Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, episode 205

This show continues its pellmell spiral into Charmsville. It’s amazing how easily I have been wooed onto Team Lemon — both because she’s no longer styled like a time-traveler, because Jaime King’s acting has improved immensely, and because I have realized that I, like Lemon, can be both uptight and tightly wound so perhaps WHAT I REALLY HATE IS MYSELF.

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  1. Julie

    So I totally starting watching this show last week because of these recaps. It’s kind of the cutest show ever.

  2. BostonLawyaGal

    I felt really bad for Annabeth. She’s nice and adorable and has fabulous dresses.

    • Caity

      ^this! There either needs to be a love square with Lemon, Ruby, AB & Lavon, or HoD needs to introduce yet another hot single guy to entertain AB

      • BostonLawyaGal

        Ooooh yes. I’d be thrilled if a new guy came along for her. Great call.

  3. Suzanna

    I am so happy with these recaps! I have also started liking Lemon more; I’m glad HoD is getting it right with her character. Also, I was so annoyed at Zoe when she was all disappointed with Hot Neighbor Wade for going as James Bond– she wanted sexy fireman or construction worker, and I’m like since when are men in Tuxes not the sexiest thing ever? And since when has James Bond not been a fantasy for women/not oozed sexy?

  4. Suzanna

    Yes, AB needs a hot guy too! Too bad the guy who played Wade’s brother moved on to a different show.

  5. Liz985

    I think HLG (Hot Lawyer George) has been working out, because he has been sportin’ some serious guns lately – which worked very well with the fireman outfit (and the undies, now that I think of it). Thank you very much HoD. Plus, it is entirely unfair how very pretty Rachel Bilson is.

  6. Other Meredith

    I am totally moving to Bluebell. Hundreds of thousands of people live in my city, and I still don’t know any single guys as hot as the ones in Bluebell.

    • Kat

      Exactly! “Let’s take a field trip” is the best idea you’ve ever had, Jessica. I’m pretty sure Fug Nation’s vote for that will be unanimous!

    • Erin

      I will drive the bus and split the cost of gas.

      Also, HNW in that tux was awesome. Zoe must have the strongest work ethic ever to turn that down to do a damn sleep study for George. I know where MY allegiances would lie.

  7. Aria

    I love this show, but I want Lavon and AB, not Lemon. And I want AB’s wardrobe for myself.

  8. Gigi


    • Jessica

      He wasn’t in this one at all. I suspect it was filming while the episode he directed was being edited so he was needed elsewhere.

      • GFY Heather

        He doesn’t appear in every episode. To keep costs down, shows often put contractual caps on the number of times their supporting actors can appear. Like on “Chuck,” how various Buy More employees went MIA occasionally. To afford Tim Matheson I suspect they gave him directorial opportunities and a capped number of episodes. It’s why, when you do see him, it’s never just one casual stroll into the Rammer Jammer for one line. Waste of money.

        • Gigi

          Thanks, y’all. I’ll refrain from making my own Rammer Jammer Otter joke and just say that I’m glad my sweet baby commands so much dinero. Carry on.

  9. Andrew S.

    Can I just say that I fell even MORE in love with George when he sleepily waved his toy ax at that woman? IDEK why – it was just CUTE.

  10. witjunkie

    YES that baseball bat dress was adorable, I paused just to look at it. And I also eye-rolled at Beer Girl. And I thought the Zoe/George scene at the end was pretty melty, no? I get team Hot Neighbor, but daaaaaang. She is being Strong and Wise though, and that’s kind of a nice twist.

    I am irritated that your screen caps are clearer than my TV. Why isn’t CW in HD on Directv? Or is it just not where I am. I CAN BARELY MAKE OUT THE CHARACTERS WHERE IS THE HD

    • Jessica

      It is in HD on DirecTV in my house but I also take the screengrabs off Hulu, which is why they’re so clear.

  11. Bucky

    Presley is annoying, but I’m just glad to see she’s gotten over Dwight Schrute.

    • Rebecca

      THANK YOU! I could not remember where I recognized her from and was coming on here to ask! GFY’ers are the best!

      I basically live for that leather jacket Zoe wears. It would look awful on me, but I don’t care, I shall fantasize about it being mine anyway.

      • Bucky

        I just re-watched a bunch of old Office episodes, so it was fresh in my mind.

        I also love that jacket, but I have trouble picturing Bilson’s wardrobe on me, because she is so wee, and I am very tall. But I did buy the earrings AnnaBeth was wearing a couple of episodes ago, so there’s that.

        Also, hello, fellow Rebecca!

  12. Sarah

    Ok and can we just talk about how aweome HNW is when he’s not being all douchey? I was so glad that he didn’t take out his frustrations by breaking the rules. My roomie and I actually cheered when he pushed George in the water. Him and Zoe are so happy and adorbs. Also James Bond? COME ON.

  13. Mollie

    As always, HNW was the highlight of the show. How cute was it to see him turn into total boyfriend mode with Zoe now that they are “casually monogamous”? Too bad Zoe had to be the douchey one this week and totally ignore the rules she had set herself the week before. They are just too adorable together though and “yay” to Wade for being the mature and honest one this week. That ending scene where he picks her up was pure joy and it shows why they have to be together – they are just so much fun.

    That entire “waiting for the the perfect timing to be together” thing between Zoe and George is starting to feel really contrived and tiresome to me. I was glad George seemed annoyed by it too. You deserve better buddy.

    And I’m with you guys: I’d take dapper James Bond over Village People Fireman anytime! Come on :)

  14. Sajorina

    Gotta love this show! If you want it to be nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Network TV Drama, go here: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/vote.jsp?pollId=120019

  15. lavonspants

    Yeah, I’m gonna need that leather jacket Zoe was wearing when she lost/found/flirted with/stood firm with for plot purposes George. Anybody know who makes it?

    Also: I will charter a stretch limo for all of us to go to Bluebell. Like, now-ish. Or, actually, right after I vote. But definitely then. Did y’all SEE George’s back??? Mmmm….

  16. Amy

    Jessica is right, this show is super cute/charming! I was glad to see something happen with Zoe and George this week, I know Zoe and Wade do have good chemistry together but I am firmly on Team George. Thought he was very hot in his fireman’s costume!

    I love Annabeth! I hope she is on more episodes, scenes with her and Lemon are always funny and yes, a love square with Lavon in the middle would be excellent

    P.S. Way to go Bucky on figuring out Presley was Pam’s cousin on the Office! That scene where Dwight accidentally kicked her with his flailing limbs when they were dancing down the aisle is hilarious

  17. Rachel

    Am I the only one who wants Zoe and George to get together already?? Come on!!

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