Fug the Cover: Emma Stone

Here’s my usual positive-feedback-caveat about Elle: God bless them for having actual articles. Sometimes I feel like Elle is the only magazine that remembers I know how to read. And I’m excited to get this issue at home — both because I like Emma Stone, and because I am curious to see what the subscribers cover looks like (it’s always better, or at least artier). Plus, that article about THE UNCONSUMMATED MARRIAGE is going to be interesting. AND I want to know how to make my $50 dress look like a million bucks. But I have a question, and this it is: AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOOKED AT THIS AND HEARD TYRA BANKS’S VOICE SQUAWKING IN MY EAR ABOUT ELONGATING ONE’S NECK? Or do I need to get some medication for that?

[Cover: Elle.com]

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  1. Jen

    Am I the only one looking at this and seeing Michelle Williams instead?

  2. Sara

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Michelle Williams looks great here.

  3. M.Amanda

    I almost (but not quite because she rocks it) feel sorry for Emma that she’s kind of getting stuck as the “redhead actress.” People will probably give her a hard time every single time she experiments with any color other than red. As a blond, I would not have known this was her and not some random model without EMMA STONE spelled out right next to her.

  4. RubyCopper

    no you are not the only one. Michelle Williams? I think she looks like Sienna Miller

  5. cycler

    I for one am concerned about the fact that she to be wearing Big Bird!

    Maybe she’s playing him in the Sesame Street reboot, and they took the photo without the neck-elongating top half of the puppet?

  6. Aria

    I’m aboard the Michelle Williams train -

  7. aa

    any blonde, dyed or otherwise, wearing mustard and red lips will always get the michelle williams reference, which is good for MW… but unfortunately for everyone else.

  8. aa

    or unfortunate.

  9. LoriK

    Jessica it is definitely not just you. She’s very pretty but I look at this and think, “This is why magazine covers are supposed to have models on them, not actresses.”

  10. that girl

    The dress is kind of muppet-y, so I think she gets a pass on the no-neck thing in keeping with the muppet theme.

  11. Sarah

    Yep, I’m hearing the judges table saying “Great job smizing, and I love the sense of movement, but you completely lost your neck.”

  12. Allison

    I saw Renee Z.

  13. The Other Molly

    I am also worried that a certain beloved Big Bird was harmed in order to make that dress.
    Emma is a gazillion times cuter than Michelle.

  14. Emily

    I thought the same thing, but it’s probably only from reading this blog. :) She still looks cute.

  15. Lauren

    I’m pretty sure you asked us to please bring back feathers…Be careful what you wish for!!

  16. Laura Roper

    Aren’t you overdoing it a bit with the advertisements. This annoying to enjoyable quotient is at risk of tipping into the too annoying category.

  17. JaneEyre

    Looked like she was holding her breath. I heard Tyra saying, “Exhale & put those shoulders down, Girl!”

  18. CranAppleSnapple

    I don’t think this qualifies as Fugging the cover. She’s looking adorable.

  19. Sandra

    I’m all in favor of being allowed to play around with your haircolor, but–and you knew there would be a but—she looks so much prettier with the red than the blonde. Maybe it’s just my inner redhead-wannabe shouting a little. I love the color and the feathers, but not together. No one in the US could look at that without thinking she scalped Big Bird. And what is that metallic thing at her neckline? Is it a necklace? It looks like a blinged-up circular-saw blade.

  20. Teri

    maybe it isn’t even her in the photo. . .it kind of looks like they just photoshopped her head on, like in those ‘yearbook yourself’ photos. you can’t see a neck there at all.

  21. Jessica


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  22. Feena

    Look for the light, don’t lose your neck, point your toes, relax your hands, don’t hold tension in your mouth and SMIZE!!!!

  23. taytay

    yep. michelle williams.

  24. bloodymary

    See, I thought she looked like Rachel McAdams during one of her blonde periods

  25. Carolina Girl

    It seems kind of redundant now, but when I first looked at the picture I thought “Oooh, Michelle Williams is letting her crop grow out.”

    Add me to the camp that prefers Emma Stone as a redhead. I read somewhere that she is a natural blonde, but that was just a case of nature making a mistake. If ever a woman was born to be a redhead, it’s Emma. And that dress would have looked really pretty against her red hair from Easy A.

  26. Kate

    In fairness, Tyra also tells her model-testants that the elongated neck is what makes models different from actresses in photographs. So maybe Emma didn’t think that advice applied to her.

  27. almond

    I dont know about tyra squeeling in your ear but at my first glance she surely looks like Michelle Williams. And since big bird is blue in our country, I can look at the dressing without any problems and I quite like it :)

  28. coexxi

    It think it is cute…. just watched Easy-A a few days ago so at the moment Emma can do no wrong in my eyes. I didn’t know her before and so I didn’t get her hype but she is really pretty and has a cool voice! So maybe she wants to protect her voice and this is why her neck is so … ahem… protected.

  29. Sajorina

    I think it’s cute, but a)she doesn’t look that much like herself (ahem, Michelle Williams), b)her neck took a break while they were shooting this photo and c)that dress is a little too Big Bird-y for my taste! But, as a whole, it’s not bad… She looks good and she’s fully clothed, so YAY!

  30. Joni Woodhead

    1. yes she looks like Michelle Williams
    2. i can hear Tyra screeching in your head from here
    3. they did actually manage to get some really pretty pictures of her in the inside photo spread
    4. @ almond … we had a movie here when I was a child called ” follow that bird ” where big bird ran away from home to join the circus, they dyed him blue and made him sing sad songs. I hope your blue bird isnt sad …. ( the movie is still amazing now that im 30 by the way )

  31. witjunkie

    If a magazine uses an actress on a cover instead of a model, presumably because the actress is recognizable and therefore might create more interest, therefore enticing a few more buyers…why then do they *always* style and photoshop them until the actress is unrecognizable? It seems to Miss The Point.

  32. juliet

    I have to disagree and say this is the first picture of Emma Stone blonde where I think she looks really, really good – and that’s probably because she looks like the ever lovely Michelle Williams.

    And (SPOILER ALERT!) you make a $50 look like a million bucks by accessorizing it with a million dollars of designer stuff.

  33. vandalfan

    Imprimis: She sacrificed Big Bird- the horrors!
    Item: Unconsummated marriages? Maybe I’ll subscribe
    Item: I’ll bet I could make a million dollar outfit look like $50, however.

  34. Ray

    I know she has said that she’s a natural blonde, but — like LiLo and Nicole Kidman — she was meant to be a redhead. (And she went back to red last week, thank goodness.) This cover could be any anonymous bleached blonde in Hollywood (but yes, I too thought “Michelle Williams with a weave” when I first saw it).

  35. CranAppleSnapple

    Feena, I just did the opposite of everything you said! That’s some pressure! :D

  36. almond

    @ Joni woodhead, how funny! dont worry our blue big bird is a happy bird! (at least the last time I watched ;-) )

  37. Bevin Maloney

    It’s just you. I think she looks young and a bit coquette-ish

  38. Halo

    I don’t see Michelle Williams at all. I thought she was Laura Prepon during her blonde phase, and wondered what she was up to lately.

  39. Angelique

    Completely agree with those who thought this was Michelle Williams.

  40. Az

    i heard Mr. Jay (Manuel), not Tyra. Who needs help now, huh?

  41. Mags

    I was going to comment on how she looks like a hybrid of Michelle Williams and Siena Miller but I guess I wasn’t the only one who saw that :) I have to say thought, I finally saw “Easy A” this weekend and this girl is stunningly pretty (especially as a red-head!).

  42. Mel

    Michelle Williams.
    And I definitely heard Tyra scream!

  43. Laura

    I thought I was being so clever by coming in here to comment on the fact that this not Emma Stone, but in fact Michelle Williams but alas, I am not quite as clever as I previously thought.

  44. radiogirl

    She reminds me of Michelle Williams here. Except she looks like she’d be funnier.

  45. Amy

    The only thing Michelle Williams ever did that was interesting was cut her hair short. I love Emma Stone but she disappears a little when she’s blonde, no? (Still think she’s an utter mega babe, though.) Red, please, Emma!


  46. www.bravoerunway.com

    I also thought this was Michelle Williams! Emma looks great in the canary yellow and I can’t wait for this issue to arrive so I can share with my fans, how to make a $50 dress look like a million bucks! http://www.bravoerunway.com

  47. jess

    I can’t agree about the neck because i think it’s clear what pose she’s doing

  48. xo92

    i love this cover,is young and fresh……….and emma is beautiful!xo

  49. Brides with Cramps

    I read a story in a Redbook at my Grandmother’s house when I was 12 about a couple who hadn’t consummated their marriage in 7 years. Terrifying.

  50. Ducki

    Why is Emma so blond?? She’s way too pretty for that kind of extreme hair and make-up.

  51. Blanche

    I think Michelle Williams Jr. here has pretty eyes. She’s not a convincing blonde; but who needs convincing when all you’re going for is temporary Hollywood commodity? Good luck making cash now, Michelle Williams Jr., so that you can take it back to Montana and invest in a nice barbecue sauce company and a solar-powered ranch! With that voice, you will make an awesome spokesperson for the Montana Humane Society.