Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, episode 12

Heather pointed out to me yesterday that I begin every one of these fug-caps with an expression of sincere surprise that the show is so charming. And I AM surprised, every week! I don’t know WHY I am surprised at this point, but I still am. But it’s a DELIGHTFUL surprise! Anyway, this week,  Dr Zoe Hart is acting SUPER happy, and Hot Neighbor Wade is pretty sure it’s because she’s getting laid. (“JT is single now,” he mournfully tells Mayor Lavon Hayes when they’re trying to figure out who Zoe’s SECRET LOVER might be. “I’m pretty sure it’s not Justin Timberlake,” Lavon tells him.) BUT! She’s so happy because she actually she has a secret FRIEND: AnnaBeth, the centerpiece of last week’s Lemon Cursed Our Uteruses plotline. AnnaBeth loves Zoe because she’s not an uptight harridan who needs seriously therapeutic intervention, the way Lemon is (I might be editorializing a tad). And Lemon is currently acting being EXTRA crazy because blah blah blah Small Town Ladies Club Appointment of Great Importance Something or Other.  So, Zoe, during her secret friend assignations with AnnaBeth, basically teaches AB to have a spine and stick up for herself to Lemon. Which AB does, and in doing so manages via the power of her refreshing sass to get HERSELF appointed Whatever Whatever Blah Southern Yada in Lemon’s stead. And then AB friend-breaks up with Zoe, because now that’s she Head Honcho of Whatever, she can’t be Zoe’s friend publicly — which Zoe demanded, as she realized she was basically “the mistress” in this situation — because Zoe is unpopular, or something. I hope AnnaBeth snaps out of this at some point, because she’s cute, and I like that actress, and she owes it to Zoe to be her friend in public. ANYWAY, yadda yadda yadda, there are some shenanigans that you don’t need to really know about that end with: Zoe saving AnnaBeth from Lemon revealing their secret friendship DESPITE the fact that AB doesn’t really deserve it, and in the course of said rescue,  making out with That Hot Vet Who Slept With Her Friend From NYC and ZING there are sparks and now Zoe and the Hot Vet are TOTALLY doing it, to the great dismay of Hot Neighbor Wade, who is, as we all know, TOTALLY HOT FOR ZOE, but won’t tell her so and instead drowns his sorrows in trashy girls. SIGH. JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER, KIDS. All this, plus Jason Street’s hilarious Victory Dance….WITHIN!

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  1. Jennie

    You’re not the only one who’s surprised each week. I watch this show with the silliest grin on my face! (in spite of the formal shorts)

    • GingerLover

      Ok I am very stupid obviously, but please explain to me what the heck “Formal Shorts” even are – unless you are Columbia(Rocky Horror) or a Rockette?
      I mean in what sense are they formal? as in not Miley Cyrus/Vanessa H’s cut off denim things?
      I mean look at the various styles on this page of formal shorts…
      I mean what design element do they have in common? Oh yeah, they’re short!?

      on another subject “Hot Dr Jordan The Vet With the Wandering Wang”, fantastic! LMAO&ROTF
      I do like the hot men in this show (may I recommend boxers or shorts and a lot of deep knee bends) – because if I can see the outline of your pocket lining in your pants they might be a touch TIGHT!
      And Lemon – more cracked up outfits please!

  2. Stefanie

    HEY! Hot Dr Jordan The Vet With the Wandering Wang is Luke The Crazy Fellowship of the Sun Warrior Who Blew Himself Up at Godrick’s pad on True Blood.

    • Amoki

      I find the above sentence wonderfully endearing and am also terribly amused that it makes perfect sense to me.

      Anyway, I agree! Total look-alike.

  3. meggyoh

    I look forward to your recaps almost as much as to watching the show! You forgot to mention very sad HNW in his extremely white shirt!

    • Erin

      YES! When he got all fancy and actually combed his hair per LaVon Hayes’ suggestion, my heart broke a smidge. (If he refers to himself in third person via his full name all the time, I will, too.)

      • witjunkie

        He looked beautiful in the white shirt but I prefer my Hot Neighbor Wade with his hair mussed :]

        PS, HNW works at the Panera I go to…looks (and sounds!) just like him, throwing the soup n’ sandwiches up on that high counter – HellOo

  4. Csb

    I love this show more and more every week! Not even in a “so bad it’s good” way… It’s legitimately really cute and endearing and only ever makes me happy! Also… HNW’s white shirt at the end of this ep, moved him up like 4 spots on my dream to-do list. Also, this is always my fave recap that you do! Look forward to it every week. I wish zoe was my bff too.

  5. Small Anne Cordelia

    Hello! Is that Uncle Jesse I spy in that first slide??

  6. Al

    I think it needs pointing out that not all southern women are assholes. Seriously, between Lemon, the lady Lemon is always trying to impress and Anna Beth’s abandonment of Zoe at the end, it seems as if there is something in the water in this town. That said, I do love this show in spite of itself. I hope Anna Beth (or someone) comes around because the show needs a more balanced dynamic among its female characters. That or give Lemon a personality transplant.

  7. Jenny

    Did we notice that Wade’s trampy girlfriend was named what sounded to me like Julia Sugarbaker?

  8. Jessica

    Hah, that’s totally true. I forgot to write that part down, but I laughed out loud.

  9. Eli

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but where you see Jason Street I see the dude from Hugh Grant’s boy band in the AWESOME music video (seriously, Youtube Pop Goes My Heart) from that terrible movie he did with Drew Barrymore. Of course, when I first started watching this show, where you all saw Lavon Hayes, lord of 90210, I saw that evil assassin from Prison Break (it took a couple of episodes for me to not expect him to break out of mayor mode in order to shoot someone in the head).

  10. Jennifer A.

    Okay, I hate to be picky, but this was not the kissing I was looking for!!! My apologies to Judson, but he reminds me of Kerr Smith, so I have to pass on him.

    However, this was an episode that highlighted the positive growth the show has done since its premiere. I liked Zoe getting a female friend (even if she semi-lost her), and pretty much everyone acted charming and fun. Now, I hope we get more of Lemon’s less hysteric, more fun side – the prank-pulling Lemon was great.

  11. Eliza Bennett

    I think Hot Vet might be a Man Slore.

  12. vandalfan

    The expression on the face of the bedenimed gentleman in the first photo was on my face when I read your approval of Formal Shorts.

  13. Charlotte

    I love the Fugcaps. My rapidly-permanently-indenting-itself-previously-ephemeral wrinkle also loves them: they aid its plan to take over my face, and thence, THE WORLD.

  14. sarah

    Your referring to Jason Street as Jason Street brings me joy. Because he will alsways be Jason Street. (Except for a brief hiatus for The Good Wife when he was sexy investigator man.)

    • living in bham, al

      And he was so different on the good wife! He really transformed himself into a frat guy for Dixie. The Music with Lyrics movie came on a few weeks ago and I laughed out loud when I realized he was in the Pop Goes my Heart duo!

      And not to take these funny and wonderful recaps in a negative way … but I truly think Lemon might start looking better (and even wearing better clothes) if she were to perhaps partake in a large hambuger and fries. Pronto. Like, for lunch and dinner. And throw in a shake too.

  15. Sajorina

    I LOVE THE 1st OUTFIT!!! I don’t wear shorts at all, but Rachel rocks them and if I looked like her, I’d rock them too! Lemon is becoming insufferable and I can’t understand why both Jason Street & Lavon Hayes are in love with her! I don’t like Hot Vet either! My favorite thing about this episode was Jason Street’s dancing… Made me laugh out loud!

  16. Hannah

    Great recap (as always) but was hoping for a shot of Zoe frozen half in her doctors coat pretending to have stiff joints. She’s so adorable.

  17. Matt

    This may be because I am EXTREMELY hungover, but I just read the phrase “Lemon cursed our uteruses” and nearly wet myself with laughter: I have seen the show, but thought it was lemon the foodstuff, not Lemon the character, and I thought I should be desperately ripping the citrus fruit from my pregnant sister’s grasp post-haste! oh dear

  18. Anon

    The Bluebell town square is totally Stars Hollow.

  19. maristeph

    I disagree–these recaps are fast becoming a highlight for me on this site! Keep up the awesome/good work!

  20. Erin

    It’s easy enough to skip a post, dude, as I skipped the Gossip Girl one. It’s not as if they H + J have an obligation fo fulfill your every whim.

    ps, Fug Girls, I immediately thought of you during the making fun of Lemon scene. It was nice to see the show finally lighten up a bit.

  21. Jessica

    Thank you. Ken, there’s no need to post this on every recap — we got the message.

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