Fug the Cover: Anne Hathaway

So, is one 705 BEST LOOKS “Unseasonably Christmas-y Smugness, With a Hint of Greasy Hair on a Person Who Has Verifiably Really Great Hair”? Because otherwise I just don’t get this cover.

PS: I’m pretty sure the “real Kate Moss” is the SAME Kate Moss you’ve all been shoveling down our throats for the last twenty years, but thanks. I still don’t care about her wedding this weekend (other, of course, than hoping that people show up at it wearing, like, lobsters on their heads and short shorts made of fur). In fact, I don’t actually care about her at all. I know, I know, this is a sin unlike no other and I expect someone to arrive at my door any moment to drag me away to Fashion Prison, where I will be tossed in cell with a woman who just said, “I think Marc Jacobs is really overrated,” and another who recently opined that she’s pretty sure Anna Wintour is wearing a wig. You can imprison me, but you can never rehabilitate me!

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  1. Cecily

    Cuff me and take me away as well.

  2. juliannarose

    i have made both those statements and the fashion police haven’t gotten me yet!

  3. Jenny

    She looks somewhat like Fran Drescher from a long time ago.

  4. Sara Jane

    Is Anna Wintour wearing a wig? Can anyone confirm?

  5. LindaD

    I can’t confirm, but it has GOT to be a wig. Nobody’s hair is that perfect, even after having it done mere seconds before. She claims she has her hair done every day, but she never says whether or not she’s separated from the hair when it’s being done, know what I’m saying? It’s not possible her hair is that perfect, especially at her age (sorry, not an age slam per se, but I’m in my forties, much younger than Ms. W, and your hair does become more course and difficult as you age. Unless you’re wearing a wig. Then you’re good.)

  6. Gigi

    The photo also has the effect of elongating Anne’s chestal area as if she had large, National Geographic boobs tickling her belly button.

  7. that girl

    Is this cover photo supposed to appeal to +45 y.o. divorcees? Cause that’s a definite vibe.

  8. val.

    This is such an unflattering shot of Anne Hathaway. She looks older than she actually is, and definitely not very pretty.

  9. Jessica

    I have to say, I always thought if I were someone like AW, a wig might make life easier. Someone else can do it while you do other things. Multi-tasking!

    Actually, I think I originally thought that to myself about Hillary Clinton. She always has to have her hair done, and girlfriend has better stuff to do than fiddle with her hair for 45 minutes or whatever every day.

  10. Peachsiki

    My grandma had super silky hair until the day she died, regretfully I didn’t inherit those genes… so maybe Anna isn’t wearing a wig, some people are just anal about their hair… I am however surprised that it’s as “full” as it looks. Anne looks so smug in all of her cover shots, magazine world must be out to get her. I’m thinking they used way too much hairspray and it is probably giving her that stiff hair headache.

    Anywhoo! Looks like most of fug nation will be at that prison party!

  11. Ba Ba Booey

    I just wish they showed more of her boobs. I love fapping to her, she’s cute.

  12. Willow

    We have replaced Anne Hathaway’s mouth with Pete Burns’s, lets see if anyone notices.

  13. LoriK

    Apparently I’m your future cellmate because I don’t care about Kate Moss and never have, I’m not convinced that Marc Jacobs is all that and I have serious suspicions about Wintour’s hair.

    As for the cover, I think I might sort of like the inappropriately Christmas-y dress, but the way her hair looks is a crime against nature. It’s flatness combined with something about the positioning of the Z & the A made me think at first glance that she was wearing a really bad headband. That’s just not right.

  14. Amy

    I think this might be better with the hair off her shoulders. With all that neck froof, it’s just too much. It’s bizarre that they couldn’t get a more attractive expression for the cover. Oh well, there’s always next month.

  15. Elizabeth

    Thanks Jenny — thought I might be the only one who saw the Fran Drescher resemblance!

  16. Lynnie

    I’m not sure why the thread here evolved into a discussion of Anna Wintour’s hair, but I’d like to weigh in. Just saw The September Issue a few days ago, and all I could think is that she had to be wearing a wig. It was too full, too perfect, especially for a woman of her age. And she has to have grays, which would be detectable — whether or not they were dyed — because of their texture.

  17. Lynnie

    Oh, I’m an idiot. Apparently I skimmed Jessica’s text too quickly, and I totally missed the Anna Wintour reference.

  18. vandalfan

    This neither looks like Anne, nor looks good. Too much neck flouf with lots of exposed skin, sleeveless and plenty of navel ventilation. And the “N” of “Fall Fashion” is dripping out of her armpit.

  19. ak

    I think Vogue has it out for Anne Hathaway. For a very beautiful woman, she has scored some really odd-looking covers. I seem to remember a few others that were both seasonally inappropriate and make her look smug and rabbity, when she’s actually lush and kind of goofy (both compliments, in my book).

    On Anna Wintour’s hair…I know the Incredibles character Edna Mode was envisioned as an homage to Edith Head, but I like to think of her as Anna Wintour Gone Right.

  20. Betty

    Poor Annie – All four of the related items under this post were fellow Fug The Covers.

  21. Jen

    I’m over Anne Hathaway.

  22. Kate

    Was their layout design person on vacation? The centering of the Z over her forehead looks like she’s branded. Maybe it’s a proprietary thing!

    Also, did they add a few dimples to her? I just counted five.

  23. Megan

    Harper’s doesn’t appear too excited to have her on the cover- Kate Moss is a headliner and “Anne Hathaway” looks like it was squeezed in as an afterthought.

  24. Ladyblahblah

    Totally agree with every word in the P.S. I’ver never gotten the Kate Moss thing from the very beginning. Always thought she looked like the 3rd prettiest girl on your dorm floor, not a supermodel. Marc Jacobs lost me in 1992 when he did a collection featuring $800 shirts pillfered from the wardrobe trailer on the movie Singles. And I have elderly aunts who have more realistic looking wigs than ADubs and they do their shopping at Sunny’s Beauty Mart. Or course, I also don’t see the vast well of talent that GaGa supposedly has, so maybe I just don’t get pop culture at all.

  25. yeahandalso

    Mark Jacobs IS really overrated. ahhhh I feel better now. see you in the pokey

  26. Lina

    Wow, so, I wonder who the artistic director for this shoot was pissed at? Because if s/he was angry at the boss and took it out on the styling, then Anne’s kind of just a bystander. Or maybe they really disliked Anne Hathaway’s Oscars hosting attempt? Or maybe the usual AD was on vacation and it fell to the erstwhile summer intern to scrabble something together? Anne’s people should make an angry phone call, though, and not just for the misleading KATE MOSS in huge type next to Anne’s face. I mean, she looks ten years older than she is, here. I didn’t even recognize her until I looked at the cleavage. /o\

  27. Amanda

    And, her nose is shiny. Am I the only one that noticed that? Not powdered is fine, but it doesn’t match the rest of her face.

  28. Sixteen Baranski

    I absolutely thought this was Fran Drescher on a photoshop binge

  29. angelwhip

    I don’t care about Kate Moss either!

  30. m

    WHOA, she looks like Nigella Lawson!

  31. dizzy

    Not a very good cover. They’ve made Anne look older than she is.

  32. Jess

    Apparently Ann and Christmas just go together: http://gofugyourself.com/fug_or_fab_the_cover_anne_hathway101810-10-2010

  33. Jess

    Oops, I meant Anne.

  34. jenny

    “Unseasonably Christmas-y Smugness”??? Oh, Jessica, you are hilarious. Thanks for cheering me up at the end of a long day.

  35. CJ

    Not totally fug. I have to say this is better than that horrible Elle cover with the gold dress, but she doesn’t look as beautiful in this photo as she really is or quite like herself. I agree with m that she looks a bit like Nigella here. With Ava Gardner’s eyebrows. (and I always thought Miranda Cosgrove was more Fran Drescher-ish)

    I think Miss Anne needs to make sure she has final approval on her cover shots. She is too pretty and effervescent not to have fabulous covers.

    As for AW’s hair, I used to have a bob and if it is cut well and layered perfectly, it will look like AW’s. Curlers can add the volume if her hair has gotten limp with age. Not everyone’s hair gets coarse with age. My mom is in her seventies and still has super silky hair.

  36. Donna

    I’ll see you in the clink, ‘cos I couldn’t give a stuff about La Moss either.

  37. Kris

    Jen- yes. Her features are gargantuan, she looks so WEIRD.

  38. Notbusy

    There is so much going on with this cover and none of it is good for poor Anne

    Am I the only one who still loves Kate Moss? I mean, the woman has 14 ashtrays on her wedding registry – ridiculous but kinda awesome.

  39. Hayley

    Don’t change, Jessica. You have the courage of your convictions, and Kate really does sound like a bit of a tool.

  40. Leslie

    Thanks for confirming the emperor’s nudity. I have long been perplexed by Moss’ appeal and Anna Wintour is surely a terminator robot in a scowling bewigged human suit.

  41. jennifer

    Re: Kate Moss…I agree. Can’t stand her.

  42. TG

    I read once that when Jackie Kennedy took her solo (well, actually not, I think she had the whole first lady entourage + sister Lee with her) trip to India she packed more than a few wigs to make life and looking good easier. BTW, I remember a Good Housekeeping (I think) cover story and interview with Sophia Loren in which said she dyes her own hair in the kitchen sink, which may very well be true, but the larger truth is that she hasn’t been seen in public without a wig in decades.

  43. ChaChaheels

    I think that cover is bad luck.

  44. ChaChaheels

    And I didn’t realize Kate Moss is still around.

    So I guess prison looms in my future, too.

  45. Pebbles36

    Excuse me, but I must get this off my chest: I HATE that wall-eyed bitch, always have, and wish she would die already.

    Aaahhhh, I feel much better now. Thank you.

  46. Pebbles36

    Good lord, I mean Kate Moss of course, not the lovely, yet seriously-menopausal-looking-on-this-particular-cover Miss Hathaway.