Fug The Cover: Amanda Seyfried on InStyle

In staring at this as long as I ┬áhave, I think I’m coming down on the “fug” side.

1. The color scheme is chilly enough that I actually just shivered.

2. Her posture and body position do NOT look comfortable, as if she’s being zapped with an electric cattle prod whenever she slides out of position. Her left arm looks like it’s there purely to brace her.

3. She doesn’t look unrecognizable, but Amanda doesn’t entirely look like herself, either. It’s not her most flattering angle. Her face is way more interesting than this mannequin-looking snooty expression.

4. Further, I’m afraid she’s about to smack my palm with a ruler. I don’t want to read about this stern person’s feelings on diets and dating, because I’m worried it will be an etiquette lecture.

5. There are a lot of exclamation marks here. Amanda Seyfried! 2o13! Fun to keep! Cozy at home! This is your year! Exclamation marks used thusly feel like false cheer.┬áDon’t tell me how to feel, Instyle. And definitely don’t worry about being so peppy. You’re like Melissa Joan Hart in Can’t Hardly Wait, dragging the yearbook around to get everyone to sign it, and being incessantly perky about all the rejection until finally she snaps and starts shrieking and crying about how THESE ARE PRECIOUS MEMORIES! I’m scared you’re going to snap, InStyle, and I can’t decide if I want to be there to see it.

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  1. Donna

    I love the overall look. A blonde in icy blue, with the red lips, plus those gorgeous shoes; it all works for me. BUT, have to agree that the face (particularly the eyebrows/forehead area) doesn’t really look like her. They seem to have mellowed her fairly distinct cat’s eyes with photoshop, making them less catty. She almost looks a bit Winslet-y up there now.

    Anyway, THAT is my next holiday party outfit!

  2. Kat

    I at least like the dress and, from what I can tell, it seems to fit her general aesthetic. I’m not a big fan of the shoes though. She has tiny skinny little legs and ankles like I do, and pointy toed shoes generally don’t do much for us.

  3. Maria

    I love that gorgeous dress and the shoes are to die for! My problem is with the stark white background. I think they needed to use a soft background color to make it work. So, a fab to Amanda and a fug to InStyle.

  4. Big Noise

    Is that a tassel hanging from her right girl? I’d like the dress more without all that hoo-hah on the front.

    • Abigail

      I agree. I saw the frippery on the dress-front and immediately thought “Dingleberries”.

  5. Jennifer

    I do like the icy blue as well, but the pose makes her look weirdly out of proportion, and I can’t put my finger on why. To me, her feet look like they’re two different sizes, and the one dangling in the air needs its own zip code.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    I think she looks gorgeous and more grownup/less cow-eyed ingenue than most of her photo shoots. It’s ridiculous to put “on hating diets” next to her whippet-thin arm, though.

  7. Dyanna

    Where have all the shadows gone? She is just …floating there. Is she in Heaven already? Did the apocalypse start early and take celebrities?

    • Donna

      Ha!! Oh my god, you’re right! She’s not even sitting on anything. No gravity up there.

  8. Stefanie

    Im a cool colors kinda gal so I actually REALLY love the color scheme. But I also agree she looks a harsher than she needs to. The pose and face need to soften.

  9. Allison

    Can we get a link to those shoes? I’m going to be heartbroken if they are any kind of fabric material.

    • Donna

      Allison, the shoes are Jimmy Choo. And for those interested, it turns out that’s not a dress: it’s a Chanel bodysuit and skirt (info from Instyle.com).

  10. Scouse Helen

    I think she looks grumpy because her feet hurt. I’ve got some very similar; they look the biz but crikey, do they crush the toes!!! Love the dress though.

  11. starling

    I adore the overall styling! But I agree that the pose is severe and it’s weird that she’s basically floating in a seated position. It also bothers me that they appear to have cut off the top of her head in order to show off the shoes. I mean, the shoes are great, but …

  12. TonyG

    This photo needs a warning similar to those on car mirrors: Objects are larger than they appear to be. Either that, or those shoes (and her feet) are actually ginormous.

    • Kat

      It’s the ‘skinny ankles, pointy shoes’ effect. This is why me and my scrawny legs stay away from shoes like that.

  13. Helen

    My biggest complaint is that the photographer doesn’t know how to photograph people.

    If you shoot someone straight-on with their legs crossed and feet toward you, the perspective is such that, as here, the feet will look huge and the body shortened.

    I know better, and I can barely use my camera phone!

  14. TaraMisu

    What is wrong with her legs??? Are they crossed? The perspective is wonky!

    The dress is wicked cute though!

  15. Sandra

    The text on that cover warrants a stern lecture from the Grammar Police. But Amanda looks stunning.

  16. Kristie

    Amanda Seyfried is lovely but they definitely over-photoshopped her face. I don’t even think that’s her jaw. It’s kind of a total train wreck in that department.

  17. pidget

    I don’t outright hate it, but it’s certainly not great. Everything is just so pointy and sharp, without actually being interesting. I think they were going for updated Betty Draper, but it’s too blah for that. The sparkle is missing.

    Also, why use a gorgeous and unique-looking celeb on the cover, and then photoshop them into a Shadow-Barbie of themselves?

    Imagine instead a cover with her out in the snow with a husky – she loves dogs, and seems to have a happy natural look. Why not accentuate *her*?

  18. Rayna

    I think we’ve seen enough covers by now to all agree that for some reason, they CANNOT let a person be herself, so the photo is manipulated to the point that it is some plastic fantastic version of the subject.

    And these are the most beautiful women in the world!

    Is there any hope for us ordinary schmeggeggies?

  19. Blair's Head Band

    She’s giving us CHARLOTTE CHURCH in the face.

  20. filmcricket

    Agreed that her feet look two different sizes, and also, if her right arm was actually where it’s implied it is, she would have linebacker shoulders, which I think we can all agree she does not. Plus she barely resembles herself. Major Photoshop fail.

  21. Heather S.

    It does look like she’s hoping for a role on Mad Men. Too prim, too icy.

  22. Evalyn

    Those huge crome feet ! They are bigger than her head.

  23. Celeste

    Those shoes make her feet look like gunboats, and I had that dress in the 8th grade.

  24. Esme

    Somebody when hog wild with Photoshop. And I’m sick of having the Le Miz cast shoved down my throat constantly–please stop.

  25. Megan

    I always thought her most striking feature was her eyes, but in this picture you’d never know that. She is SO PRETTY, what did they do to her?!?

  26. ErinE

    I think she looks pretty fabulous – I agree it doesn’t quite do her face justice though. Love the outfit.

  27. christine

    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this at the store (several), but it wasn’t until you posted it that I realized that is not Lauren Conrad on the front. Obviously I didn’t look closely. She does look gorgeous here, but not recognizable as herself.

  28. Vandalfan

    If 2013 is “your” year, I want to know who in the heck 2011 belonged to, because we have some serious talking to do.

  29. Tiffany

    I love the shoes. The prim shape with the silver is great!

  30. Lisa

    Sorry- love it love it love it. Very different for her and those SHOES. Love.

  31. Amy Farrah Fowler

    I can’t get past the fact that she’s not sitting on anything – and her feet are inches away from the wall. So even if she were sitting on something, she’s still somehow going through the wall.

  32. openroses

    Why did they take her head off, make it bigger, and then reattach it with photoshop? Will there be a sudden head-inflation craze in Hollywood? Like, “Oh, look how petite my body looks now that I have hydrocephalus”?

    It just needs to stop.

  33. Tracey

    Other than her not quite looking like herself, I love the dress, shoes, the icy blue. But the photoshop… not so nice.

  34. Jules

    “If you read this magazine, I will be forced to kill you…
    with my shoes”

  35. Trina

    I think she looks like Alison Brie. Also, here is fairly good approximation of those shoes on Shoemint. They are sold out in that color, but you can add yourself to the waitlist: http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/joanna

  36. Jessica B

    Love the MJH reference. That is exactly the vibe I am getting.