Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

This show continues to be extremely charming. And I continue to want to move to Bluebell. It’s full of handsome, gainfully employed single men AND it has some kind of entertaining event every single week, and everyone comes out and is enthusiastic and no one is disaffected or bored¬† and it’s all refreshing. This week, all said single bachelors have put together “a date basket” as a way to facilitate what is essentially a bachelor auction (benefiting Carl Winslow’s Shakespeare Society, naturally). As Shakespeare himself would have it, naturally, this all leads to star-crossed lovers being reunited via human error and mistaken identity.¬† And as Shakespeare would also have had it, there are also interesting outfits.

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  1. Lauren

    I love this show!! Please tell me you’ve seen the “Call Me Doctor” youtube spoof. It has Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter washing cars ala Jessica Simpson and Rachel Bilson with a grill.

  2. Gigi

    No, *I* am bidding on Tim. Lemon better take out a loan if she thinks she’s going to compete with me.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Poor Laura Bell Bundy. They seriously jacked the Legally Blonde “lawyering your pets back” storyline for her? When will she escape being Elle Woods:The Musical Version?
    Also, I hella HATE Lemon’s blue lace thing over the coral dress. I want Zoe’s entire outfit.

    • Jessica

      She wasn’t in that plotline; that was Tansy and George. She wasn’t in any of those scenes. Although point taken.

  4. Annie E

    I liked this episode (as usual), but what was the deal with Zoe and HNW having “nothing to talk about?” One is over at the other’s house EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Are you telling me they don’t speak to each other? Half the episodes open with them talking to each other in the morning. So. Maybe too much contrivance in the service of more Hart of Dixie patented love triangles.

  5. Katie Lynn

    I read the third (?) slide “making pancakes in his underpants” and had to wonder if that was some sort of sexual reference. Am I THAT out of touch?! And then I realized that you meant WHILE wearing his underpants. But either way it’s amusing.

  6. Chera

    My favorite part of this episode that it was a clear homage to Gilmore Girls and their female basket bidding (that sounds dirty).

    And then I realized that I love this show because Bluebell is a lot like Stars Hollow. Same lovable characters, same constant events, same charm…

    • Heather

      And same location — both are shot on the WB small-town set.

    • Cucina49

      That’s why the plotline seemed familiar! I was wondering whether they did the same plotline last season, but you’re totally right.

  7. shanna

    This fugcap was filled with so much good Scott Porter I nearly died. Love the link to the Pop Goes My Heart video and that cap of George Tucker being dragged to a dog-napping is great. Never ever change!

    (And I want that dress Lemon wore on the date with Lavon despite the fact that is nothing but pink and lace which would usually turn me off)

    • Ellen

      I totally agree with this :) I always love your caps and reviews of HoD, Jessica, looking forward to them every week. But this week I was especially happy with all the Scott Porter goodness :) And I too loved Lemon’s lace dress. So gorgeous!

      • BostonLawyaGal

        Also his character is so much more tolerable than he was when he was with Lemon. He is so charming and adorable this season!

  8. Lizzy

    I had gotten so used to the show opening with a shirtless HNW that it was jarring to see him in two shirts.

  9. Lisa

    Jessica, I saw Scott Porter off-Broadway in “Altar Boyz” shortly before he left to become Jason Street on “Friday Night Lights”. He sang on the original cast soundtrack CD and there’s a short clip on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4OlaASpyKw. You are right that he’s always had great comic timing.

  10. kdl

    Seriously, though, WHY does Lavon always have a counter full of pastries? That seems like a weird set/art direction decision.

  11. Bucky

    I keep waiting for Tansy to mention how much more fun Scott Porter is now that he’s not paralyzed and in a really uncomfortable baby daddy plot line. Though I guess he was just as unpredictable as Jason Street, but in a way less fun way. Mexico is almost never the answer, Streeter.

    Also, Zoe, STOP BEING TERRIBLE. Seriously, your date wasn’t a disaster because you and Wade have nothing to talk about. Your date was a disaster because you were a spaz and, to steal a phrase from the original snobby city girl, a snob and a half.

  12. Ann

    I love that an additional benefit of watching the show is seeing if I can pick what the fug girls will comment on…

  13. Betsy

    Thank you for that tea stain I will proudly sport to two holiday parties today! Unfortunately I was drinking when I hit the slide that mentioned Music and Lyrics. That video actually made the “You HAVE TO WATCH THIS” routine I have with my sister when I watch something that is goooood. It was so awesomely 80′s.

  14. gin_in_teacups

    It IS very Dawson to be longing on a dock.

    I love this show but the Wade/Zoe plotline is starting to annoy me. It doesn’t feel to me like she likes him but is conflicted/confused, it feels to me like she distinctly doesn’t like him, but wants him for sex . And that is not the way I want this show to go. Also, I don’t think it’s the way the show wants it to go, I just think the writing doesn’t seem to have it quite down. Blah.

    Meanwhile, I LOVED Lemon’s lacy dress.

  15. Erin

    Re: the last slide — I often wonder what would happen if two characters in a romcom actually spoke to one another/communicated effectively. Although my beloved cheesy movies and silly sitcoms/dramedies would each be about 15 minutes long. The. End.

  16. witjunkie

    THANK YOU for the Pop Goes My Heart video clip – I remember laughing so hard at the opening sequence of that movie (and then never laughing again) but seeing it with George Tucker made my whole day. Awesome.

    AND those coral pants Zoe wore at the beginning were HeiNous. And I weirdly liked Lemon’s blue lace thing over the pink, it was OK somehow, however I looooved that red flowered dress she wore first.

  17. Vandalfan

    I officially hate Lemon. I have vowed to detest anything with a damnable lacy overlay, but she made me love that red/ pink/ coral dress with the white/ grey/ ice blue lace. Darn her!

  18. TonyG

    Out of all the shows that GFY recaps (and that I don’t watch), the Hart of Dixie recaps are my favorite…but…

    I miss the obligatory pec shot. I am guessing there were none to offer in this episode. :)

  19. lali
  20. outlet

    Saw a link to this post over on Delicious. Thanks for posting it. Im sure Ill be back one day.

  21. Amy

    My BF was watching with me and said something to the effect of “don’t you have a jacket like that?” in reference to Zoe’s awesome leather jacket at the picnic. I don’t, but I’d be super happy if he bought me one for Xmas.

    Also, I’d forgotten that Scott Porter was in “Music & Lyrics,” but that clip was awesomesauce.

    I love this show so much!