Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, Final Season, Episode 1

This was a pretty entertaining, quippy start to the season, but it also confirmed for me that Serena Van Der Woodsen is a horrible person. Only Serena could somehow make everyone bow and scrape to regain her affections after she treated them horribly. This may also make her the most unwittingly brilliant person ever — and I say “unwittingly” because, well, it’s Serena.

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  1. Katie Lynn

    Rather hilariously, the ‘Buzzworthy’ right above the comments’ first item reads “Blake Lively Wears a Dangerously Low-Cut Dress”. NO REALLY. I never would have guessed it from her! She has never done such a thing EVER!

    Also, you forgot the part in the preview for next week about Nate! Apparently the journalism student is actually a HIGH SCHOOL student, which I assume he finds out after he sleeps with her. Because Nate is classy like that.

    • GFY Heather

      Hah! I don’t actually watch the previews — I like to be surprised. Oh, NATE.

  2. Andrew S.

    Georgina has become everything to me now that she’s super evil

  3. gin_in_teacups

    That journalism student is very Vanessa-like with her loud clothing and her earnestness. I see this going to a bad place.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    I love that Bart Bass is Miranda’s f*ckbuddy on SATC who says, “I’m not good with kids” after he learns she had a baby. He is PERFECT for this role.

  5. Ella

    isn’t the dress that Serena’s wearing the yellow version of the gorgeous blue dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore a few months ago??

  6. Kerri

    Does anyone else think Dan looks like Sideshow Bob with that hair?

  7. Roosje

    I stopped watching the show ages ago, but that doesn’t make these posts any less entertaining.

  8. Aria

    I am still horrified/fascinated/confused by the picture of Rufus and Ivy (as I was when watching the show) — I still can’t tell what kind of contortion is happening and what is up with that ugly afghan.

    Also, just when I thought Dan’s hair couldn’t get any worse….it did. Just shave it off and go back to buzz cut.

    LOVE the idea of Georgie with Nolan on Revenge!

  9. marie

    count me confused with that position! i mean, can you really contort like that and hold it in that position for how many minutes? that gives new meaning to my favorite Sandra Bullock line “i can bend like a pretzel”….a;sp, love that Chuck can apparently hold his “i smell something nasty” pose while Blair is waving that loofah around!

  10. Sarah Winningham

    Dan is giving me Purple Rain era Wendy of the New Power Revolution.

  11. Tom Carpenter


    Chuck Bass, 11 of 31. The fact that this was my immediate thought during that scene shouldn’t be read into that far…

  12. Tara

    FugGirls, please tell me you caught the Country Strong reference by Blair??

  13. Chiara

    This was so so funny and I couldn’t agree more on some inconsistencies that totally bother me, like Lily’s picture of herself in her living room. Thank you, I was laughing behind my desk at work, trying to keep quiet under my scarf. It was a challenge.

  14. laura

    How did Blair NOT mock Dan’s hair? Also I think I now full on hate Serena…

  15. Mary Urech Stallings

    There’s show on tv called “Gossip Girl”? Perhaps I’ll catch it on MeTV along with the ‘Rockford Files’ or ‘Hawaii 5-0.’

  16. Kell from Oz

    Great recap.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of this episode and – perhaps it was the nostalgia creeping in prematurely – didn’t mind Dan’s stupid hair that much. His face looked more appealing, somehow?

    Massive props to the producers for bringing Georgina back and making her funnier than ever.

    Massive props to you for also noticing the stupid Lily glamour photo behind Rufus’ head.

    Look forward to the next instalment!

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