Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, Final Season, Episode 2

In which the show returns to the old chestnut, “Blair Acts Like An Idiot Because She Has Never Learned Anything, Ever, From Any Of The Other Times She Has Acted Like An Idiot, And Serena Gets To Be Smug And A Party Happens.” There’s like twelve of these per season.

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Comments (13):

  1. Jen

    “Plot, little herb. Plot.”

    I love it! Ha. I’ve never been into this show, but your recaps are incredibly entertaining.

  2. Mouse

    I kinda love Blair’s pajamas…and I also wish I could wake up wearing perfectly applied lipstick….

  3. pinkcheese

    I beg to differ – the hair was much better in Swing Kids.

  4. Vandalfan

    Wait, what about the evil twin in Paris? No, that one was cancelled, I think.

    Anyway, that Chuck fellow may have Hitler Youth hair, but his pinstripe suit, stripey shirt, and paisley tie are FABULOUS.

  5. Confused

    Did ANY of them graduate from college?

    • Jessica

      I think…are they….supposed to still be in college? Maybe none of them WENT to college after the first five minutes.

  6. Anne

    HA! Nate and Dan are each others’ lobsters. So true! Serena is THE WORST, and Blair is infinitely better in every way. Except maybe legs. Why again are we supposed to believe that Blair gives a damn about Serena or wants anything to do with her? The diary thing alone is worse than ANYTHING Blair has done to Serena combined. And she doesn’t even KNOW about Dan at the divorce party!! And I too am confused with Chuck’s hair. The real Chuck Bass would never have a floppy style like that. I find it personally offensive, as Chuck Bass is the greatest tv character of all time, a large part of which is because of his sense of style (other than the onesie that is). And man who sleeps in a suit would not have a Hitler Youth haircut.

  7. Blair's Head Band

    Did Constance do away with uniforms?! Those outfits are hideous on their own but I’m preeeeeeeeeeeetty sure they’re not allowed at school.

  8. Rebecca

    I gave up on this show about a year and a half ago and I really miss pretty, pretty Nate in my life. I’ll have to keep reading these recaps to get my fix!

    I do remember that Serena is just the WORST. Seriously, she has the personality of my pinky nail, how on earth is she such a major tv character??

  9. Adria

    More importantly, Blair arrives at the gala wearing THE SAME THING SHE WORE IN THE MORNING. Everybody –even Nelly the Nerd– has a long dress on except for Blair.

  10. Hima

    Mayan God of Shenanigans. Best thing ever.

  11. Andrew S.

    I’m glad Nellie did what she did as after Blair’s attempt to sabotage her she all but deserves it. And I too wonder whatever happened to college & them going there. I guess those Ivy Leagues give you a degree in half the time when you have ‘important’ things to do.