Fug the Poster: The Secret Circle

Here’s MY question: Is the ad campaign for The Secret Circle SUPPOSED to look like the cover of a particularly juicy Lois Duncan novel? Because, if so, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Ditto if we’re supposed to be worrying about WhatsHerNuts from Life Unexpected accidentally setting her hair on fire with her own as-yet-untapped Majickal Flame-y Hands. At least, I ASSUME that’s her hand. It sort of seems to be emerging from the bottom of the frame like Carrie’s hand from the grave at the end of (spoiler!) Sex and the City 3. Whoops, I mean, Carrie.  And while OBVIOUSLY I was planning on watching The Secret Circle regardless (teen witches from The Vampire Diaries people is right up my alley), if there IS a disembodied fiery hand in the cast, I am EXTRA in.

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  1. Molly

    Lois Duncan. That’s EXACTLY what I thought…
    I might go pick up “Daughters of Eve” later. THAT is a fantastically bad novel.

  2. Carrie

    I actually really like the ad campaign for this show. The individual posters are awesome. Also, the Hart of Dixie poster is gorgeous. (I am SUCH a sucker for the CW. Sigh.)

  3. yeahandalso

    Have you seen the poster groupings up around LA? They are bunch of individual posters each a different color and group together they look kinda neat. In my hood they replaced all the ones for Glee! project

  4. Amanda


  5. Nora

    Pleeeease tell me this is based on the amazing YA novels I read over and over as a junior high girl!

  6. may

    why do all the male characters in these YA series always look alike?

  7. stephsco

    Lois Duncan *chortle*
    You ladies are the best.

  8. Jaja

    The lazy eye of the chick on the right is bugging me. (Sorry that was mean.)

  9. Jessica

    Nora: it is!

  10. stephsco

    OMG to commenter Nora – I READ THOSE BOOKS TOO! I knew I read LJ Smith but when Vampire Diaries came on it didn’t ring a bell. For the longest time I’ve been trying to remember the name of those books. Now I have to watch, there is no choice.

  11. angelwhip

    I was distracted by Thomas Dekker’s guyliner and manscara.

  12. Emmy

    Jessica: I have been a fan since your TWOP Dawson’s Creek recapping days (Which was…a decade ago? Holy crap.) and over the years I have concluded that we are almost, if not exactly, the same age. As an educated, literate, cosmopolitan 30-something, sometimes I feel ashamed my own love of certain teen dramas. So I just wanted to say “thank you” for continuing to validate that love.
    P.S. But seriously, The Vampire Diaries is so good.
    P.P.S. Yes I will be DVRing this. And possibly Ringer. Don’t judge.

  13. vandalfan

    I sense much frommage potential in the future, and those are some of the most effeminate young men Ive ever seen.

  14. Katy

    I love the Secret Circle. Read them back in the day, and liked them better than the Vampire Diaries books. Attractive teenage witches!!! With angst!!!!!!!! This is going to be great.

  15. jenny

    I loved the cover for Stranger with my Face! So Black Swan before Black Swan. PS: LOL, angelwhip.

  16. Shannon

    Baby hipster on the far left wears more eye makeup than Duchess Kate. He’s also paying homage to the splendor of Dylan McKay’s sideburns.
    I feel juvenile enough being obsessed with The Vampire Diaries at 42. I don’t think I can handle The Vampire Diaries-The Adolescent Years.

  17. AMS

    Oh dear God, I actually snarfed water all over myself when I got to the SATC reference. Seriously, are they going to eventually just morph into the Golden Girls II?

  18. Secret Circle Online

    Angelwhip! Believe it or not, those are actually how his eyes really are, I made the mistake of commenting on his “guyliner” on Twitter and he replied back to me…lol He said he swore those were really just his eyes.

  19. Geemee

    The little elf on the left has better manscaping on his brows than all the chicks! And I’m with Amanda: WHERE IS GALE HAROLD?!

  20. PeggyO

    She looks a lot like a young Sarah Michele Gellar to me. Very Season One Buffy.

  21. Tom

    At first glance I thought this was Rachel Zoe and she had been airbrushed to the max.

  22. Liz

    The plot of Secret Circle actually sounds like a real Lois Duncan novel, Gallows Hill. Girl moves to Salem, learns that she’s a witch and destined, along with her classmates, to repeat events during the witch trials 300 years previous. Also made into a totally Fug the Fromage-worthy movie in 1997 (called I’ve been Waiting for You) with Sarah Chalke as the witch. Ah, tween memories…

  23. Mai

    I saw the pilot for this at ComicCon and it’s going on the DVR list. In other news Gale Harold is still aging backwards.

  24. Willow

    it sounds like a euphemism…

  25. Sajorina

    I am soooo watching this show!!! I don’t get the poster, but I imagine the show to be something like “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” meets “Charmed” meets “Teen Wolf”? I love all three of those shows, so this one (the show, not the poster) looks awesome!

  26. Mouse

    Maybe it’s just me and pregnancy hormonesputting my mind in the gutter but…(*gulp*) her hand position and the fire…does no one else get “I just broke my own fiery hymen” vibes? And then this makes “Secret Circle” sound much worse to me too…*SIGH* I will voluntarily send myself in for psych testing…

  27. Annie E

    Wait, what? Is Gale Harold on this show?

  28. TonyG

    My partner and I mockingly call the CW the network of “pretty white kids with problems.” A disembodied flaming hand is definitely a problem.

  29. Jennie-Suz

    “It sort of seems to be emerging from the bottom of the frame like Carrie’s hand from the grave at the end of (spoiler!) Sex and the City 3. Whoops, I mean, Carrie.”

    Oh Christ. You mean, even if we see the gals in Sex and the City through the rest of their lives, they STILL won’t have not satisfied their carnal instincts?

    Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least at this point.

  30. wtfnyc

    I, too, am in like Flynn. I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries (not sure why… scheduling conflicts when it first came on, maybe?), and I don’t give a hoot about witches, teen or otherwise (unless they’re played by Fiona Shaw, who’s KILLING IT on “True Blood” these days), but I will watch anything with Gale Harold in it. Except “Hellcats.” Even I have my limits…

  31. Corrina

    Anytime you make a reference to Lois Duncan or the Clue movie you insure that I will read your blog forever! Love it!

  32. Cassie

    Auuugh! I loved these books so much I started writing a screenplay based on them! Curse you, CW, for stealing my brilliant idea and turning it into a CW series!

    . . . wait. This just means that the movie could actually work now. Ha-HA!

    I forgive you, CW. But I wish the poster didn’t look so shite.

  33. Lynsey

    I too saw this at ComicCon. IT WAS TERRIBLE. Which made me so sad because I love the cheese. I went because I’m freaking excited about the whole Mermaid element. Can anyone say Phoebe Tonkin? I was so disappointed when she got wet in the episode and didn’t turn into one. Maybe that’s why I thought it was terrible. You let me down, Cleo. You let me down. I was also pretty psyched to be in the room with John Connor. How often does one end up in a room with a mythical sea creature and earth’s savior against technology AT THE SAME TIME?

  34. Nina

    Jaja, I also noticed the weird eyes of the girl on the right. Maybe she’s the new Drunkface.

    Is Magick Hands trying to set her hair on fire? That would be interesting to see.

  35. Cee

    Fug the guyliner.
    Fug all the eye makeup on everyone in the background.