are irresistible sometimes. Let’s see what everyone wore!

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  1. Al

    It’s sad how much I like this show. Thank God for your recap though. I literally forgot everything that happened after Wade rose up out of that pond.

    • Gosia

      Amen. This episode was full of “huuuh? what were you saying?” moments.

  2. living in bham, al

    ha duh. theyre not dating bc he’s black. storyline doesnt get any simpler. but i love that you had to ask – means youre not from down here. to better explain: her parents like him like they like puppy dogs … or like alabamians like ANY black tide football player. that doesnt mean they want their daughters to date them. let’s be real. sigh … i too like this show and shouldnt.

    • Jessica

      Well, the reason that I asked was because I felt like if Brick were a racist, they would have hit that plot point WAY harder. It doesn’t SEEM like they’re taking Tim Matheson to a place where he’d have a problem with his daughter dating someone of another race. I just don’t see that in the story as it’s been presented to us — but I also don’t see a REASON, period. It’s confusing.

      • Mel

        Even Brick cannot resist the charms of Lavon Hayes. Everyone loves him. I can’t wait until someone tries to contest his mayorship!

      • living in bham, al

        well … between lemon’s accent, all the sweating (as IF we dont have air conditioning down here), overalls, and lawyer boy’s thumbs in his pockets for every scene (he should know better having been on the good wife, opposite kalinda!), i think blatantly adding the racist aspect would put them way over the south-stereotyping limit! ;)

      • Jesal

        Maybe Lemon’s mom ran off with a hot black ex-football player… the resemblance is just too much for poor ol’ Brick.

        Why do I watch this show?!?!

  3. Chrissy

    This is absolutely hysterical. I find the show extremely charming as well. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Pam

    I also do not know why I love this show so much, but while I was watching it, I immediately thought of you and what you would say when she came out in her teeny “We’re having sex” dress. If she doesn’t have sex with Wade soon, I am driving to fictional Bluebell myself!

  5. Annie E

    Sex or anything close to another person’s body is the last thing you want to do in a heat wave. I hope you guys recap last night’s episode of Ringer, because I need someone to explain to me what was happening!

  6. Jessica

    Yep, the Ringer recap is coming this afternoon.

  7. Kate

    Am I the only one who was hoping Wade would be all, “Um, look, I appreciate you breaking out the boobs for me, but I’m not really trying to become the subject of your ‘dirty one-night stand’ story. If you want to go out for real sometime, give me a call, Doc.”?

    • Sajorina

      After they made out hard core in Wade’s car that night that Rachel got drunk, I don’t see how he wouldn’t jump at the chance to have sex with her! But, she’s not a “one-night stand” kind of girl and I love that!

  8. Michelle

    I debated whether or not to watch this show when I started. I am so glad I decided to! Especially after last night’s Wade walking out of the pond daydream!

  9. Carrie

    No shirtless Scott Porter pic? I have sadness.

  10. Pink Coat

    The show is not that great but cute. I love your recaps and like many commentors here, think Wade is way hotter and cuter than the lawyer guy. Also, Rachel Bilson’s teeny tiny dress in the bar (when she falls off the stool) was edging into flashing territory, don’t you think?

  11. Gigi

    THANK YOU for the Tim Matheson photo, Jessica!!!!

    One of your Old Lady Fans

  12. Pink Coat

    Also when I was watching the show I thought of you guys when Lemon is reading a magazine alone in her home (slide 16) and wondered who wears those ginormous heels for just lounging around and catching up on your reading?!

    • G

      She’s playing a Southern lady from the early 60s, so yes, she would be wearing heels. And she hasn’t fallen into a back issue of House and Garden — it would have to be a back issue of Southern Living. Jessica’s not from the South, is she?

  13. Linda

    Shocking lack of Jason Street. I think you guys have talked me into DVR’ing this.

  14. Jessica

    I totally forgot to snap a shirtless Jason Street pic — I WILL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF. Seriously. The good news is, I am pretty sure he will be shirtless again soon.

  15. vandalfan

    Niiiiice pec shots. But I ask you, does one wear a cardigan or a leopard-accented ski hat in a heave-wave?

  16. Sandra

    Oooo, shirtless cooking, OUCH! A person should totally have all their clothes on when operating a stove.

  17. Cruising

    I don’t watch the show, never have, never will. None the less, THANK YOU for the photo recap. It may only be 6 degrees Celsius here, but we’re suddenly having our own heat wave.

  18. erin

    Lemon only has one parent, who does seem to like D’Shawn Hardell. When you said parents did you mean the hard to please parents of Jason Street or was it a typo?

  19. Libby

    Lemon in 50′s wear and quirky gal in overalls, huh?

    So this is yet another TV show/movie where the wardrobe person assumes that no one residing in a land-locked state has ever heard of Ann Taylor, the Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc., or has access to a fashion magazine published after the mid-1970′s. These people really need to take a road trip West of NYC or east of CA and familiarize themselves with the rest of America. Believe it or not, we’re not stuck in a fashion time warp.

  20. amanda

    Last time I checked, people have air conditioners in the south. And Annie E speaks the truth. Desire to be close to someone and temperature are inversely proportional. But if the CW wants to keep contriving plot lines that support shirtlessness, power to them.

  21. Sajorina

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode… for all the obvious reasons, but also because I liked both the dresses Rachel Bilson wore; they were black and inappropriate for a heat wave, but they were sexy and she looked HOT AS HELL… she even gave me the vapors and I’m straight!

    Hot shirtless dudes… AWESOME! Sexual tension in the air… STEAMY! That short dress Lemon wore… SAME ONE MY MOM WORE TO HER HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION IN 1964!

  22. jessmey

    haaaa. im glad im not alone in feeling left unawares as to why i find myself charmed by this silly show. its like a cross between true blood and the gilmore girls. just plum ridiculous.

  23. jessmey

    ps. some white folks in the south dont consder themselves one bit racist when the only objection to minorities (especially athletic ones) is any romantic mingling with their ladies. and vice versa. sad but true. brick is just a good old boy, or a southern gentleman, or a total a hole. plus you never mentioned the obscene amount of sweat dripping off of everyone at the doctors office. what. is happening. get some wet wipes people.

  24. Joanna

    I’m so happy I’m in good company here! My boyfriend teases me mercilessly for watching this show. I know it’s utter crap, but I can’t keep from watching it! I’m from a small town, but now live in LA, so I guess I’m really just nostalgic for my childhood. It’s a little like Gilmore Girls, except way more ridiculous, less plausible, and not nearly as smart.

  25. Challis

    I CANNOT be the only person that covets Lemon’s upholstery-themed dress! I love it!

  26. Kate

    Contrary to popular belief, some people in the South are actually not racist. I know, I know. Shocking, but true. Likewise, not everyone in the South is either a redneck or a well-to-do jerk with a Belle for a daughter. I like the fun camp of Hart of Dixie, but I wish Hollywood would lay off the Southern stereotypes a little.

  27. Layla

    I loved how R. Bils, Tim Matheson, and Jason Street were standing in the middle of a packed waiting room discussing crazy lady’s craziness and what might need to be done. I turned to my husband (who was only watching under extreme duress) and said “Um, have these doctors and that lawyer never heard of HIIPA and client confidentiality???”

  28. maria

    i like this show, but all the scenes with Lemon are starting to grate my nerves. It’s literally like they have tele-transported her from the last century into this show, the way she talks and dresses etc. The fight between her and Lavon was cringeinducingly bad acted.

    apart of the shirtless men, the best thing about the show for me is the chemistry between Bilson and Matheson and their little fights and comments about each other.

  29. Tracy

    Lemon is a lunatic. I want to smack her back to the 50s. Love the show, Rachel Bilson is a cutie.

  30. Nicole

    I can’t believe you didn’t include a slide of Jason Street’s shorts from the final scene. He’s wearing khaki-shorts that have cuffs on the bottom. Cuffs! On men’s shorts! They were – awful!

  31. LizC

    I like this show but I couldn’t quite suspend my disbelief for this one. 105 for Alabama doesn’t seem all that hot. Not to mention even if it’s just a window unit even her crappy little shack is going to have a/c.

    Also, I pretty much immediately assumed that the reason Lemon and Lavon Hayes broke up is because her dad wouldn’t approve. He’s a big enough ass that I can totally believe that he can love Lavon Hayes for his football star past but not think he’s good enough for his little girl because he’s black. This is a CW show, I don’t think it’s deep enough to go beyond that stereotype.

  32. Dara

    Why doesn’t Lemon have a job?? I think she really is living some crazy 60s flashback.

  33. lynniekae

    Funny post! Loved this episode. I think Lemon’s wardrobe/hair/makeup is her way of dealing with being abandoned by her mother (mentioned in the pilot) and believing that this is how she should be.

    I can see them giving her a makeover eventually.

  34. Mary

    This is one of the funniest recaps you’ve done EVER. Why would I need/want to watch the show when I can look forward to this?

  35. Caitlin

    I love this post, and think you are hilarious.

    However, in slide 11, can we change it to “all of the sudden” instead of “all of a sudden”?

  36. Sarah Timm

    I think they were having an affair, cause they said ‘six months ago’ or something like that and she’s clearly been with her fiance for longer than that.

  37. Hel

    Wow! Lemon really thinks she is in “Mad men”. It’s so funny to see her next to Rachel Bilson in that tiny black dress. Someone has time-travelled…

  38. Aria

    I liked Lemon’s dress, but it is too costumey, as are most of her clothes.

    And while I like the show, the whole heatwave thing annoyed — some how it is so freaking hot that no where seems to have sufficient air conditioning — the nice restaurant, the mayor’s house, the medical office, etc.?? I live in the South and we have plenty of A/C, even during some of the heatwaves that we had this summer. We don’t sit around covered in sweat all the time. But I did enjoy the shirtless men, so I’ll forgive ‘em. ;)

  39. Alex

    Like Sara Timm I always assumed Lemon and Lavons relationship was secret. I thought I remembered hearing Lemon and George being high school sweethearts and assumed Lemon and Lavon met during the time George spent in NY and then had to end the affair once he got back.

    Also, did Bilson skinnydip at the end??

  40. Allison

    This was my favorite episode. Charming is the right word. It’s not an excellent TV show, and I can’t explain why I like it but I do! :)

    Alex’ summary of the Lavon – Lemin situation seems correct.

    And yes, did Zoe skinnydip at the end?

  41. August S.

    Off topic, but:
    –Lemon is a uptight perfectionist and unapologetic social climber who deeply values tradition and propriety.
    –She has a tendency to wear ultra-matched outfits that veer into costume-like territory.
    –She plots to exile her rivals.
    –She lives in a single parent household because one parent left, and she’s dealing with the resulting feelings of abandonment.
    –She’s dating the “golden boy” but harbors secret, passionate feelings for his (to her eyes) unsuitable best friend… meanwhile her golden boy is dealing with an attraction to the new girl in town who’s also Lemon’s rival.
    –She has minions who she orders around while keeping them in place with the occasional verbal barb.

    So basically the CW took Season 1 Blair Waldorf, changed her hair color, and slapped on a southern accent….
    and I’m not going to lie, I deeply enjoy it. Keep up the pandering, CW, it’s working!

  42. Sadie-Ann

    I feel like Girl from the Bar is totally Claudia from BSC all grown up.