Fug the Show: Carrie Diaries, episode 6

Thanksgiving at the Bradshaw house reveals more things about the show that I don’t believe, but DOES include a scene about giblets that pretty much mirrors how I still treat them. Which is, with GREAT DISTASTE.

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  1. Lanita

    the best line was when the turkey exploded and Carrie said when she grew up she was going to use her stove for storage……………..hello foreshadowing!lol

  2. Ellen

    I just wanted to say that, if my apartment had a kitchen anywhere this big, I would be in heaven. It’s a small island, but a good-sized kitchen. My “kitchen”, on the other hand, is basically a row of appliances in the hallway between the living room and bedroom (but such is life in NYC, and NOT the Sex and the City NYC, because those apartments are unreal. And unfair). That is all.

    • charlie09

      Totally agree for different reasons. The kitchen here is totally period appropriate. I live in a non-NYC decent sized house, and my kitchen is about that size. The houses around this neighborhood all have kitchens that look a lot like the one in this photo (which is why they’re just about the first thing people remodel when they move in these days).

      • Heather

        I guess I just felt like their house LOOKS like it would have a bigger kitchen? Or maybe it just looks smaller from that distance.

  3. Lucky Strike

    I’m just happy Carrie and Sebastian are brewing again.They have a cute thing going even though Austin Butler apparently modeled his acting on 80′s romance novels’ cover models,he’s all intense stare through narrowed eyes and half-smirk through pouty red lips.
    I also watched next week’s promo and Anna Sophia Robb is so so beautiful I just might develop a girl crush on her.

  4. Mjx

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of unlikely that Carrie would have a picture of Shaun Cassidy lingering in her room, in 1984?
    I lived in a small US town for a few years when I was a kid, and remember the ‘big girls’ (read ‘tweens’) being into Shaun Cassidy in 1979, which almost certainly means that he was not of much interest to actual teenagers in or near major cities by then, so I just can’t imagine a picture of him not having been displaced by someone else’s, years before.

    • Rebecca

      I agree, I feel like it should be Scott Baio or Rob Lowe, somebody like that.

    • becca

      i agree, sean cassidy was 70s. i was 14 in 1984 and wouldn’t have been caught dead with a sean cassidy poster. carrie diaries writers, do your damn homework.

      • AMS

        Same here. Shaun Cassidy was passe by 1984. It would have been Rick Springfield, pretty much any of the Brat Pack men, or Duran Duran. Also, on another topic altogether: GFY Heather, how can you possibly be British (or half-British, as it were) with that much hatred for the bits?!

  5. Grace Pheiffer

    It just bugs me that these are Carrie’s formative years, but she never mentions any of these things or people ever again. I saw every episode of SATC and I don’t even remember the fact that Carrie had a dead mother being mentioned. Like, that episode where Miranda’s mom died and carry walked with her behind the coffin, did they mention the Carrie’s also dead mom thing?

    • ericajenine

      My reason for not watching this show is that a lot of it doesn’t tack with the Carrie of SATC. It has been explained that Carie Diaries isbased on the book of the same name and not meant as a prequel to SATC.

  6. Wendy

    I have to disagree that nobody had Mouse’s “normal” hair in the 80′s; I spent most of 1984–1985 trying to get my hair to do something similar after watching Double Trouble starring the Sagal twins: http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/data/655/tvguide1.jpg

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