Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

In which Scott Porter is marooned in a plot that requires him to sing to a dog; AB realizes that sleeping with your best friend’s One True Love is tough to justify, even if you and OTL really really really dig each other; and Lavon eats his feelings. There is also gold lamé, Laura Bell Bundy jumping out of a cake, and yet another hot dude. BlueBell has the world’s most robust array of hot dudes of any small town in America. I hope this show gets renewed.

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  1. tkangaroo

    Okay, so I live in North Carolina which is not Alabama, but kind of close. Last Friday it was 65 but felt warmer (we’ve already had 75 degree weather already), and on Saturday it snowed. So, AB’s wardrobe isn’t that surprising. We have a lot of weather fluctuations down here.

  2. Ody

    I will be more upset than I care to admit if this show isn’t renewed. I will be in serious Bluebell withdrawal… which kind of sounds like blue balls… which is a different kind of withdrawal, but possibly just as painful.

    • Eli

      I was thinking that as I was flipping through the slideshow. We should start campaigning for renewal. We need to mail the CW a bunch of shorty shorts.

  3. Annie E

    Is there a chance this won’t get renewed? Wah.

    I loved LBB’s reaction to Magnolia and Lemon coming clean with her. She knew Brick would like the cake popping, and his own daughters thought he would be horrified. It goes to the strength of Brick & LBB’s relationship.

  4. sarah

    your recaps have finally convinced me to start watching this show! (which, while i love cute people and silly shows, definitely looked a little too cheesy for me in the promos). I will bow to your tastes though and check it out :)

  5. Lucasta

    “JOLEEEEEENE” just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I may still be laughing.

  6. Tanya

    I don’t watch this show. Not sure why I read your recap, but I’m glad I did. I’ve been thinking about taking my thick, waist-length layers more to my mid-back and these pictures of Rachel Bilson have convinced me it is the right thing to do. So, thank you for writing charming recaps and inadvertently helping a woman to make up her mind.

  7. Lois

    As Leslie Knope would say: “Uteruses before duderuses.”

  8. LT1

    Until the recap, I hadn’t realized that George didn’t interact with the townfolk–I was just so excited that I was going to get to hear him sing “Jolene.” I love that guy.

    I don’t know what to think or who to root for with the Lemon/Lavon/AB thing. I love them all (well, I guess I want Lavon to be happy most of all). That last scene with him and the donuts was so good.

    According to tvbythenumbers.com, HOD, TCD and Beauty & the Beast are all in the same place for renewal/cancellation–all three (four if you count the doing-really-badly 90210) won’t be renewed so it might be a fight to the finish.

    • Jessica

      My guess is that HoD might be the cheapest of those three, though. Which is good news for it.

  9. drlemaster

    Perhaps the pastries from Lavon’s kitchen are too festive to be consumed while wallowing in sorrow, only the dregs from the cheap donut shop will do.

  10. Alex

    This was my favorite episode. Why, do you ask? Because it had shirtless Scott Porter. I mean.. YUM! Not that I’m objectifying.. just appreciating. I’ll take SSP, over HNW.. anyway. On to the plot: kinda morning, except that I like that LBB knew what Brick liked and that they are together. I want them all to be happy.

  11. Caroline

    Any episode that has Scott Porter singing is a good episode. And now shirtless too; not bad at all :) I liked Zoe appreciating being appreciated as a doctor. AB and Lavon are cute, but not sure about them as a couple yet. I always wondered about the weather conditions in Bluebell too. I get that Alabama has fluctuating weather conditions, but in Bluebell Zoe is wearing woolen vests on the same day that AB is wearing a strapless dress. But anyway, I love Bluebell and hope the show gets renewed for a 3rd season.

  12. Courtney

    I love how Scott Porter took to Twitter to explain just how Dolly Parton got herself stuck under the dock. Clearly he is as charming in real life as he is as George Tucker.

    I also love the AB storylines this season. She is delightful!

    • LT1

      Thank you for pointing me in the direction of SP’s twitter–what a joy that guy is. Love that he’s helping pitbull charities since Dolly Parton is such a sweet one.

  13. superfatou

    Have any of you watched the music video clip “Call Me Doctor” on hulu? It features “Zoe” rapping, and the men shirtless hosing themselves with water. HILARIOUS! A must see for HOD fans.

  14. witjunkie

    I will say I liked AB’s Roots makeup way better than later when she had that red crap on her eyes. Talk about matchy.

    I will be SO SAD if this isn’t renewed. I’ll miss those guys. Oh, and a couple of the girls too. Heh.

  15. Sarah

    Scott Porter’s been working out, no?

  16. D.

    I LOVE this show … it’s so charming, never fails to make me smile. They better not cancel it; what will I do with my Tuesday nights??

  17. Mary

    I do live in Alabama and our winters can definitely go from short-sleeves to coat and scarf weather in a matter of hours. I seriously hope there is not a possibility of this show being cancelled; I need my Wade fix.

  18. Sajorina


  19. marie

    I like how this show presents believable barriers to a relationship. That it’s not all roses and stuff just because it’s on TV land. And for the record, I kind of love the idea of Tangerine Breeland and AB (who has become my favorite girl in Bluebell!)

  20. house mouse

    That last screencap: SO CUTE.