Fug or Fine: Vanessa Hudgens


You know, this isn’t awful. And since we’re talking about the reigning Fug Madness champion, that’s actually a meaningful statement.

I think it’s just maybe a few bits and bobs too much — heavy booties AND patterned tights AND a blazer AND a lace dickey sewn to a cocktail dress… that’s a lot of AND. But the thing is, even with all that, she’s pulling it off — she doesn’t look skeezy or sleazy or absurd, and I even kinda like that jacket. Could she be making a last-ditch plea for mercy in Fug Madness 2013? And are we, Fug Nation, a merciful people?


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Comments (27):

  1. Evalyn

    The best part of this outfit is that it blends into the backdrop. It looks like she looked in her closet and said: “if it’s black it matches, right?”

    For the record – she’s really cute.

  2. val.

    I kind of like how the pattern on the tights is mirroring the lace on the dress, but not in an exactly matchy kind of way. I think the blazer puts this in the fug category for me. It is cute but belongs to a different outfit altogether.

  3. moi

    The jacket is all wrong, the dress is wrinkly, and the tights look like something from a Japanese horror film is happening to her legs. Fug.

  4. Cucina49

    Non-matching black shades plus the lace dickey plus the wrinkles make me lean toward out…but this is good for her, so I’ll give it a pass. I’m too tired today to quibble more.

  5. Rayna

    See, this is where it gets complicated, or nuanced, as some like to say.

    On many people, this would get a straight up fug, but on her, with her record, I’m giving her a pass, knowing how ghastly it might have been.

    Does that make sense?

    • Jen S 2.0

      Oh, yes. It’s like she gets her own scale. “On anyone else this is a 4, but considering it’s her, it’s a 7.5.”

  6. Stefanie

    I would wear all the parts. Just not together. That means I like it. For the most part.

  7. Nanny

    I don’t like how the blacks of the jacket and the dress don’t match, but don’t contrast at all either. I always hate it when black pants and the top are off by just a smidge.

  8. Orange Clouds

    I *gasp* love this on her!

  9. EAG46

    This is a little busy but it’s not clashing busy. Maybe if her hair was down it would soften things up a little.

  10. Sandra

    This shall never pass! She’s got black mold growing on her legs and that’s a major threat to public health.

  11. Maggie

    I love this. The blazer could be more fitted, but other than that I’m totally on board. If this was any color other than black it would be SO busy, but the fact that it’s in the most neutral neutral, all the rickrack and detail on it keep it from being too boring.

  12. Lil

    If the dress, including dickey, was a jewel-toned color, and then her tights were not lace as well, it would be more put together, and less haphazard.

  13. Big Noise

    It’s not great, but at least it’s not THIS: http://gofugyourself.com/fugnessa-fuggens-08-2012.

    Or THIS: http://gofugyourself.com/high-fug-musifug-01-2012

    Or THIS: http://gofugyourself.com/fugslam-2-01-2012

    I didn’t have the heart or the willpower to link to her Fug Madness entries.

  14. Vandalfan

    She must have found the dress wadded up on the floor of her closet. I say, keep the jacket- and her pretty pretty face!- and start over with everything else.

  15. Eli

    The latest in widow’s weeds fashion…

  16. Annie E

    I really want those tights, even though they look like spreading mold.

  17. pinkcheese

    Somehow this whole thing (including her face) makes me think Lisa Bonet’s A Different World years which, isn’t exactly a bad thing? Because looking back on it may be “Oh God No,” but at the time, it was the bomb, and she was gorgeous.

    So, tl;dr: Vanessa looks very pretty, and she gets a pass, at least from me.

  18. Sylvia

    Separately, yes. All together, no. Three shades of black. It sounds like the title of a really, really bad prequel to the equally bad Fifty Shades.

    But she is wearing a smile, which is nice. And even nicer, she is not wearing THE PANTS!!

  19. Jen S 2.0

    It’s a lot, but I think it works BECAUSE it’s all black, and thus no one piece hits your eye; it just all looks like a coordinated ensemble. If there were even a hint of color anywhere there, it would leap into cracked-out territory, but this is … okay.

  20. witjunkie

    I pretty much never like those embellished tights on anyone. They should look cool, but never do.

  21. Carol

    Those tights give me the heebie-jeebies … they make me want to scratch my legs … without the “fungus amongus” and the lace dickey, this would have been more than passable … so close, but she just can’t give up that Fug Madness tiara.

  22. ErinE

    I think I like this mostly because it looks like something I would put together myself. it’s not hollywood good, but I think it’s average city girl going to a holiday party and happy with their look good.

  23. Helen

    It’s definitely an improvement, but I’d call this a contender for Unfug It Up.

    Because, lose the chest lace, de-pattern the legs, and tailor the jacket (or maybe just start with it two sizes smaller), and I think she’d look GREAT.

    Love the hair and makeup.

  24. Caitlin

    It’s like V.Hudge tried to dress like a normal person…and she just missed it. Love her pretty face and fresh-looking makeup, love that her hair doesn’t look like 3-day old bedhead, loathe everything about the black hole below her chin. Blacks don’t match, dress could use a minute or 2 more in the dryer and i want to see what becomes of that dickey…figure-skater sleeves? straight bib silouette? the blazer doesn’t fit…basically i like each component of this separately. Sometimes people love each other but it just doesn’t work out…and this outfit is the pam and tommy of fashion.

  25. Jeanette

    She has lichen legs…

  26. Matt

    This would be Ok without the tights of patterned doom and the jacket of unholy lumpiness. She is though, I think, doing better…