Fug the Cover: Ariana Grande on Teen Vogue

I sincerely cannot with this:

I generally really enjoy Teen Vogue, but this cover is simply not good. For one thing, I don’t know what they’re trying to do with her hair — she has a lot of hair, and while I am a fan of a lot of hair, it always looks totally out of control and not in the Sexy Bedhead Way. In the Jesus, I Can’t Deal With My Hair While I’m In The Middle of Cleaning Out the Garage Way. Considering that she also appears to be wearing some random tank top and leaning on a fence that needs painting, this whole thing sort of just screams 263 WAYS TO LOOK…WELL, BASICALLY JUST OKAY WHILE DOING YOUR CHORES.

[Photo: Teen Vogue]

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  1. Ranee Singleton

    When I squint my eyes and imagine that head band thingy as bunny ears, it looks a whole lot better.

    • KO33

      I was thinking the same thing! If this were an Easter cover date the bunny ears might be a cute nod to the holiday, but in January it just looks like a weird olde tymey “The Help” style headscarf.

  2. Laura

    She looks scared. I don’t blame her.

  3. BrownEyedBetty

    Agree, except my teenager would go nuts for this. It’s a generational thing…

  4.  lor

    She looks like a hesitant bunny. Wish she’d hesitated a little more and said NO to this cover setup.

    • Tiffany

      So true! You can see in her eyes that even SHE doesn’t think this is a good look!

  5. Tamarin

    This is just not a flattering look. Her head looked better in the Ribbon Diaper outfit.

  6. Matthew Peteroy

    This is clearly an homage to Amy Winehouse’s hair! It’s pretty fabulous if you ask me. If you go through the back catalogue of Winehouse’s hive in 2007 you will find similar looks. I actually find this chick to be annoyingly meek and her voice is really just a standard pop-idol, Mariah carey knock-off sort of sound….so basically what I am trying to say is that this chick could really benefit from some Winehouse’s left-overs. Viva Wino!

    • Sandra

      Y’know what? I hope this kid takes whatever talent she has and lives a long and happy life. Amy was gifted, but mental illness, addiction, douchey men, and an early death are not what any girl needs.

  7. giggleswick

    Scared girl in dishrag Vuitton bunny ears. When she finishes the pots and pans she can scrape, prime and paint that railing.

  8. ChristieLea

    I’m sure it’s just the poor girl’s “resting face”, but she always has Perpetual Mean Girl Face to me. As if someone’s just talked about their weekend in the cafeteria, and she’s saying “that’s…NICE.”

    • mad momma

      Her face always looks like she is a child victim from an episode of SVU!

      • Mina

        Yeah. Her resting expression always looks like she is thinking: “Ugh. For reals? Just ugh.”

  9. qwertygirl

    I have no original thoughts to offer on the subject’s appearance, but do I brand myself as an outdated pearl clutcher if I say that I think fifteen (or whatever their target audience age is) is a bit young for changing one’s natural hair color to something that “works” on everyone? Children you are TEENAGERS. Please don’t go screwing around with your beautiful hair color (because, please–all teenage girls have wonderful hair with those perfect high- and low lights that are not to be found in any bottle). I suppose there is the occasional teen whose hair could use a little boost, but it’s just like them putting a bunch of slap on their faces. Unfortunately, when you most want to use it/do it/wear it, is when you least need it. I spend an appalling amount of money now on highlights because I NEED them, lest the grey take over and wash me out entirely. When I was fifteen or seventeen, I sure as hell didn’t need a hair color that “worked for everyone.” If you must dye your hair magenta or whatever, well, you must, but please don’t let society and the publishing industry tell you your natural hair color needs to be fixed when you’re still a kid, because it does not.

    • Donna

      Agreed. Oh, how I wanted to wear tons of makeup when I was a teenager, all to try and look older. Certainly not my aim with makeup now. And why would one hair color work on everyone? We all have different skin colors and tones, so why push the homogenous angle, Teen Vogue?

    • Stacey


    • Alicia

      Although I, as someone who could quite reasonably be the parent of an adult, would LOVE to know what this mythical hair colour is. Personally, I think they are talking out of their arses.

    • Other Emily

      Preach! My 18 year old stepdaughter has the most amazing blonde hair. Any woman in her right mind would pay a fortune to have what she has naturally. So of course, she bleached it to almost platinum and it looks atrocious. I don’t understand! I didn’t start dyeing my hair until I was in my early 20s and it had darkened to boring. Oh well. This cover sucks all around.

  10. Catherine

    As other people said, at first glance I thought she was wearing bunny ears.

  11. Mary Compton


  12. KMG

    She looks like she’s about to cry.

    • chickadee

      I’d be ready to cry too if I was forced to wear that head thing on the cover of a magazine.

  13. Ceece

    All I can think is that it is so very 80s. Like Madonna writhing in black mesh while singing Like A Virgin 80s. The random fabric in hair thing was huge in the 80s, witness pretty much any music video of a female artist from like 1983 to 1986. And maybe the random fabric in oversize hair thing is coming back (?)

  14. Elbyem

    Wait until you get a load of her new “Cosmo” cover – this pales by comparison. They (no surprise) try and tart her up, and it hits new heights of awkward/uncomfortable. Though I’d look uncomfortable, too, if a giant word like “SEX!” suddenly popped up next to my face.

  15. gryt

    Lilac and pink, seriously. The whole thing looks like a cheap catalog. Especially with all that DAMNED TEXT.
    I can’t imagine what the rest of the shots looked like, if this wasn’t an outtake… Cute girl though.

  16.  Kate

    I wish I had that much hair though. It’s so smooth and a pretty color and looks full and thick…I have hair envy.

  17. maryse

    i have no idea who this girl is, but i think she looks cute. and this cover is no worse than the covers of teen magazines that were popular when i was a girl. hey if you can’t wear a giant headband/bunny ear combo when you are 15, when can you?

  18.  CopyChic

    Holy crap, that’s atrocious. She’s not even convinced it’s a good idea for a cover. I think the whole “lighten up” hair lover line is meaning to go with the Spring issue, I feel like people are reading a bit too much into it. Yeah, it’s about the age when you’re experimenting with you look and plenty of people tend to focus on their hair…

  19. Gretchen

    I wouldn’t have known who that was if it hadn’t had her name written on it. This is another example of them messing with a very distinctive looking actress and making her look like a completely different person.
    Like Jessica Alba’s long lost baby sister or something.

  20. Erin

    Ariana Grande = fetch; let’s stop trying to make her happen.

  21. MegoPachego

    I think this cover is too juvenile for her. I just looked her up and she’s 20, so why is she styled like she’s going to summer camp?