So, these two showed up at school together, and guess how they walked in the building? IN SLOW MOTION. Does Austin Butler just have some weird problem entering rooms, to the point where they have to slow him down to cover it? It's SO BIZARRE, like every episode is using this trick as if the previous one hadn't thought of it yet. Anyhoo, Sebastian is being super thoughtful and awesome and respectful of everything from Carrie's dad, to Carrie's level of coldness (he offers her his coat), to not saying anything about why her cfun stripey sweater turns into a weird peplum-y piece of nonsense. The two of them even find out they have a portmanteau: Kyddshaw. Really? Did people do that back in the eighties? I feel like not, or else I wouldn't have had "Mrs. George Michael" written in my notebook; it would have been "Horge" or "Geather."
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