If this were an Allure-style au naturel issue, then maybe I could understand this a bit better. But let's consider what's here. The cover line calls her a style icon, then puts her in a) nothing stylish, b) a hideous strapless bra, and c) bedhead, while d) she looks half asleep. And further, it calls itself The Movie Issue. But slapping this cover on it makes it appear that the movies they're referring to are homemade stripteases. It's just... I mentally can understand the appeal of taking the current most adorable actress ever and stripping her down to the basics, but NOTHING about this makes me want to read the article, and that's a shame, because she is very well-spoken and interesting and by all accounts not an unapologetic strung-out mess. I don't find it interesting art so much as it creeps me out and makes me wonder who hacked her phone.
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