Fug the Cover: Drew Barrymore

Everything about this cover so stiff and awkward.

How ironic that the headline says “It’s Drew!” when in fact nothing about this photo bespeaks Drew Barrymore to me except the fact that she provided its original genetic material. Her hands look like the photographer walked up to her, placed them there, and said, “IF YOU MOVE THAT HAND ONE MORE TIME I SWEAR I’LL TURN THIS CAR AROUND.” She also looks sedated, and possibly also severely Photoshopped, into an expression of supreme sleepy smuggery. And if they were going to monkey with her face, why didn’t they adjust the fact that the shirt makes her left boob look like it’s being arrested by an ace bandage?

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  1. Mary Christa Jaramillo-Bolin

    And where did her left hip go?

    • Alix

      Surgically removed for aesthetic purposes. But she’s smiling through the pain!

  2. Mongerel

    I like the understated makeup, but the two-tone hair looks really bad. I think that every character mark on her face has been “cloned” to the texture of her cheeks, making her under-eye area in particular look flat and artificial, and altering whatever natural-looking expression was in the original image.

    The right hand has been worked on, too. Where is her wrist bone? Hand looks like it was extruded from a pasta machine.

  3. casey

    I always wonder if celebrities get upset when they are photoshopped to oblivion like this (I mean, her hips are about the same width as her head – that’s just not right even if she is very fit and thin). Or do they like it? I can imagine wanting someone to do a little repair work to my under eye circles (in fact, please GOD do something about those!) but for the rest of this???

  4. liaso

    Way…too…much…Photoshop. It’s actually turned someone I think looks good (not talking fashion so much as physicality, which I know we should generally avoid, but is apt for this discussion) into a scary fake person with no body and weird, weird hands. How can they think this is actually attractive?

  5. Laura Del Toro

    I was going to mention the hair too. I HATE this look. It just looks unkempt, dirty and entirely too Ke$ha-esque for Drew. I read the interview and she actually likes it, but I can’t get behind it.
    Also, agreed, she is photoshopped within an inch of her life.

  6. Lauren

    I am so over that awful ombre hair thing. It just looks terrible on everyone.

  7. Evalyn

    While the hair is not good, it’s the only thing in this photo that identifies her as Drew Barrymore. My first thought was , “Oh, Drew. I’m so sorry.”

  8. Jilly

    Agree with Evalyn, at least the hair looks like it’s really hers. Her face here looks like the Joker. That’s not Drew’s smile at all.

    On a not totally related note, I really hope they Fug the new Glamour cover. Saw it at the supermarket last night and they’ve turned Amanda Seyfried into a blow-up doll which is a confusing choice for a woman’s magazine.

  9. Ladyblahblah

    Don’t celbrities have final sign off on their covers? Even if not, what sighted-person who’s in any way associated with this magazine would sign off on such a horrible cover? I think Adobe is behind the trend of putting non-models on magazine covers – the Photoshop revenues must be going through the roof.

  10. corriner

    I’ve been waiting for this Fug the Cover. She does not look like herself at all! Poor Drew!

    Though I feel like she would have had to sign off on this, as she has been photoshopped within an inch of her life in her CoverGirl ads, and yet she’s still making them…

  11. Alix

    And how is it that the charm on her bracelet is hanging down at an angle??

  12. tuttle88

    Maybe they’re just advertising their new line of Drew Barymore Bobble Head Dolls?

  13. JanetP

    Yes, and all of the above. But the real thing that worries me is how that bracelet makes it look like she has claws coming out of her wrist. It’s the only thing I can see and is creeping me out.

    • sarky

      bwahaha, I’m loving the bracelet, I suspect my daughter made it at preschool, I know these because the little darling made me one too, and they look exactly the same…..a mother always knows.

  14. Melissa

    She looks like Arnold Freakin’ Vosloo. I’m pretty sure that’s bad.

  15. Hel

    Also white on white, everything is bad in this cover.

  16. emster

    The interior photos of Drew were even worse, Photoshop-wise. I recall one in which her lips look completely alien.

  17. TonyG

    Despite the Photoshop, which I tend not to complain about as much as others do unless it makes the person unrecognizable, I do think this looks like Drew, just, as Heather said, sleepy Drew.

  18. Rachel

    I’ve never noticed how much she can look like Julia Roberts!

  19. Shiitake

    Get thee to your hair colourist, dear.

    The cover is the usual magazine Photoshop crime against reality.

  20. Veronica

    Is it just me, or did they seriously photoshop her head onto the cover after the rest of her body? Look at it – the proportions are all wrong. It’s kind of scaring me. :(

  21. witjunkie

    Honestly, if I was an actress I think I’d refuse to do any covers. I know the publicist would be pissed but nobody can be happy with what they do to their image nowadays.

  22. giggleswick

    Is it weird that I think she looks like Babs Streisand? I’ve never thought they looked alike before. And I doubt they do now. Ahh, the wonders of photoshop.

  23. Kara K

    Not even getting into what remains the rest of her photoshopped body and wtf awkwardness is happening with her arms but: I seriously could not realize it was her face first. Like I went, Melina Kanakareses? Amy Brenneman? No, still not right. Drew? Really? Huh. And she has a lovely face! And I like the softness of the makeup and hair but girl looks not like herself to a disturbing degree in that photo.

  24. Cait

    When did Drew Barrymore become Rachel Greene?

  25. Sajorina

    This is BAD and I don’t like it at all! Drew is so expressive and full of life that this looks like a plastic manequin made to look like her!

  26. Carolina Girl

    This looks like some weird amalgam of several celebrities — Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair, Katie Holmes’ smile, Drew’s chin, a random hand model, and the body of some super skinny unknown model. And the pity of it is that Drew Barrymore HERSLEF is quite lovely so what was the purpose of putting her on the cover and then going to great lengths to make her look unlike her?

  27. Henriette

    I look at this and I only see that female actor from The Matrix (imdb tells me: Carrie-Anne Moss). Maybe with a hint of Drew but I SWEAR my first reaction was ‘uh, so what’s-her-face from the Matrix is out and about again’.

  28. gryt

    Without having seen the rest of the photoshoot, I can guarantee you that there were better frames than this one, the one they chose… And if not, then shame on the photographer for sucking, OR Drew for storming out after one minute and leaving them with four frames to choose from, none of which were actual shots but merely lighting tests (didn’t happen). I can’t believe that they would pick this shot for the cover (or at all). Someone over there at In Style’s Photo Department is asleep at the wheel. Or smoking something*.


  29. mindy

    It looks like they cut her head off from anouther photo and pasted in this body????

  30. Pouncer

    When did she turn into Sarah Jessica Parker??? Does this mean her next film will have that signature voiceover: “I wondered when we’d all become so accustomed to photoshop that we started excising our hips?”

  31. Marvelous A

    The lower half of her body is turned to the left and the top to the right; they haven’t PhotoShopped her hips away. Figure drawing from live nude models makes you realize that we weren’t meant to be photographed… frozen in time in some natural movement, all sorts of weird contortions happen.

    I love Drew. I love her bubbly, I love her wistful (which seems to be the full range of her emotional spectrum). But this girl has never figured out what to do with her boobs or her hair (seen the trailer for Big Miracle? OMG), and apparently stylists can’t figure it out either. I have the same prominent brow bone, too, and I manage not to look drugged all the time, so I know it can be done.

  32. Marvelous A

    Sorry. Forgot to close the tag.

  33. Jacq

    I didn’t even know that Drew Barrymore had had a stroke! Poor girl – I hope she recovers.

  34. Paula

    She looks like she’s about to “snart”. Would have loved to have seen the next 3 frames after this one!

  35. anny

    fixed it?

  36. CaraL

    You really should do a new weekly segment, ” Look who’s been photoshopped this Week” Drew, Aniston, Kidman, Beckham etc, its a weekly event where the cover model bears no resemblance to the celeb, they have all morphed into photoshop clones of mannequins..

  37. KelseyA

    How does someone even make Drew Barrymore look like Katie Holmes’ face on Sarah Jessica Parker’s face?

    Is there a new form of modern art that’s really bad photoshop?

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