Casual Fuggerday on the Set: The Carrie Diaries

Well, we’ve seen some very interesting neon gear from the young ’80s Carrie Bradshaw; now let’s see what Samantha Jones is up to over there.

Personally, I don’t think Samantha Jones ever would have worn a skirt that fit SO BADLY. Then again, the whole point of this is that Samantha Jones, too, was once young and didn’t have it all figured out, and had to learn by trial-and-error not to wear one of these skirts that rides up and up until you are Public Labia No. 1. Personally, when trying to costume Young Samantha, I think for obvious reasons they should have looked to Mannequin for guidance. That movie is a treasure. LET IT BE YOUR TROVE.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. LoriK

    Why is the costume department for this show A) so bad at figuring out 80s clothing and B) nevertheless employed by a show set in the 80s? I lived through the 80s. I have photo albums (which I do not show to anyone) full of pictures of the 80s. None of them look like this.

    • Annie E

      The costume people themselves have said that they don’t want it to look straight-up 80′s; they are going for an 80′s-influenced contemporary look that is comprised of clothes the audience might want to wear.

      • Caro

        But they don’t accomplish that either. Although I guess that get-up on Samantha is “80′s-influenced” (more 90s, like Helen said), who would want to wear that sleazy get-up? And most of the other costumes either are barely a nod to the 80s. It’s not as though they’re trying to approximate what people wore in the dark ages–there are photos of the 1980s around, I assume. Big fail either way.

        • Kelly Smith

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      • LoriK

        I don’t even know what to say about that. The assumptions that they seem to be making about both the show & its audience don’t strike me as flattering to either one. That may be because I’m a grouchy old lady, or it may be because those costume people are full of crap.

        Also what Caro said about them doing a crap job even at what they claim to be aiming for.

        • ChaChaHeels

          I’m convinced no one in that costume department can even read, let alone research what the 80′s even suggested in looks. They’re like the “what not to do in costume design” team. Especially if they’re trying to make their characters wear clothes that “modern” people might want to wear.

  2.  HelenBackAgain

    Oh, my goodness, I don’t believe it. They found an ’80s garment! That skirt is – OKAY, OKAY, IT’S ’90s… but it’s the closest I’ve seen them get yet.

    Unfortunately, nothing else here is even close, and none of it looks good. I am on board with the idea that even a much younger Samantha would have cared about fit (I certainly did, and I was only in my teens). Also on board with the idea of using Mannequin as a guide for Young Samantha’s ’80s costuming!

  3. GG

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for linking to the FTF of Mannequin. I was on holiday when you did it and if I’d missed it my life would not have been complete. I need to watch that again immediately.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      As dated and silly as it is, it’s worth seeing again for Hollywood alone.

    • HKS

      And also for the song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” which was incidentally the first dance at a wedding I went to this weekend. I was both delighted and confused and also wondering why the bride made the groom give up his motorcycle since in the movie, that song is played over lovely shots of Jonathan riding around on his motorcycle with Emmy only holding onto him as a human, but somehow miraculously staying on as a mannequin.

      This comment got away from me.

  4. Di

    An interesting thing about fit is that different eras seem to feature different fit. Just as an example, in the 40s, men’s pants were hilariously baggy, then suits got way tight in the 60s, and they’ve gotten more body-conscious that lately. Even with women, sometimes it’s the style to wear things baggier, sometimes tight (like skinny jeans) So that would have to be considered too, if someone was trying to be precise.

  5. AM

    The skirt is 1980s cop show streetwalker who wants to get off the street and provides important evidence.

  6. Greena

    This actress looks like she could be kim catrell’s mom

  7. RJ

    Ugh. I hate the costumes on The Carrie Diaries. Of all the annoying things about that show, the clothes are the most egregious. So many things they can cull to get a more accurate representation of 1980s teendom. Mannequin for Kim Catrall, no doubt, but also Square Pegs, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (either Cyndi Lauper’s video, or SJP’s movie), Valley Girl, Pretty in Pink, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the show in general.

  8. Alicia

    So, because grown-up Samantha Jones has a lot of sex, they dress young Samantha Jones “slutty”? I think that is doing a great disservice to the character.

    And hairspray really didn’t look that natural, back in the day.

  9. Claire1

    Skirt is WAY too short for 80′s.

    I like to tell my kiddo how my Mom wouldn’t let me buy a mini skirt when I was her age…and “back then” they actually came just above the knee. One that brushed the bottom of my bum would simply had been called “too small”…..
    and then we put back whatever hideous piece of fabric some clothing store is calling a “skirt” and trying to sell to my 13 year old..

    • Frances

      Exactly. I was a child of the eighties. My mom, of the 60s. Her minis were waaaay more mini than mine ever were. I remember being shocked – shocked, I say! – about the length of her skirts in photos. And not just because it was my mom!

  10. Melissa

    thought is was Rihanna for half a second

    • ortenzia

      Same with me and then it hit me — the only person who could be Samantha when she was younger is actually Rhianna. Right down to the terrible, terrible boyfriend she was in love with (that made her never want to love again), to the string of boys and the batshit crazy sexy fashion!!

  11. Brenna

    I have to say, in this shot, the actress really looks like Kim Cattrall in the face. I can buy her as a young Samantha, lookswise at least.