Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, episode 5

You are going to die inside when you see Blair’s latest design. I think the show actually burrowed under rock bottom right then and planted a little flag down there.

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  1. Annie E

    The decision to go with Blair’s awful “designs” really stumps me. There are so many people, costume designers, or companies out there who aren’t Prada but can still make a jacket that isn’t lumpy and a dress that isn’t hideous and poorly made. Not that GG is otherwise a believable or relatable show, but the fact that Blair is even considered a designer is right up there with everyone on Smash talking like Katharine McPhee is so much more phenomenal than Megan Hilty. Just because you say it over and over again doesn’t make it true.

  2. Stefanie

    I would still like to know who did Blake’s boob job. I really want them to give my hard earned money to make mine look like hers.

    • Eliza Bennett

      Right? They are spectacular. Also, GFY, “Right now he’s whispering about his daddy issues like he’s Jack Bauer” made me nearly swallow my tongue. I won’t miss this show, but I will deeply miss your recaps.

  3. Aria

    Ugg, I had forgotton how ugly the deb dress was until faced with this recap.

    And you know a show has declined when you are disappointed that the number of episodes left isn’t fewer — when they had the promos declaring how many eppys were left, I seriously groaned and thought, “Good gosh, we have 5 more of these things to slog through?!”

  4. CreLa

    Hahaha brilliant! The only reason I watched past 5 minutes of this episode was that I was hoping you would do another recap of the sheer stupidity!

  5. Froney

    Isn’t it sad that they’ve fallen this low after coming so far? This is a melodrama with a fashion frosting. Let us eat our cake! We’ve come to expect so much more from Blair. Every.Single.Outfit.–I am thinking: “Blair would not wear this! Blair would taunt someone who wore this!” Everything else aside, they could at least make Blair’s attempts at fashion design look better than Project Runway Teen Edition (searching for the next Lily Pulitzer, without all the awesome colors! Or better yet–a capsule collection at Talbots!)…