Fug the Ad: J.Lo for Kohl’s

“HOLA OSCAR. Let’s see you ignore me when my new commercial is directed by Darren Aronofsthingy who did that American Pi, and some movie about sad birds! If he could get Flatalie Portman an award, then WHAT CAN HE DO FOR ME?!?!”

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  1. Katie Lynn

    I saw this commercial countless times last night. What I want to know is, WHY SO MANY PLEATS?! They don’t even look good on Jennifer, hottest woman of 2011!! And I won’t even get started with the high-waisted AND pleated WHITE pants. I think it is a secret conspiracy for the world to be dressed in unflattering clothing.

    • janey

      If everyone else is fug, J.Lo shines even brighter. I see what she did there.

  2. Jen

    Thank you!
    Today in Colombia, the yahoo page features a photo of her with the caption “JLo luce escote en American Idol,” and then they translate it as “JLo looks cleavage in American Idol”
    – and really, what more needs to be said?
    (but I love when you give us her narration!)

    PS — looks like she could qualify for the Uh Oh Hat caption….

  3. janey

    LMFAO from the hat joke to the Clooney reference to Affleck’s plugs…you hit all the bases. Love it! Keep it coming

  4. Gigi

    On certain tvs, the picture is such that she looks about 4 feet high and at least a size 14. It’s kind of amusing, as is this. GRACIAS, Heatherita!

  5. LoriK

    I enjoy the Fug Girls version of J. Lo so much more than the real thing. Also, those clothes are ugly.

  6. Karen

    I saw this commercial the other night and I thought “Why is she in such unflattering clothes?” and then I saw that it was HER LINE. Wow. These are not clothes most (if any) women should be wearing.

    I agree with janey above: she is trying to make us all look even worse in comparison.

  7. Rebecca

    And you didn’t even mention the polterwang in the first picture! I mean, maybe it’s Friday and I just needed a good laugh, but that almost made me snort Dr. Pepper through my nose!

  8. Ladyblahblah

    I saw this last night and the clothes are ill-fitting and cheap looking. Putting them in a big dance production only emphasizes how less-than-ordinary they are. JLo’s “performance” in this ad gives new meaning to going through the motions – maybe next time they should motivate her by dangling a bedazzled Saran Wrap bandage dress just off stage. (What’s the deal with Kohl’s anyway? I went in a few months ago and there’s not a piece of clothing in there that isn’t from a celebrity licensing line. Yuk.)

  9. Kacy

    I MUST HAT! (made me cackle out loud).

    Every time I see her, I now think HOLA LOVERS. Thank you, Fug Girls.

  10. neiges

    I have no idea what this commercial is, nor will ever have probably, but this last sentence of yours : “You are WELCOME, fools. Now give it.” just made my day. Go figure, it just makes me laugh uncontrollably. Thanks!!!

  11. The Other Molly

    I’m trying to imagine how many customers Kohls is going to lose with her line in their stores.

  12. anny

    Well, it’s Kohl’s: it’s all gonna be 35% off half the time anyway.

  13. ccm800

    Blech – the clothes make HER look stumpy and or chub – what do real women hope for PLUS the In Living Color set and wardrobe just creeped me out some how.

  14. Soapstef

    Everything was hideous! She doesn’t really like Kohl’s does she?! All I could think was…”why do these look like outfits I saw at the Slauson Swap Meet in ’92″.

  15. roser

    “Flatalie Portman” – oh, yes!

  16. Teresa

    Forget the clothes for a moment (not too difficult) … is it just me or did anyone else think her dance routine was really bad? It just seemed kind of awkward, and dare I say, amateur-ish (is that a word?). I’m not hatin’ on J. Lo, in fact, I think I kinda like her most of the time, but the choreography in this commercial looks like something SNL would put together for a skit.

    Note to ccm800 – if you really want to be creeped out check out the cover on Kohl’s recent ad campaign for Marc’s clothing. If you look past the cadaver-like face and below the belt he’s wearing a pair of *very* thin dress pants, and, well, I don’t think I need to say anything more. But it is worth a look if you can find the ad, and maybe even for a laugh you might want to cut it out and stick it on your fridge like I did. :)