Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, episode 20 (?)

Here’s what didn’t happen: Pastel pants on Lavon, ANY JUSTIN HARTLEY AT ALL. Here’s what DID: George went into crazy cheerful mode after breaking up with Lemon, up to and including: dancing with strangers, eating ice cream, buying a motorcycle, singing karaoke in New Orleans and then making out with Zoe and suggesting they get a hotel room and then realizing that he’s actually really bummed about Lemon, and then tears and recriminations. Hot Neighbor Wade blah blah blah time to grow up yadda yadda buy my own bar blah.  Lemon: blah blah blah George cry cry cry wedding yadda yadda yadda lipstick.  Everyone: more scenery-chewing facial expressions than usual. On to the ensembles! With bonus Tim Matheson in a truly hilarious costume.

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  1. Gigi

    King Otter, all hail! Thank you, Jessica!

  2. Eliza Bennett

    I was just given the key to Side-Eye USA. That line made me clap both hands over my mouth in an attempt to stifle my unseemly guffaw. It didn’t work.

  3. ceecee

    Tim Matheson is showing his age (as am I, Tim, as am I). And apropos of what is he wearing that get-up?

  4. Lynne

    Okay, I like this show far more than I reasonably should. And we need to see Hot Neighbor Wade get some love pretty soon. It’s making me sad. Seriously.

    Lemon’s looking fairly good lately but I’d really like to see her hair colour toned down some. That platinum blonde is not doing her skin tone any favors.

    • Other Meredith

      Yes, HNW needs some love! Besides from us, his loyal fans. Throw him a bone, show!

  5. Moonlissa

    I would like to heartily object to that set being called New Orleans. That in no way resembled my beloved hometown!

  6. AMS

    Is it just me, or was the direction for this episode to also make the makeup as, uh, “expressive” as possible, by which I mean “trowel on as much as possible”? Rachel Bilson is almost unrecognizable in the first pic, and Lemon looks like she’s wearing a plastic mask in one of the later shots. Holy cow, makeup team – these are already some pretty, pretty people – they don’t need that much help!

  7. Liz

    I was wondering if you would highlight George’s properly fitting pants and Lavon’s crotch shot. :)

  8. Libby

    I broke down and watched the most recent episodes on Hulu. Gotta agree, the show is cute. Loved Rachel Bilson’s coat in NOLA. But where’s HNW’s brother? More, please!

  9. laura

    I absolutely adored Rachel Bilson’s tie dye skirt!

    Also this show is adorable and PLEASE CW don’t cancel it!!

    • sara

      Instead of those Lowes commercials they should do ads on the clothing. Better product integration and cute to boot.

  10. Gin

    I really really loved the Gilbert and Sullivan plot line. Swoon.

  11. Verodemort

    Did y’all know that Jason Street sang on camera before?! He was the other member of that fake English pop group from that Drew Berrymore/Hugh Grant movie Music and Lyrics. You know the song- POP GOES MY HEART! hahahahaha. Anyways, love this show, but I wish instead of opening a bar, HNW would open a tanning salon/become a lifeguard/do construction so that we could have more shirtless opportunites, but I’ll take what I can get :)

  12. Bucky

    I’m so glad you didn’t include the Scotty McCreery debacle. No one needs to relive that. Except that I totally just brought it up.

  13. Jessica

    Ugh, I COULD NOT.

  14. Elle

    Yay John Hoynes!

  15. Fat Desdemona

    Yay, Tim Matheson! Thanks, Jessica! You’re keen.

  16. Sajorina

    I loved this episode… So entertaining! I adored Lemon’s sparkly cardigan & Zoe’s shiny silver coat! But, to be honest, I like everything Zoe wears! And, I loved that AWESOME kiss! JEALOUS!!!

  17. A.J.

    Thank you for the Tim Matheson!

  18. cathy

    i know that its not nice to talk about peoples bodies, but im worried about jaime king… she is so skinny and its getting distracting :(

  19. Beth

    “Am I over-accessorized?!”
    Important question, that. And, yes.

    Since much like various West Wing characters I, too, was a member of my college’s Gilbert & Sullivan Society, I adored this episode. You can’t go wrong with G&S.

  20. Marcie

    Can I just say that I absolutely love George and Zoe together. Jason and Rachel have such chemistry. I was so excited they kissed.

  21. witjunkie

    You wanted making out, weren’t you so happy about the making out? I WAS. But I was glad they didn’t get the room.

  22. Andrew S.

    There is nothing at all wrong with George in too tight pants. Hmm, or soaking wet briefs…….. I’m sorry – what were we discussing again?

  23. vandalfan

    Lemon’s sparkly cardigan WHAT.

  24. Bucky

    I’m just going to leave this here for you guys: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/68772111.html

    • Jessica

      I LITERALLY just gasped aloud.

      • Bucky

        I mean, on the upside, at least she’s not leaving him for her transgender brother who’s been possessed by a witch, or whatever went down on Passions lo those many years ago.

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