It's Christmas in Bluebell. Lavon is celebrating by judging and/or presiding at like two dozen different holiday events -- cookie contests, Christmas-tree lighting, etc -- as part of his gig as mayor. Zoe is celebrating by having her ass cheeks hang out of the shortest short shorts she has ever sported. Also, by having her mother come to town. She is very stressed out about spending any one-on-one time with Mom (she thinks her mother is going to be judgmental and difficult), and Lavon is stressed because he needs to make this the best Christmas ever for Ruby so she won't move to Dallas, but he has all these obligations. I feel like he should actually be more worried about how his girlfriend seems to be expecting him to move to Dallas with her in mere weeks despite the fact that he has a job in Bluebell and that job is that HE IS THE MAYOR. One can not just go haring off after one's high school sweetie when one has constituents! Even if one of the constituents is an alligator.
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