Fug the Show: GFY J.Lo does the American Idol Judges

“HOLA LOVERS. Ay, I am not paying attention to Stank Idol this season, but my dancing love block Casper reads bedtime Internet to the children so sometimes I see pictures. And lovers, if Randy Jackson had tried this when I sat next to him, I would have rammed one of Aerospit’s hair extensions up his nose.”

[Photos: Getty, Bauer-Griffin]

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Comments (18):

  1. Mo

    “You will miss me, lovers. You will CRAVE ME.”

    We already do, chica.

  2. blizzybee

    “If you are Jon Hamm then you are required to touch me because I want to be on Mad Men and also I have seen your pants.” Oh, GFY JLo, how we love you.

  3. Elizabeth


  4. Jane

    OMG. American Midol. I lost it.

  5. Carolina Girl

    I can’t wait to see how Mimi recaps American Idol.

  6. Christian

    It’s nice to see Nicki Minaj settle into “has-been judge on a karaoke show*” so quickly. She can take that marching band outfit and march right off a f*cking cliff.

    *EXCLUDING MARIAH FOREVER AND ALWAYS, as she is an international treasure.

  7. superjosh

    I was waiting for her take on Mimi (I knew you’d save it for last), but I was not prepared!

    JLo 100% WOULD pretend not to know Mariah and then in the same thought tell everyone not to buy her records!

  8. PinkieBling

    I would actually rather watch American Midol than Idol.

  9. Roberta

    Now I am dying to see JLo on Mad Men. Peggy’s feisty new secretary maybe?

  10. snorgler

    Oh, I am SO GLAD we haven’t heard the last from JLo. Please let her comment on every show, even though she’s not on it any more. Heather, you rule!

    • Maretha2

      I agree! I don’t really care about American Idol, but I was so sad thinking that we wouldn’t have any more GFY JLo. So glad she made an appearance!!

  11. Shiitake

    Other than Mariah’s knockers not in evidence, looks pretty normal for these folks.

  12. TonyG

    If I watch this year, Nicki will make me stabby, Mariah will make me laugh (and not necessarily with her) and Keith Urban will make me melt with those puppy dog eyes. And yes, I will miss J.Lo.

  13. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    Pitchy Dawg’s glasses are a hybrid of Urkel’s and Elliot Gould’s in the Ocean’s movies.

  14. Art Eclectic

    This show is still on the air?

  15. linda s

    I’m not convinced that Nikki Minaj isn’t some cleverly animatronic Real Doll made of plastic and silicone. She’s gotta be a robot -no human body has those proportions. Not in real life. .

  16. Heather

    “Keith Rural” Hilarious! I just had a truly stress relieving laugh! Thanks Heather!

  17. jules

    We already miss you Jlo. Well, at least gfy’s JLo.

    Will she be guest judging the judges this year?