Fug the Show: Gossip Girl’s Midseason Finale

I am so late with this, but I promise, the boob bows and floral tents are worth the wait.

Plotwise, I’m not sure this episode was, though: This show was doing a whole thing where Unlikely Media Mogul Elizabeth Hurley wanted to take down Gossip Girl, so Nate got someone to hack into Gossip Girl and find a list of tips sent in to her, and the identities of the senders. This led to all these scenes where Serena and Blair and others were stressing over people finding out how many tips they’d sent in, and later, an intimate moment in which S and B giggled guiltily to each other about which of them had sent more. EXCEPT, Serena had turned down UMM Elizabeth Hurley’s request that she be a society blogger because of how Gossip Girl had ruined lives, and then AGAIN in this episode Serena was whining about how much pain Gossip Girl causes and how she needs to be ruined RUINED I TELL YOU. Here’s an idea: Stop sending her tips, hypocrite. Also, Chuck and Blair decided to get back together and tell Frenchy-pants Prince Louiiiiiiis about their true love, so they got into a limo that the paparazzi was chasing on motorcycles — because Serena’s Fake Cousin Charlie tipped off Gossip Girl so that it would ruin her party and thus HER ex-boyfriend couldn’t show up and reveal her true identity — and then the car crashed, and it was all very uncomfortably Princess Diana, in a way that felt rather gross and inappropriately trivializing. And Blair is supposedly awake — no word about the baby, although I had assumed this was their way out of that story, which also is kind of icky — but Chuck’s condition is making people cry and that was our cliff-hanger. My prediction is that this will flip the coin once more and give him Blair-related amnesia so that now she loves him and he doesn’t remember her, so she never tells Louis that she was going to leave him, and then suddenly on her wedding day Chuck. Will. Remember. I have read no spoilers; that’s just a guess. But if it comes true then I will reward myself with a cookie.

Let’s check out the clothes.

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Comments (14):

  1. Ines

    I have to confess that i really like the last dress from the last photo.

  2. Annie E

    Thank you for the mocking. During the scenes while Blair and Chuck were speeding off making their plans, I kept yelling “put on your seatbelts!”

  3. Jessica

    I was screaming, OH NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GO THERE….OH YOU ARE. Sigh.

  4. Ashley

    Yeah, that car crash made me uncomfortable too. And how many times can Chuck be on the brink of death? Snore.

    But fake cousin looked great.

  5. vandalfan

    (This explains to me so much as I sit on the porch watching PBS, clutching my pearls, and yelling at the kids.) Gossip Girl is a magazine, not a high school kid! and THAT’S where all these ingenues come from! But I must ask, in slide #5, what is he smelling?

  6. Anne B

    Leather shorts noooooooo.

    But Into The Woodsen? OHHHH YES.

    • Sajorina

      I know, I desperately want to watch “Into The Woodsen”!!! Are you listening, universe?

  7. Hannah

    I still have nightmares about Serena’s tights in the first outfit. They made her look like she had REALLLLLLY bad varicose veins.

  8. Sajorina

    OMG, this was hilarious… Thank you for the laughs! But, whatever are you talking about GFY Heather, that’s exactly what my Psychologist wears to all our sessions! Anyway, I loved Charlie’s Badgley Mishka dress and I liked Serena’s bow dress… Maybe that’s why I need therapy!

  9. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    All season (yes, I STILL watch) they kept putting Blair on that staircase in her apartment. I totally thought she was going to have an epic Scarlett O’Hara style miscarriage but then the Diana car crash happened and yeah, royal parallels or whatever.

  10. yeahandalso

    The Diana stuff is so over-the-top, especially considering immediately after the crash they cut to a scene of Liz Hurley on the phone, her character is named Diana and obviously she is British.

    OK but here are my thoughts on this:

    So Liz Hurley is Chuck Bass’s mom right? And Laura Harring was just pretending to be Chuck’s mom? If Liz Hurley is Chuck’s mom that it is pretty icky that she was banging Nate for half a season.

    Is it bad that I kinda hope Chuck is dead? Ed Westwick is a good actor but his character stopped being interesting a few seasons ago. Also I fully support the Dan/Blair relationship because they’re one of the few interesting pairings left

    I know things don’t work out with actors always, but really can’t the show re-cast Jenny or kill her off or something?

    Also wither Georgina? Isn’t it about time for Michelle Tratchenberg to show up and be awesome again? I felt like last year they sort of implied she was sold into white slavery…but maybe that was just my overactive imagination.

  11. Andrew S.

    I hope Chuck is dead. Ed’s wanted off the show for a while and since Chair as a ship is impossible to defend this would be pefect. Team Dair!

  12. Emma

    Yay for Dan and Blair fans. The clothes have not been good this year in general.

  13. Emma

    Also, the cargo pants and sweaters comment made me think of Felicity. She was so cool!! Loved that show.