Fug the Cover: Tina Fey

We have gotten A LOT of emails about this one. Most of them said, “OMG WHAT DID IN STYLE DO TO TINA FEY’S FACE?”  And I must admit that when I saw this while I was in line at the market to buy my usual assortment of Cheetos and stinky cheeses, I did do a double-take. It’s not that this person looks bad– she looks  kind of like Patricia Heaton’s sophisticated, slightly younger sister, if both Patricia Heaton and This Person were in a movie set in the early 80s — it’s more that This Person doesn’t really look like Tina Fey. I can’t tell if that’s because we’re so used to seeing Tina in her glasses (and by we, I mean me), or if it’s because the kid at work on the Photoshop Machine over at In Style fell asleep with his finger on the BLAST function.

Look. There’s no reason to remove every single laugh line from Tina Fey’s face. We all know what her real face looks like. Most of us, I would wager, like her real face much better than This Person’s face, because her real face looks like A REAL HUMAN BEING that we have actually spent a fair amount of time with. Her real face is also a PERFECTLY NICE FACE (one of the crazy things about 30 Rock, I think, is that it sort of pretends that Liz isn’t that cute, whereas the real story is that Liz Lemon is totally cute, she’s just really really REALLY bad at interpersonal romantic relationships in a way that I think is approaching needing professional intervention. Oh, Liz. How could you let Matt Damon go?). It’s also not a face that is  HORRIFYINGLY CRAGGY. It’s a good face, of which we are all fond, and with which we are all VERY familiar.

So what gives? I’m pretty sure Tina Fey didn’t go secretly Botoxerexic on us over the last few months, so it’s beyond me why In Style thinks we’d want to see what she’d look like if she did.

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  1. Gary

    Another issue is that hairline. That is freaking me right out.

  2. CH

    Whoa. That’s Tina Fey? I kept walking by it in the grocery store thinking it was a weird post-baby pic of Penelope Cruz (I wasn’t that close to the magazine). They really messed up her smile. I wouldn’t pose for InStyle unless I got to check the “NO PHOTOSHOP THNX” option on the contract.

  3. Elspeth

    They’ve also made one side of her face weirdly flat, while her cheek still curves naturally on the other side. And I think they get rid of her scar.

    Not cool.

  4. Willow

    her forehead just goes on forever and ever! And it doesn’t normally :|

  5. Erin

    Also, what is she leaning against? Where is the rest of her body?? Why can we see arm but no waist/hip?

  6. Taylor

    She’s also missing a good section of her lower half… She’s like hugging a pole that makes her bottom half invisible but we can see her arm?

  7. Sandra

    And what the hell did they make her wear? That looks like a trapeze artist’s leotard. I think we’re going to have to form The International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Tina Fey.

  8. Stefanie

    I dont know who this lady is, but it aint Tina Fey.

  9. Willow

    also why does this look like it wouldn’t be out of place in a doctor’s waiting lounge in the 80′s?

  10. witjunkie

    They gave her way more face. In every direction. And she looks like she just slid down a giant mandoline slicer.

  11. electra

    THANK YOOOOOU!!!! I too saw this on the racks and prayed that you ladies would tear it to shreds. I mean, really.

  12. Twez

    And yet this Photoshoptrocity pales in comparison to what Rimmel did to Zooey Deschanel.

  13. RosieB

    Oh wow. This is bad. Really really bad. Tina Fey is gorgeous. I don’t know who the hell that person is.


  14. Antof9

    I’m with Erin and Taylor, and well … all of you. Sandra has the best idea. Certainly we need to form The International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Tina Fey, stat. I’ll be the Vice Chairman, Sandra, if you’ll Chair us.

    Jessica? Love this entry. And I love Tina’s real face.

    Vice Chair
    Int’l Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Tina Fey

  15. Billie

    Why, Why, Why do magazine editors think readers wish to see every girl photoshopped into fake blobs of color?? Tina Fey is one of those naturally pretty, carries a ton of charasmatic in every ‘blemish’ on her types. She is so charming, why make her look like a Stepford Wife???

  16. JennB

    what i want to know is WHERE is the rest of her body?!!!

  17. jess

    Why did she let Matt Damon go? Gave me just another reason to look forward to 30 Rock!

  18. Claire Zulkey

    Another thing is that this whole cover concept =/=Tina Fey. Tina Fey doesn’t equal bright ice cream colors and easy-breezy leaning. Basically, this is cheesy cover. A Miley Cyrus or someone would make more sense here.

  19. merciblahblah

    This photo is like the photos that my parents house is RIFE with, from our cheesy family photos in which my mom would inevitably not like the photo taken of her, but like it of everyone else, and would find another photo of herself that she DID like and cut and paste it over the original photo, so that her face was usually lighter and brighter than everyone else’s because it was taken at a different time, in a different location, than said original photo. And no, I am not talking about photoshopping her head onto a different photo. I am talking craft scissors, CUTTING AND PASTING it on.

    It’s just like that, except it’s Tina Fey. What I really want to know is, when did my mom get a job with InStyle magazine?


  20. salt h2o

    Put your hand over one side of her face, now the other side- they morphed two different shots of Tina into one picture.

  21. Cecily

    Matt will be back, they’re just too good together (who can forget the breakfast conversation, He: “Your solution for Palestine?” She: “It would totally work, right?”
    I love them.

    Meanwhile, she looks about 12 and like a paper doll. Photoshop overkill.

  22. Lisa

    She does usually have that half mocking smile which I find pretty smug.

  23. Jen

    You saying “This Person” reminds me of Liz Lemon’s chyron in “Queen of Jordan”: Liz – Another person.

    Seriously, Tina Fey needs no retouching. She’s gorgeous.

  24. amy mck

    The ISPTCF sounds like a worthy cause…I’m in.

  25. meg

    I saw this at the Limited and thought it HAD to be a spoof. Her “1-900″ character on 30 Rock looks better than this!

  26. meg

    Is it supposed to be a ladder? like she’s PAINTING with color? ahhh the horrors of this cover…

  27. guest72

    I am for the International Society but why just for Tina F? Recently Julianne Moore was made to look at once 25 and old, and Zooey Deschanel was made to look entirely like somebody else. I think it should be the International Society to Eliminate Photoshopping … completely, forever, for all.

  28. vandalfan

    Not only all the above, but her hair looks like one big hunk of plastic, like the Barbie I had in the 60′s before they came with nifty synthetic hair. And if this is the spring issue, why sleeves so long the bracelets have to go on the outside? All I see is pepto bismol pink, white, and some turquoise, but shouldn’t the color issue have, like, lots of colors? I’d keep the belt, and put her in a flimsy halter top, decorated cashmere cardigan with the sleeves pushed up, and tulle skirt in a pastel rainbow, with gold strappy sandals (or flip flops!) and hell, maybe even a parasol. And lots of tulips and daffodils. Think spring, folks!

  29. Maria L.

    For me, the burning questions are:

    When did she become a Bobble-head?
    Where in God’s name is the rest of her body?
    Is she churning butter? If not, why is she leaning on a big stick?

    I would sleep better if I had the answers.

  30. Leah

    It’s like they couldn’t get a picture where that lock of hair hadn’t fallen in her eye, so they decided eh, screw it, we’ll just move the EYE away from the HAIR instead! That’s why it looks like her face is sliding off her head!

  31. Elisee

    I can’t believe you didn’t even mention where the entire left half of her body is!!

    I also hope you forward this To Tina’s People, so she can see how much she is loved ‘JUST AS SHE IS’.

    Seriously, this is a crime.

  32. Lynnie

    Yup, I saw this on the newsstands and was horrified. I, too, wondered if it was the lack of glasses that made all the difference, but she also looks bloated, I think. And Fug Nation’s members are not the only ones who object to the heavy-handed Photoshop treatment. Here’s just one article: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/fashion/2011/03/17/2011-03-17_photoshop_disaster_for_tina_fey_on_cover_of_instyle_magazine_part_of_torso_laugh.html

    I did also thumb through the magazine when I saw it. In one of the photos she’s wearing this dress: http://gofugyourself.com/sag-awards-red-carpet-well-played-hailee-steinfeld-01-2011. It was better on adolescent Hailee.

    Poor Tina. I love her. She did not deserve this!

  33. Lynnie

    When I said she looks bloated, I meant her face… not the two-thirds of her torso that you can see.

  34. Anne B

    I’m with Antof9 and amy. We must do something. And fast.

    Unless … has Tina been in a terrible car wreck? Is this the result?? Penelope BoGrant???

  35. Lynnie

    What happened to my first comment?

  36. Lynnie

    Wait… now it might be there….

  37. Nina

    Dear Lord, I just noticed that half her body was missing. It looks like they lifted her head (with a huge forehead) and put it on someone else’s paper cutout.

  38. Sajorina

    Yep, Photoshop Machine Finger Blast!!! What a shame, she’s so naturally pretty and in that picture she looks fake, plastic and sort of unrecognizable!

  39. Kat from Jersey

    I knew you ladies would be right on this! I also did a double-take when I saw this issue at the store. I honestly didn’t recognize her. I felt so strongly against this, that I just went to InStyle’s website to leave a comment. She’s a smart, funny, witty, sexy, natural looking brunette. Why do they insist on trying to make every cover person look like a 20-something ingenue?

  40. pam

    The pictures inside are even worse! The first picture in the spread, p.325, she has no upper lip at all, and, again, looks nothing like her!

  41. Kate from TX

    According to Photoshop Disasters (http://www.psdisasters.com/), it appears that her head was enlarged with Photoshop and any part of her torso to the rght of the pole was deleted. Bad graphic designer! Bad!

  42. Kaeleigh

    Are we also not going to talk about the missing right side of her body on the other side of that pole?

  43. Chicklet

    Where did the editors get the idea that we wanted them to do this? This is why I hardly buy magazines anymore: They persist in photoshopping all of the individuality out of people and making them look like misshapen candles from the dollar store.

  44. Jessica

    Shannan, I literally laughed out loud at that story about your mom.

  45. cstiddy

    It’s like DoubleFace McGee all up in there.

  46. cstiddy

    Or maybe HalfFace McGee is more accurate. Her eyes start midway down her face, is what I’m getting at (Liz Lemon would know what I mean.)

  47. S

    I think i finally figured it out. Her eyes (and upper face half including left cheek) are looking more directly at the camera than below the eyes (including right cheek), which is turned slightly to the right.
    I’d make a turn-the-other-cheek joke, but this isn’t funny.

  48. Jenna

    As pretty much everyone I know knows, I love Tina Fey. I love her sense of humor, her look, 30 rock. Everything. I even love her sense of style. I usually love Instyle too… but this is one case where they should have just let Tina Fey be Tina Fey.

  49. srewolf

    I don’t even think that’s her body. If you look at her shirt’s neck line, it doesn’t match up with her neck. And not to imply that she had an enormous rack, but this lady has no boob definition at all.

  50. pam

    When I saw this, I knew it would be an item here. Didn’t bother to e-mail, because I knew so many others would. Her face looks like her meds have only kicked in on one side. And that hair, well it’s not exactly natural looking is it? And I know Tina isn’t very big, but she probably wasn’t that flat chested in 5th grade. She looks like paper doll.

  51. Fuh Ugh

    Oh crap. Airbrush much? At least we can see her looking normal every week on 30 Rock.

  52. sarah

    My sister and I saw this last night at Target, and we were like, “Oh, the fug girls are totally going to fug that cover!”
    When I was in high school, my best friend and I used to do pretend model photo shoots, and we occasionally leaned against a lamp like that. And we were fifteen.

  53. Sandra

    @guest72. You’re right that TF isn’t the only fashion victim who would benefit from the Society. But if we protected all of them, Heather and Jessica would have no one to fug and we wouldn’t have this wonderful sandbox to play in. So we have to make choices. I’m happy to offer up some of the others on the GFY altar to protect Tina, who seems like she’s probably cool in real life as well as being funny as h3ll.

  54. Montréalaise

    That color – a bright pink (is that the honeysuckle we’ve been reading about?) is not flattering on her. It clashes with her hair and washes out her complexion.

  55. Melissa

    Ditto pole mystery and double ditto Shannan’s mother, who I want in a television show STAT.

  56. jenny

    “And she looks like she just slid down a giant mandoline slicer.” Dying! And I’m pretty sure it’s not the glasses, because she looks fine without them in the that Daily News pic.

    PEOPLE of the magazine world, a) no one wants to see Tina in ridiculous 80s brights, leaning against a random white pole, with “sexy” wind tunnel hair (oh the irony! she would totally do a bit making fun of this), and b) no one is interested in your special computer tricks in which you squash her perfectly good face around and make it look like it’s been sandpapered. The End.

  57. Katie S

    It looks to me as if the cut and pasted Tina’s face onto a stock model’s body. Or that perhaps they liked that pose but not the face and stole her face from another pic. Either way, it’s super creepy looking if you stare at it long enough. Too bad, cause Tina’s really pretty just as she is!

  58. Emma v

    Please put spoiler alerts in before giving away 30 Rock plot developments! Not all readers are in the United States!

  59. lizzy

    Terrible. Just terrible.

  60. soapstef

    Wow! This is weird. Is this the throwback issue because for some reason I’m seeing Patricia Richardson from “Home Improvement”?! I really hope there isn’t an interview in this issue about how awesome Tim Allen is and how she wishes the kids were really hers.

  61. Annabeth

    Increasingly I wonder whether people in the media honestly think that they’re the only ones who have Photoshop and thus the rest of us are too addle-brained to notice when pictures of totally normal, attractive women have been manipped into grotesquerie. I mean, there has probably never been a photo of Tina Fey, ever, that naturally caught her looking this bad. It’s like aliens who had never seen humans before got a photo and list of “desired human characteristics” and decided to change the picture to “enhance” those whether needed or not. It’s bizarre and off-putting.

    For the record, this is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen a cover in a store and automatically said, “That’s showing up on Fug the Cover.”

  62. Swoozy

    Looks like Rebecca Black in 25 years

  63. donna

    This looks more like that Angelina weasel from Jersey Shore than Tina Fey. Terrifying.

  64. Jenny

    I found the first line of the NY Daily news article, gross and hilarious:

    “Somebody call the cops – A chunk of Tina Fey’s torso is missing.”

    Sort of reminds of that episode of 30 rock where Liz poses with a rubber chicken on a toilet to get on the cover of a magazine. Photoshop is Tina Fey’s rubber chicken and toilet

  65. Moonlissa

    I just saw this at the grocery store, and I knew it would be here. Thanks for not letting me down. I was holding up the line trying to figure out if this was actually Tina Fey!

  66. blah

    This even showed up on PS Disasters blog today.

  67. Meade Franco

    I would much rather watch Tina Fey impersonate Palin being stupid than watch the actual thing…! Super Acai 1200

  68. cathy

    i think that tina fey has classic good looks that age very well and you can’t tell that from this mess

  69. caroline

    It’s not even in FOCUS! It’s a blurry shot!

  70. O

    I did a double take too… I had originally thought it was helen hunt but without her usual flat-ironed-to-death blonde do

  71. ddukes

    tina fey’s hip called; she wants the rest of her body back

  72. Emma

    I have never really read InStyle because I find their photography is always really, really bad. No one ever looks comfortable on the cover, they are always photoshopped badly, usually in ugly clothes. Every woman on the cover of that magazine seems to know that she’s made a horrible, horrible misstep.

  73. JPlum

    She looks like she had a stroke, and now half her face is sagging.

  74. Xeenie

    Photoshopping aside, I think it was just a bad photo to begin with. Like it shouldn’t have even made it to the Photoshopping stage.

  75. Lady Callahan

    I don’t watch 30 Rock mostly because I can’t stand Alec Balwin (puffy-faced blowhard) and Tracy Morgan (not funny, never was), but I d love Tina. Here, if her hair was curlier, she looks like Jennifer Beals on a ten year-old L&O I watched yesterday afternoon.

  76. Kelly

    Looks like her face was morphed onto someone else’s body and head/hair. Bad.

  77. Deej

    I have been WAITING for you ladies to fug this cover! To me, it is like an 80′s Benetton shoot gone horribly awry.

  78. yetti

    did they paste the weird photoshopped head on a body of a 10 year old boy?

  79. amy

    Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Celine Dion?

  80. tc

    The skank looks better this way. If you run a black light over the cover, you can see all the cum stains from Lorne Michaels…