Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, Final Season, Episode 6

In which Blair looks as cute as her designs are abysmal, Ivy looks like a spandex hooker, and Chuck Bass looks at a Windows Phone like it’s a naked lady.

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  1. Lisa

    This show! Oy. I was hoping the final 10 episodes would be back to basics GG while tying up loose ends and everyone riding off into the sunset of their first divorce. I don’t even mind the Bart Bass storyline (one last scheme?) but Sage and Steven? Rufus and IVY? God, I hate Ivy. That ridiculous cotillion dress? Dan and Serena? akghnvahruq;roifjhnb;un;ekmoqmb gtijrwfisdkljf riueowjf gio4thg’OPRWf…That was anger taking over. The promo was like, “Dan and Serena what GG fans have been waiting 5 years for”….Is anyone out there still rooting for Serena and Dan? No. Blair is the obvious star of this show but they’re still trying to rub Serena van der Blake’s boobs in our faces. Although, I did think the scene with D & S at the malt shop was a cute homage to Pen and Blake’s former relationship as themselves and as D & S, but I just can’t see how they’re going to reign in this disaster by the last ep.

  2. Rachel

    I liked the first two (maybe three?) seasons of GG, but it has spun into total wackoland. I can’t even follow the plot because it is so contrived and far-fetched. The characters have lost their appeal and I’m certainly not rooting for S & D. Ugh! And Ivy & Rufus? Ew. There is just way to much crazy.

    • Rachel

      *too :)
      I am all for crazy…just within reason. And as long as it is legitimately entertaining.

  3. Annie E

    Maybe I am just an idiot, but why didn’t Bart, say, burn the records of his illegal oil deals? Is he keeping them for posterity?

  4. aeb

    ivy’s hair. she was bringing 1993 back with that perm look.

    blair and chuck. com’on. make it happen. there are only four episodes left (and you keep reminding us in the promos CW, but obviously you want to torment us – if we’ve ridden it out this long we won’t stop, but can’t you let us be satisfied for 25% of the final season; is that too much to ask in one parenthetical run-on sentence?).

    i kind of love that nate dumped sage.

  5. Pouncer

    I feel like Dan and Serena have proven themselves to be such horrible people that they deserve each other. And I predict that Ivy is plotting with Little J, who shall return and steal Waldorf Designs from Blair and burn the whole town down.

  6. Eli

    Dan and Serena deserve each other and all the clogged shower drains they will inevitably have in the future due to their mutual follicular masses. Ivy is seriously the Cousin Oliver of this show. I hope she is hit by a bus in the finale.

  7. chefgirl866

    This show just confuses me. Was it not last season that Eleanor and Blair decided that she was not a designer and would not be taking over for her mother, but her talents more laying in the field of running a magazine. Did I dream up the whole dictator of taste conversation. Plus Dan as always been self righteous, but where they are taking his character is ridiculous. Did they decide final season so lets just destroy all the character development that as taking place over the last 5 seasons.

  8. cs

    Uniforms? 20 bucks there will be a fashion show reminiscent of this:

    • Aria

      haha, that was my thought exactly! Pretty sad when writers are borrowing the plot of a movie from a 20 year old movie.

      Bart, really? You hide your incriminating docs behind a painting and then disappear as “dead” for 3 years? Why wouldn’t you have destroyed those documents so that you: 1) never had to fake your death [if that's why he did it, i can't even remember now]; or 2) ensure that the truth will never come out so your family/friends/legacy are never tarnished.

      And Chefgirl886, if you dreamed up that dictator of taste conversation, I did too! Not sure why this about-face in which an uneducated, untrained , (and frankly, uninterested) person was named head of an entire fashion house and then everyone wonders why she sucks at it.

      Since this is recap of last week’s, I won’t even get into how moronic last night’s episode was. The end of this series, which used to be must see tv for me, can’t come soon enough.

  9. Suzie

    Annie E– I agree, wouldn’t Bart just burn incriminating evidence? Why the show is making him dumb, I guess that is just the show’s MO this season.