Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

In which the flu comes to BlueBell.

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  1. Jess

    I need to see more chemistry between Lemon and Orthodontist to be on board with AB and Lavon.

    Jason Street was so cute this week!

  2. Steph

    I started watching HoD because of the Fug Caps, and this one is a perfect example of why! Great job ladies! :)

    Also, what is WITH the outfits they’ve been putting AB in lately? However, I would love to raid the purse/shoe department on that lot.

    • Courtney

      I started watching for the same reason! Now I’m officially hooked. Love the show, love the characters, love Bluebell, love the recaps.

  3. Cucina49

    I feel like I shouldn’t be as charmed by this show as I am, but I kind of love it. Anyone else foresee a big fight coming once Lemon finds out that AB/Lavon are interested in each other? Drama!

  4. LT1

    I loved this episode. George was hysterical as the commercial director and he and Tom were great fun together. I continue to be thrilled at how the writers figure out and then write better characters for their actors (Lemon and George most especially and Wade a little bit [he didn't really need too much tweaking]). I’ve now changed my mind about AB and Lavon because I was swooning over the bringing soup and reading gardening tips.

    • Lizzy

      Yes! Loved George as director, especially when he said something like, “Let’s take a five minute break so I can ponder my disappointment.”

  5. Sarah

    Scott Porter was Streets ahead this week. Just too cute and hilarious for words.

  6. Caroline

    No pic of George and his sunglasses? I am disappointed! Otherwise, great recap again ;)

  7. Laura

    As soon Lemon debated pantsuits for a hot date, I knew would make it into your recap! poor Lemon, girlfriend needs to get laid! Also, Levon and AB are the cutest!

  8. Aria

    Thought AB’s coat was straight up hideous not adorable but didn’t hate her green commercial dress. Not sure about Lemon and her guy- they don’t seem to have the chemistry of Zoe/Wade or AB/Lavon.

  9. Sara

    That was not just any gardening magazine but was “Garden and Gun” (the gun reference is strictly to hunting and articles about hunting dogs) a totally fun magazine that I got super excited to see on the show!
    Loved Lemon’s dress and her apartment! For a woman that just barely has a job it is impressive she has such a fantastic place.

    • LT1

      That’s actually George’s place–when Lemon got seasick and couldn’t live on AB’s (ex-husband’s) houseboat Lemon and George switched. George has some seriously good taste.

      I love that they keep using that magazine–I had no idea it was real until they used it during the first season.

    • marie

      Lemon is wearing a dress that Jules wore in Cougartown. That dress sure gets around. Cant blame them, it is pretty, though the necklace might have been an overkill.

  10. Janet

    I LOVE AB’s coat. LOVE it. The picture you have of it does not do justice to just how cute of a coat that is, especially on a redhead.

  11. Other Emily

    I do not watch this show, and probably never will, but your recaps are delightful and I will read them always. Or until the show is canceled.

    • house mouse

      Haha, me too! I even recommended the show to a friend, and now SHE loves watching it, but I doubt I’ll ever take the time. I kind of love just “watching” it this way!

      • toxxic

        Me too! I’m not even sure if it’s shown over here, this is how i ‘watch’ Revenge as well lol

  12. Jennifer

    I just want to go to the Mayor’s house and eat what’s on his counter. If that includes him, so be it.

  13. Vandalfan

    Lemon- ditch the Peter Pan collars, strap on some stilettos, and let your Bad Lemon shine!

  14. Rebecca

    I really loved this episode – Lemon was adorable being so nervous for her sex date (who knew last season I would EVER call Lemon adorable?!), George was so cute and excited about the commercial, Wade and Zoe were the perfect combination of tough on each other and sweet, and Lavon and AB were also so cute. I was feeling conflicted about them but shoot I just want poor Lavon happy for crying out loud! And they are pretty adorable together I must say.

  15. Elizabeth E.

    I’m SO happy they’ve given AB a bigger role. I like it when writers recognize an actor who is just nailing it. Plus: wowza, they give her cute accessories.

  16. jay

    I totally ship Lavonnabeth, the best dressed couple in all of Bluebell.

  17. nc

    don’t make fun of lavon, garden & gun isn’t a gardening magazine. it’s a southern lifestyle mag…the name refers to a social club in charleston. he’s not being weird!