Fug or Fine: Lindsay Lohan

It is going to be so hard to keep this discussion to her sleeves.

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[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Carolina Girl

    It’s Thursday so I’m trying to be positive …. her shoes are cute.

  2. babyB

    I just need all these young starlets (i.e. Kim K, Lindsay, etc.) to stop pumping all these injections in their faces. You were beautiful in the first place…now you look weird and plasticy STOP IT!

  3. Tara

    Seriously, I am so distracted by those amazing shoes that I can’t even care about the rest.

  4. TaraMisu

    I also swoon over the shoes, just not with this dress. This is really an improvement for her I think, just leave your face alone Lilo!

  5. theotherjennifer

    The color of her hair looks good. I wish I knew what the h*ll she was doing to her face and what she wants her end result to be…I just can’t figure it out. She still looks like that drunk chick who falls off the sidewalk and everyone just laughs cause it happens every night.

  6. laura

    WHAT IS SHE DOING TO HER LIPS AND CHEEKS? I do like the shoes, so that’s something positive, right?

  7. gail

    Those sleeves make my teeth hurt. Also I’m very distracted by imaging what would happen if she got near a strong magnet.

  8. maryse

    the hair is good. i applaud her colorist.

  9. Maeve

    Love the shoes, but someone needs to teach her how to apply self-tanner appropriately. Her legs are so splotchy, it’s distracting.

    • ESK

      Girl, you are a celebrity. Can’t you pay someone for a proper airbrush tan before you go out?

  10. Hannah

    The sleeves remind me of those giant pin tables I used to love playing with in Epcot where you’d put your hand underneath and watch the outline of it pop up through the pins. Think you can also get a small sized version for your desk?

    • crinkly

      i thought the same thing!! I had one of those as a kid!! search pin art on amazon. THEY ARE AMAZING. although, people always want to put their face on it and after seeing a few people do it you start to think, yuuuk

      • AEO

        This is EXACTLY where my mind went, as well. My dad has had one of these on his desk in his office since I was a little kid, and I still play with it whenever I go in there. Therefore, I desperately want to sink my hand into her sleeve to see if it would be similarly entertaining. Somehow… all told… I think it would be.

  11. that girl

    The sleeves remind me of what iron filings look like when you put a magnet near them. It is sort of a neat effect, but it looks uncomfortable. I mean, what does it feel like to put your arms down by your sides?

    The shoes are cute.

  12. Gina

    This is a young woman who hates what she sees in the mirror and thinks changing the image will make her happier. I find that very sad — but then LL has saddened me for several years. It really doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, her choices are more cries for attention and approval than any particular fashion statement.

  13. Kara

    Lindsay: cute shoes, your hair looks much better, meh outfit, stop fucking with (up) your face this second because you look crazy and 20 years older than you are, and you being cast as Elizabeth Taylor is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea.

  14. Leah

    Agree- can’t see past the 3-week-old spray tan.

  15. Heather

    Poor girl. She looks high as a kite.

    • Lindy

      Yes, she really does and it’s heartbreaking.

      • deee

        Honestly, I think her unfocused eyes are the most disturbing thing about these pictures. And there is a lot to be disturbed about in these pictures.

  16. Jade

    I mean this without any shred of irony or humor… what is wrong with her? The posing, the facial expressions… it completely distracts from the clothing and the shoes.

    • Edith

      I think Heather, in the comment just above this, may have answered that question.

      The hands-in-her-hair try-hard “sexy” pose would get her booted of Top Model as being too cheesy, why the hell is she doing it on the red carpet?

  17. Edith

    Lethal sleeves be damned, the dress is cute. It is a short dress that isn’t horrifyingly short, it’s flattering but not revealing. The necklace works, and the the sleeves, while a bad idea, add an interest that gave you something to talk about for the first three slides.

    As for being cast as Liz – either she’ll pull it together and be great (and have to take a major break from the lip-injections and faux-tanning to boot), which would be a massive win (in a way successfully playing Victoria Gotti or Linda Lovelace would NOT have been); OR she’ll bungle the opportunity and be removed before filming even gets underway (see Victoria Gotti and Linda Lovelace biopics). So it’s either a huge coup, or just more of the same. And it may make her stop f’cking with her lips. (The question is not why she did it once – she’s made worse mistakes) it’s, as you say, why does she KEEP doing it? Is it some sort of vicious cycle where if she stops, her lips look like deflated balloons?)

  18. jen

    It’s just really sad/pathetic/sign of the apocalypse when pretty 20-somethings do sh*t to their faces. Not just “wow that’s a lot of make up there” (I AM LOOKING AT YOU MS. MOMSEN), but injections and prolly a host of other procedures that I can’t spell, much less afford.

    The worst part is she looks worse. Her cheeks are crazy weird and her lips are perma-ducked.

    Oh LL, I kinda want to hug you, find you a nice safe place in suburbia, and let you eat poptarts for breakfast.

    • Kara

      They usually do look worse. Remember when Jessica Simpson had her lips injected? She looked awful, which she at least recognized and hasn’t done it again.

      With LiLo, I think she’s trying to recapture what she lost from living so hard, but sad to say it’s gone. I think the best way for her to look better would be to stop having surgery/procedures and just live well – get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise regularly, wear sunscreen, etc. It won’t erase the damage (Shannen Doherty was the LiLo of her day and it shows now, in her 40s), but I think it would help.

  19. Anne B

    When I find myself at a loss for words, I turn to Shakespeare. This is one of those times:

    I have heard of your paintings too, well enough; God
    has given you one face, and you make yourselves
    another: you jig, you amble, and you lisp, and
    nick-name God’s creatures, and make your wantonness
    your ignorance.

    Thanks, LiLo, for being the living embodiment of everything poor Hamlet was talking about. He described “Fug” much better than I ever could.

  20. diane

    The plasticized cheekbones and pumped-up lips make her look like she’s pushing 50 and trying to hide it. Oh, poor young girl. Stop doing this to yourself. Stop doing . . . a lot of things, I guess. Dress is an improvement; shoes are fantastic. So that’s good.

  21. Anna Svahn

    I think she deserves credit for getting rid of the awful blonde dye job. She has such a lovely hair color naturally, it is such a shame what she had done with her hair in recent years. I won’t even go to what she has done to her face.

  22. bdaiss

    First – I rather liked this when I thought it was a dress. But is it a top/skirt combo? Eh. That leaves me a bit cold over it. I do like the sleeves. Funky and a bit edgy, and my guess is more like tinsel than actual metal.

    Second – I agree, she’s not Liz. BUT I do hope perhaps this is her chance to show she’s putting her life back together. I hope, but am not holding my breath.

    Third – children, stop messing with your face. You don’t need it. (Actually, WOMEN, stop messing with your faces. You don’t need it.)

  23. liz

    Those shoes are pretty fab!

  24. Steener

    So the dress AND the movie are both potential forms of Elizabethan torture!

  25. mary lou bethune

    Cannot someone tell her to close her ridiculous lips ? No one thinks she is sexy – the self delusion of Hollywood has its apotheosis in that poor girl.

  26. Si

    I feel like Fergie wore this a while ago – yes? Fergie as style inspiration/aspiration for Lohan actually seems about right.

  27. Donna

    Speaking of the dress only, I like it. I think the spiked sleeves are funny, and it would amuse me greatly to wear it. Wouldn’t want to be pinned into a corner, though; I’d come out with ventilation holes where I don’t want them. And Lindsey’s poor face… she needs to leave it alone. She was so pretty, and now she’s not. I do approve of the hair color; she needs color in it and if she’s too blonde it washes her out. Red hair really is my favorite on her.

  28. ac

    I was sooo distracted by her face that I didn’t even notice the shoes…had a second look and they are the best thing about this outfit.

  29. Mjx

    Hell, her hair is red, and she’s wearing clothes, moreover, clothes which leave something to the imagination, so this is definitely moving in the right direction. Sure the dress is short, but given the neckline and long sleaves, it’s fine. I actually think the sleaves are kind of cool, at least conceptually. Honestly, my only real issue (visually, I mean) is with the things she’s done to her face.

    If she can just leave her face alone, and pull herself together, who know, maybe she can get her career going again: Hollywood always loves a good comeback story.

  30. Cranky Old Batt

    Going honey, almost strawberry blond with the wig was a great call. The sack dress, bee stung lips and I just burned a joint eyes, not so much.

  31. Miss Tee

    Her face makes me sad. Anyone (especially anyone under 40) who feels like they need to inject chemicals into their face to “look better” makes me sad.

    However, her dress reminds me of pinhead in the movie Hellraiser, which makes me laugh.

    I like her shoes for sure – but they are a little too daytime businessy for this outfit. Like I’d wear them to work, but not with an *ahem* evening dress like she is.

  32. Samara

    The sleeves are the only part of this I like! If only the dress part were more of a sleek shift shape and less of a beach coverup shape, and if her face were more of a face-shape and less of a sports-equipment shape…

  33. blah

    Sure, her lips are obviously bad. But how can you overlook the most recent work on her cheeks!? This is result when bad plastic surgery happens to people who didn’t need it in the first place… I mean yeah, she was looking pretty weathered – and the teeth were certainly a sad state of affairs – but her face was still in decent shape. Nothing some good TLC and R&R couldn’t have fixed. At least she has the weave back to a reddish colour. Baby steps.

  34. Other Emily

    I’m not sure this girl is going to live very long. Now, I felt that way about Britney, and she seems to be nicely on the mend, so I really hope I’m wrong. But Brit didn’t inject her poor face all full of junk — heck, all she did was shave her head (hair grows back!). And thanks to my husband, I saw LL’s Playboy spread. She looks — coked out and dead-eyed. I found it completely tragic and not the least bit beautiful or sexy. Poor girl.

    Also, the spiky sleeves are terrible. But good shoes.

  35. Lina

    Sleeves: I love. They’re like pewter colored muppet fur. If this were a long dress or just a plain black t-shirt, the sleeves would be fabulous. On a minidress they look completely weird. Much like the rest of her, sadly.

    I like to think Liz would laugh herself silly over the thought of Lilo cast to play her. It could be high camp. And there’s an easy joke in there about making sure to lock up the diamonds.

  36. vandalfan

    Charitably, all of her ladyparts are covered, and the shoes are delightful (if a bit day time wear.) I thinks it’s a blouse and skirt combination, with something hanging in back like diaphanous shirt tails. Now, how do the little spikes all stick out like that? At first I thought she was just whipping around quickly, but they are erect when stationary, too.

    To be more harsh, 1) can’t one part one’s hair properly with extensions? and 2) those lips deflate unless continuously pumped up. The collagen injection folks should have to mention that. I’m wishing her best of luck with the Taylor thing. I’m hoping she will surprise us all. In a good way, I mean.

  37. Shiitake

    She still looks baked.

  38. LK

    Is it me, or has her hair colour improved significantly? I like the darker blonde quite a bit, although I still miss her Mean Girls-era auburn.

  39. Kelly

    I just sit wondering what would happen to her face if she fell and it landed on her spiked arms….

    • Abigail

      I keep wondering if she’s getting her hair tangled in her sleeves. Nevermind the face-stuff.

  40. holdmewhileimnaked

    okay, first i wanna say that i loveher sleeves to death, i used to know who designed that item & my real issue here is that i cant remember who it was. i dont think thats from age, but rather from the consistent clog of mini-facts that go into anyone’s brain after reading the internet, day in &, you know, out. & i know it’s not from drugs, though after reading the following comment one might expect it would be even though, honestly? i was like eva marie saint’s character to marlon brando’s character, if accidentally, in on the waterfront amid the below, um, transaction [if you will]:

    since my semi-estranged, & now apparently dying, Hair Band musician spouse was once upon a time, years & years ago, the dopedealer to none other than ANSmith [make of that, or who, what you like], among others my best & entirely too educated guess is her lip-obsession is the result of the shrinkage that goes on when a person does too many stimulants. too keep ones weight down, say. the eyes look bigger, the mouth dries & turns inward. just a guess.

  41. Heironyms.

    Positive: She seems to be inching back towards a hair color that doesn’t make her skin look gray.

    Negative: She would actually look marginally more like Elizabeth Taylor if she’d stop messing with her damn lips.

    Neutral: Are her sleeves making anyone else want to watch Hellraiser? No? Just me? Okay. :)

  42. Jen S 2.0

    Thank Holy Clairol that her hair is red again. She is just not a good blonde.

    As for the sleeves, I … don’t know what to think. I mean, what ARE those?

  43. Claire L1

    I think I’m the only one who likes the sleeves. Not on that dress though….the color is off, the dress is too big and loose. I’d love to see them on something more fitted in a material with a hint of shine to it. <3 the shoes ( I have a pair that look like that, but have coral on the platform) but not with that dress.

  44. kay

    I like that her hair is back to red, and the outfit itself isn’t bad, but she still looks like such a mess somehow. Her legs are that weird orange self tan, her face looks all messed up. It’s kind of amazing that even when all the individual pieces come together, she still ends up looking kind of trashed.

  45. AK

    Oh please, if someone like Swinton were wearing this, you’d all be eating it up with a spoon. She’s a mess, but those sleeves are darn cool.

  46. CJ

    Dress is pretty good, shoes are way cool, hair color is good, but honestly, was this a bunch of pictures that captured her face at odd in-between moments or were her lids half closed at the whole photo op? Beyond the sadness of what she’s done to her face with cosmetic procedures, she looks kind of out of it here.

    Sleeves are the least of this girl’s worries, but for the record, I actually like the sleeves, though they are way too long here. Had they been just to her wrist or even a 3/4 sleeve, the dress would have looked much more polished. But how one hems porcupine sleeves, I don’t know.

  47. Bonnie

    I am sorry for her. Her family obviously has not guided her well (parents seem as lost and confused as she is). I think she has a distorted idea of how she looks. Perhaps is trying to look older, thinking it equals more sophisticated? She is certainly not the only celebrity who would look a lot better if they went more natural. She has bad taste in clothing, but that’s not actually a crime. It’s just sad, since her natural face and hair could have been beautiful. I hope her drugged out look is just from poor choices in collagen treatments or whatever….

  48. guerra

    woah someone is trying to be sexy with those poses and is not pulling it off!!

  49. Sajorina

    Ok, so she may not be the obvious choice to play Liz Taylor, but Lindsay CAN act! She is a very good actress, whom I’ve enjoyed in every movie I’ve seen her in! Her face looks like a mess, but hopefully the makeup people for the movie will work their magic! SERIOUSLY, she needs to stop with the fillers ASAP and permanently! I feel bad for laughing at picture #4 and then laughing out loud at the commentary, but GFY Heather made me do it!

    Now, I don’t like her dress or shirt & skirt set, but I like that she’s covered and her hair is definitely an improvement! Plus, those SHOES are AWESOME!!! Sadly, I wonder how many sea urchins had to die to make her sleeves? *sigh*

  50. Spacelamb

    OK: I genuinely love the dress/necklace combo, the shoes are just right, and her hair looks great (even if it’s not really her hair). The collagen and fillers can &/or will fade in a few months. Only a few months ago she looked like a streetwalker, so positive thinking, people!

  51. elle

    An orifice, a concentration of muscle that open and close. hmmn like a sphincter. Those lips look colorectal; I thought you were going there but veered off in good taste. Allow me to rescue you.

  52. Ms.A

    Oh girl. The shoes are hot, and the rest is a hot ass mess.

  53. Miss_Evades

    Yeah, the shoes are good. Well done Jimmy Choo. However, even the shoes looked better on Hola, Lovers!- Lopez, who was rocking those “ages” ago. The orange legs, the orange hair, the swollen face – It’s frightening.

  54. victoria

    Didn’t NIna Garcia wear this top on PR?

  55. Veronica

    The dress is interesting. It doesn’t grab me immediately, but I do think the sleeves are a pretty nifty way to make the simplicity of the dress edgier.

    The rest of her…wow. The hair is okay, but the surgery or whatever she did isn’t doing her any favors. I actually thought she was really starting to look better over the past few months, and this is such a off-putting turn around.

  56. CB

    Until her eyes look like she is conscious of where she is and what she is doing nothing is going to work…

  57. Maria

    I can’t even bring myself to care about the outfit. She makes me so sad. At least her ‘hair’ looks better.