Fug the Show: Carrie Diaries, episode 9

The ratings have not been kind to this show, which is too bad, because despite its issues — which this week include some unappealingly glib treatment of women’s sexual liberation –I’d love to see it come back next season and really ramp things up. This week: LOTS of stripes, and the umpteeth plot where Dorrit Is A Pain In The Ass But Everything Is Fine After 41 Minutes.

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  1. Sajorina

    OMG! OMG! A pony!!!

  2. Ellen

    I actually hope this show gets a second season, because I think a few tweaks in the writers room could fix a lot of the problems with the show. Especially with Dorrit, they need to think up a new plot for her or send her off to boarding school, because it’s getting really old.

    And they need to eighties up the wardrobe- I think I swear more eighties inspired fashion on a daily basis than any of the kids, save Donna and maybe Mouse.

    I do like the idea of a Donna and Walt friendship, though I feel like this is going to be one of those things that ends up blowing up in his face when they decide to reset Donna to evil.

  3. Kat

    “Blow jobs for all.”

    Thank you for this. Now I can leave for my lunch hour having at least accomplished laughing my face off.

  4. Jessica

    I secretly covet that striped J Crew sweater with the chartreuse bow on it.

    • Sajorina

      I think I saw that sweater at The Gap, not J.Crew! They also had it in white & navy stripes with a red bow! It’s so cute!

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I stopped watching CD 6 eps ago because it was unbearably twee, but this recap sounds interesting! I can’t believe I missed Walt being Donna LaD’s gay.

  6. cmc

    You’re so right- Dorrit is a huge jerkwad. What are they even going to do with that character? She reminds me of Buffy’s little sister in all of the worst possible ways.

    • Ellen

      Yes, this! She is just like Dawn, and if she’s going to be an imitation of a WB/CW Michelle Trachtenberg character, the writers could at least make her latter day Georgina Sparks.

      • Ellen

        I want to add that I only mean in snark and crazy fashion sense, since the actress playing Dorrit appears to be around fourteen in real life.

  7. Katie

    I own the sweater Mouse is wearing in slide 5…good to know the costumers decided it fit into the “frumpy 80s nerd sweater” category.

    • jellybean

      me too! so i guess things really don’t change that much – because i really WAS a frumpy 80s nerd in the actual 80s!

  8. Jules

    No, we did not Brangelina names in the 80s. Instead, we did this really stupid thing: I liked a guy with the initials DK, my bff had a crush on KH. So my guy’s code name was Dark and hers was Kitchen. Because, you know, we were so subtle about our crushes that we had to give them secret names. So, we basically ran around blurting out things like, “It’s DARK in the KITCHEN” as we passed each other in the hallway. Sigh, to be 15 again.

    P.S. That guy was, is and always will be nada when it comes to comparing him to Jake Ryan (to quote another 80s movie).

  9. Carla in Kentucky

    I was (and am, I guess, thanks to Style Network) a huge SATC fan, but I never remember Carrie ever mentioning a sister. Did I fall and hit my head?

    • Heather

      The books and the TV series diverge a lot — this is based on Bushnell’s prequel book. But because this show is doing a lot of winking at the HBO series despite its differences, I keep wanting them to tease that Dorrit dies young but not tell us HOW young, and then make us wait for it.

  10. Cassandra

    I don’t watch this show, but I love the recaps. I will say it would be very cool if with Walt, the writers made him asexual.

  11. Elizabeth E.

    MId-1980s NY adjacent: weren’t folks actually navigating AIDS scares vis-a-vis sex? I mean, wasn’t it a time of facing that sex had consequences? I was way down in nowhere NC at the time, I was a youngun, and even I remember things not seeming so free…

    • Kristin

      Rock Hudson died in 1985, and I seem to recall that people became much more anxious about AIDS after that.