Fug the Show: Dallas, episode 2-2

In which JUDITH FREAKING LIGHT is cast as Mitch Pileggi’s mother, despite looking younger than he is (and only being three years older). I love Angela Bower as much as the next person, but seriously, you couldn’t get Mona?

In case you missed it earlier, the premiere fugcap is here.

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Comments (7):

  1. Jill

    These recaps are gems! I’m dreading the one where JR is gone…..

  2. Eli

    Seriously. I hope it comes to light that Judith Light is his stepmother or something b/c I was like WTF. Even soap operas with their rapid aging syndrome keep at least a decade between parent and child.

  3. TonyG

    OH…MY…GOODNESS! This recap was madcap hilarious!

  4. Katie

    So Christopher married, and presumably slept with, his cousin?!? ewwww

  5. jen

    Brilliant, as usual. Oh, Hagman :(

  6. Eirwen

    Excellent recap! Mr Hagman rules!