This appears to say, "I leave before being left. I decide." It's a Brigitte Bardot quote, and it's one of those things that is masquerading as empowered but which is actually terribly, terribly sad, because it implies an assumption of abandonment. Oh, Lindsay. We TRIED not to leave you, but you didn't make it very easy. Indeed, you kind of did leave us first. Next time you come back, maybe try for a project that isn't so doomed to fail? Liz & Dick was never going to work. And you must have known that...? But take heart: Surely X-Factor will fire all its judges again, and then maybe you can snag some Spearsian sloppy seconds that will keep you on TV all year, and require you to do little but make faces and string together words in the right order. Liz & Dick was a groin-pulling leap. Try baby steps first.
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