Fug the Cover: Taylor Swift, with help from Alicia Vikander

Taylor Swift’s much-ballyhooed illusion-of-nudity Elle cover came out right around the time Alicia Vikander (from Anna Karenina) wore the white version of the Louis Vuitton dress to the magazine’s UK Style awards. We should discuss.

[Photos: Getty, Elle]

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  1. Art Eclectic

    “If the real-world choice is a) clumsy undergarments, or b) vagina, IS THIS REALLY A QUESTION WE SHOULD EVER NEED TO BE ASKING? ”

    That right there is why I’ve been a fan of this site ever since I saw a link from the long lost Defamer remarking about “those hilarious bitches over at….”

  2. valueofaloonie

    I had a shower curtain that was almost exactly like that yellow version Swifty is wearing!

    For the record, I went with a liner. ;)

    • Kathryn Mackenzie

      I was just coming here to say that it looks like a plastic shower curtain.

    • Deborah

      I had a fabulous plastic raincoat exactly like the white version when I was 10. I sashayed around something fierce while wearing it. The clothes underneath always buggered up my look, though. I should have tried the shower curtain liner trick.

  3. Other Emily

    I actually spit out my Diet Coke at the choice of clumsy underwear or vagina. Honestly. That said, I like the yellow better (although not on Swift who I can’t stand at all). But I only like the color better. The dress is terrible. I agree this cover is going to make people look twice, but that doesn’t make it good.

  4. Dazie

    I love it in yellow, not so much in white. A departure for me, I feel I’m growing.

    That said- NO AIRBRUSH. NO GRANNY PANTIES. Let’s just put some skin-colored fabric in there and call it a day.

    • Emily

      I actually assumed it either had a flesh colored liner or the little squares themselves were flesh colored until I looked closer. Weird!

    • jerkygirl

      I know, right? Are there NO flesh-toned underdrawers to be had anywhere near these people?

  5. Megan

    The troublesome thing for me is the darkened area around her pelvis. Like really, airbrushers? You expect us to believe that Taylor Swift is hiding a massive, 70s-porn-esque, no-merkin-required bush under that? Taylor Swift would never. Taylor Swift has a unicorn vajazzled on there, not Solange’s last haircut. Why the weird suggestion of so much dark hair?

    • kk

      yes! i was like, why is her bush so ginormous?

      very awkward.

    • Ladyblahblah

      Are we really, really sure that she’s not wearing a nude-colored shaper-type garment under the dress and the shadow at the pelvic area actually IS an out-of-control lady garden? This would explain the 450 breakups by age 23…

  6. Reg

    I have to say that I am way more creeped out by the fact that TSwift looks entirely like someone else, or as someone who is dressed up like TSwift but doesnt really look like her. Basically she looks like her own not very good impersonator. *Shudder*

    Alicia looks really beautiful, I can’t believe I am saying this abt someone who is basically showed up in public naked. But I really wish that the dress was lined and we didnt get a peek at her undergarments. Can someone already put this disgusting trend to pasture???

  7. lindad

    Megan, your point is made even more damning considering that the header beside Taylor is “Your best hair ever.”

  8. anna s.

    I really think the dress looks more risque on Alicia since you can see the undergarments than it does on Taylor. The cover airbrushes and smooths so much that she might as well be wearing a nude bodysuit under it; it just doesn’t look real to me. I’m not a fan of this whole transparency trend lately, but if you’re going for daring or titillating, being able to see underwear through it emphasizes the transparent factor. Taylor’s just makes her look like a Barbie doll. The fake-looking hair doesn’t help with that problem.

  9. greatwhitenorthchick

    Too. Much. Swift. Can’t. Take. Much. More…..

    • Sajorina

      If you’re tired of her, just skip the post! That’s what I do with the Kardouchians, etc…

      • Esme

        That’s like saying stp breathing; she’s so ubiquitous, she’s impossible to escape.

  10. Amy

    I just… is there something wrong with a nude slip/lining under this dress, designers/ stylists/ Elle/ the heavens?? I like the combination of this bright yellow with nude underneath, but only if that means there is something obviously under there. And that white one would look really cute with a navy or pop-color slip.

  11. Willow

    If FHM ever made their own version of The Stepford Wives they would pretty much all look like Taylor’s cover wouldn’t they?

  12. Lizzy

    God, what an ugly dress! Shiny, polyester-ish and not sexy at all despite those peek-a-boo squares.

  13. TaraMisu

    Swifty has lovely curls, why doesn’t she bring them out anymore?

    As for the cover, I wonder if they are required to airbrush out the bits? I don’t know, but either way I think the dress is ugly.

  14. Tassie

    It’s called a slip. How hard does this really have to be?

    • Tassie

      Forgive the snark but I am so over the visible undergarments. Beyond the TMI aspect, it ruins the the impact of the clothes–’What a gorgeous dress! Oh, and granny panties.’

  15. Sajorina

    I like it! I don’t see a problem with it! I think Swifty looks beautiful and grown up! And I definitely like the yellow version better than the white! Compared to her Teen Vogue cover, this is a masterpiece!

  16. Sandra

    Why do so many women, especially very young ones like Swifty here, think that being naked in public is somehow empowering? Has anyone in the history of the genus homo ever heard a person of the XY persuasion talk about owning his sexuality by forsaking clothes?

  17. Helen

    Is Vikander wearing eyelet boxers?

    Because now I kind of want a pair.

    Um, to sleep in…

  18. Cassandra

    Both versions of this dress would work better as a bathing suit cover up.

  19. Aria

    It’s really cute, esp in yellow, but I don’t want visible undergarments or to see lady bits and pieces but I don’t like the idea of a nude lining either. I think it just has to be a very expensive swimsuit coverup.

  20. Billie

    This would be a fabulous bathing suit cover up on a yacht. Other than that, it’s so inappropriate in these settings.

  21. Caroine

    I guess, based on her recent hair and wardrobe choices, that she’s trying to sex up her image. Appearing as a gender-neutral plastic doll is potentially a misstep.

  22. jenelope

    That is the most awkward airbrushing I’ve seen in quite a while. Apparently, she has a slender right hip, but a chunky dress shaped left hip. Either that or the airbrusher was a) tired; b) drunk.

  23. Bree

    I can’t tell what the fabric is like, but it just looks like a raincoat to me. And even with the 50% opaqueness it’d be a cute raincoat. Not a cute dress.

  24. Sara

    I first thought the dress was lined, too. Then I saw the shading. Then I was kind of creeped out. It IS sort of like a Barbie.

    The photo spread in the magazine is pretty awesome, though.

  25. Megs

    And no one either at the magazine or the stylist for what’s her face in the white one…no one thought “Put a flesh toned slip under it”.

  26. ErinE

    I’m just….confused.

  27. TonyG

    It’s so cool that we can, via the Like or Dislike, be “Well-loved” or alternatively “Hidden” (P.S. I always make the effort to “Unhide” the naughty/disliked. I can’t stand not to look…lol)

    Fun, fun, fun!

  28. Cucina49

    I would not have recognized Alicia Vikander, who was gorgeous in “Anna Karenina.” If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it if for no other reason that to ogle the gorgeous costumes and jewelry.

  29. Terri in SF

    A slip. That is the answer. DER.

  30. Evalyn

    All I can see is Twiggy. This cover is a re-work of a Seventeen Magazine or Ingenue from 1966. All that was old is new again with the difference that Twiggy was the new – Taylor Swift is redux.

  31. Kelly

    It actually looked more like cheap polyester nude-colored fabric lining the dress and less like airbrushed nakedness to me on the Elle cover.

  32. Laura V

    I feel like this is one of those dresses you have to OWN in order to make it work.

    The choices for that, to my mind, are:
    1. go commando. Or possibly wear a neon merkin? That would be hilarious. Lady Gaga needs to get on that once she recovers from her hip surgery.
    2. wear a contrast-color underdress. This could go Mod, or Mod + 80s, depending on what color you pick. Could be really cool.
    3. wear contrast-color undies, all HERE ARE MY UNDIES, DEAL WITH IT, WORLD. Undies that match the dress seem like you are trying to hide that you’re showing your undies.
    4. act like it’s a tunic and style it like one, with perhaps a cigarette pant and a slim-fit contrasting-color top underneath

  33. acake

    If you look at the larger versions of the Alicia Vikander (who is spectacular in A Royal Affair) dress, it’s pretty clear the dress is made with slightly shinier white squares covering the swimsuit areas. It’s not her underwear, it’s definitely part of the dress.

  34. Jules

    I love the late 60′s retro feel to this dress! The yellow one is so Sunny…

    I don’t mind the airbrushing OR the obnoxious nude underwear. Everybody gets it. It’s “peekaboo.”
    I guess not everybody has seen enough nudity to be all, TMI. Clothes really are better.

  35. Tiffany

    “the real-world choice is a) clumsy undergarments, or b) vagina, IS THIS REALLY A QUESTION WE SHOULD EVER NEED TO BE ASKING?”

    Wow, do I love this site! That is sooooo funny and so true, so wise! It is like you are the Yoda of fashion!

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