Fug the Show: Carrie Diaries, episode 3

The major plotlines this week involved… a hamster, and a vagina. Not together. But still. It will be nice when this show finds its footing a bit better; there’s something lovely about how innocent it is that the main conflicts involve upsetting your dad or your sister and family bonding and whatnot, but it feels like we’re treading water a little until the show really figures itself out.

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  1. Jane

    OH MY GOD that first slide? With her red and white polka dotted pajama pants? The one where you said “This could never have been done at a different time, all this stuff is coming back”? I AM LITERALLY WEARING THOSE PAJAMA PANTS RIGHT NOW. They’re from J. Crew. That was kind of creepy.

  2. littlepurpledragon

    I think I’m still at the point where I watch this show but I am not entirely sure why. Although it feels very sitcom-my with the whole life is okay BUT-problem-try to solve problem-mess up with hilarious hijinks-finish story with heartwarming voice over.

    I finally commented on something after lurking around for so long. I LOVE this site. <3 from India!

  3. Patti

    In the early 80′s, high school boys wore long “skinny ties.” The only ties I can recall girls wearing were “ribbon ties” on a granny or “tuxedo” shirt. Those were boss !! LOL

  4. cdd

    you totally skipped over my favorite part of the episode– dadshaw inadvertently picking up chicks while tampon shopping!

    • Heather

      I thought about including it, but in the end I edited it out. Oh, Dadshaw. I did love when he surreptitiously put the box with the number on it back on the shelf.

  5. Sandra

    High school girls in the late ’70′s wore neckties on account of Annie Hall, but I’m pretty sure everybody was over it by 1984.

  6. pinkcheese

    I don’t watch it, so I really can’t definitively comment, but it seems from your (totally hilarious) figcaps, that they’re starting to drift away from even quasai-period fashion, at least for Carrie. Her outfits in most of these shots look like: “Modern girl time-travels back to her parent’s childhood after an afternoon at Forever21, tries to fit in while scrambling to make her way BACK to the FUTURE!”

    I mean, it’s cute, but it’s not 1984 (at least from what I’ve seen in John Hughes films, since I too was young and not paying attention.)

  7. JillSpill

    Skinny ties were totally in for girls at that time. I wore one to my 8th grade dance in 1985. It was hot pink satin and I wore it with a turquoise and white striped button down shirt (way too large for me of course) and a white denim mini. I was *so* fashionable!

    • malevolent andrea

      I was a senior in college circa 1984/85 and I had two leather skinny ties (very New Wave), one pink and one black. I wore them with an oversized white button down shirt and a long strand of fake pearls (very Madonna).

      • Mair Mair

        Me too! A college senior in 1984-85, I mean. That was my Mod/punk phase, and thrift store skinny ties, Converse high tops, and the occasional safety pin through the ear were de rigueur.

  8. Carol

    I will say loud and proud, in this internet comment, that I graduated in 1984. I have a photo of myself with huge permed hair and huge glasses and a skinny necktie. I was also wearing high waisted jean with the pleats sewn down. and pumps. I remember lots of pumps and pastels and preppie clothes.

    • Vandalfan

      I was MARRIED in 1984. The hoop skirt, lace, tulle, embroidery, cascading butt-ruffles, and mutton chop sleeves were twice as big as me. I was a Blancmange.

  9. The Reset

    Why is this show ending each episode like a 1980′s show… Full House, anyone? All nice and clean and apologies and life lessons at the end.

  10. meg

    So distracted by the fact that Carrie’s ’80s wardrobe seems to be exclusively made up of current Marc by Marc Jacobs.

  11. Jules

    Yeah, girls did the tie thing at my high school too. Bolo, bow, skinny – you name it. Also, I would have totally worn that camera ring in 1984, had I owned anything so awesome.

    As for a true 80s wardrobe, you must check out The Americans, the new Russian spy show starring Keri Russell. It takes place in the early 80s (with flashbacks to the 60s), and whoa momma, they had the lovely KR in some super high waisted pants last night. The home decor was pretty spot on too. It all reads as really authentic.

  12. Sajorina

    Honestly, I keep thinking “Why watch the show when the fugcaps are so much fun?” I laugh out loud at these slideshows and I barely remember 1984… I was 6, my sister was a newborn, Strawberry Shortcake was my EVERYTHING and the music was awesome! That’s it! And, I’ve never set foot in a Forever 21 store, but I think I might have to go to there!

  13. Sarah

    When I was in junior high in 1984, oh how I loved me some neckties! I had an assortment of knit ties in various colors. My favorite look: pinstriped oxford shirt, knit tie, high-waisted jeans and pink paisley suspenders. Those “totally choice” (yes, that’s the excellent slang we used) suspender were so fab I saved them. Maybe I can lend them to the show…

  14. Kell from Oz

    I switched this episode off halfway through so thanks for the recap.

    I originally found it quite sweet and a bit nostalgic in a Degrassi-esque sort of way. But the hamster/Dad dating / bad boy with experience storylines all made me snoozy.

    I’ll give it another shot next week but they really need to shake things up a bit – as currently I can see the plot points coming from 1984 miles away.

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