Fug the Show: Dallas, Season 2 premiere

This is the first hour of the two-hour premiere, which I watched on TNT’s iPad app, which is… not great, and led to lots of stopping and startin. The upshot is that you can all track what time of day it was when I took every screen grab, and how charged my iPad was or was not. Such an exciting journey. Now, let’s celebrate the return of John Ross’s magnificent-bastard face, and then cry every time we see Hagman. I’m worried the Hagbrows’ unusual calmness should have foretold his health problems. Did we miss a large keratin-based sign? Sniffle.

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Comments (7):

  1. JessicaAZ

    I am so happy these recaps are back! I have no idea how they are going to deal with the loss of JR, the whole thing makes me so sad!

  2. Jessica

    Amongst other things, I love Sue Ellen’s hair color.

  3. Aphy

    My pet peeve is close talking on tv and in movies. No one holds a conversation from five inches away. Arg! Maybe they do it for the camera angle? I don’t know and it drives me crazy!

  4. CrissyG

    John Ross Crazy Eyes gave me the good belly-laugh I needed.

  5. Pouncer

    I flat-out LOVED John Ross seducing that lady and blackmailing her father. Bring on the ruthlessness!

  6. Vandalfan

    John Ross gives good nostril.

  7. Lori

    Thank you for the recap! I love it…and quite honestly, after the episode, I asked myself – what comes after quadruple crossed??? You lose count – I need a freakin Gantt chart to keep track.

    I love you Dallas – and I’m already missing JR….have to savor the magic while it lasts…