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Anne Hathaway on Vogue, December 2012

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Anne Hathaway on Vogue, December 2012
    But let's get to the business of how awful this cover is. However you feel about Anne Hathaway's particular energies, none of this showcases the particular charms of the person, nor the spunky new haircut. Anne looks tired. Anne looks miserable. Anne looks unbearable. Anne looks snarly and arrogant. Anne looks like her left eye was digitally rotated several degrees clockwise. It is not the visage of someone I want to know about; it's someone who will make me turn this magazine face-down on the table because I don't like the cut of her jib. I understand they want her NOT to look particularly like Fantine, but instead, she has the countenance of one of the extra-douchey French aristocrats who were stepping over the corpses of tuberculosis-ridden poor people on their way to buy cake and lead-based makeup. AND she looks a decade her own senior. It's crazy. I would've loved a funky '60s mod take on her now that she's rocking the hair -- something visually TOTALLY different from ball gowns and ennui.

    Also, conceptually, I just realized it's not different enough from this one. Aside from the facial expression and pose, it's all still strapless ball gowns and jewels. It's gala glam.