Fug or Fine: Kaley Cuoco


“I don’t even know, guys.”

“It’s not that flattering. And not that remarkable. I’m too cute for this, right? Why are my gowns always so blah? I just kind of want to go home and curl up on the couch with some cashews and a bottle of wine, and text Mayim screen grabs of old Blossom episodes. And then maybe ‘accidentally’ fire my stylist because I think we might be bored of each other.”

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  1. stellavision

    I look at the sequins and all I can think is that she’s about to burst out into “Part of Your World.”

  2. SKS

    If that blue sequin pattern was all the way around and if it was a slightly brighter or lighter blue, I think it’d be solid. As it is….it’s fine. Meh. Hair and lack of jewelry are disappointing though.

  3. Lynne

    So… does she maybe have Kristen Stewart syndrome? The one where a very lovely girl just looks so much better in casual attire? Do we ever see her in casual attire?

  4. LoriK

    She desperately needs to do something with her hair that is not a stick straight center part. Whatever that is needs to not be one of the gawd-awful up-dos that she has worn int the past. The dress is so boring I can’t even work up a comment about it. She needs new gays is what I’m saying.

  5. camille

    I think the problem here is the hair. The dress is fine, not even like “bleh whatever I just died of boredom but it’s FINE” – like, it is actually not a problem. Her hair, conversely, is just hanging off her head and making her face all narrow when it isn’t, and it’s just making the whole escapade lank and wan. If she had sassy bouncy hair, the dress would look better too.

  6. Miranda

    She’s said before that Penny’s style and her style are vastly different, so I think that makes it more jarring to me when I see her in public. That being said, she’s one of those people who never gets it 100% right. If her hair looked better and she was wearing jewelry I wouldn’t be so bothered, but I just cannot get with the sequin pattern. Why must you do that designer person?

    Her stylist was voted one of the Top 25 Stylists in Hollywood. How??

    • Heather

      Maybe there are only 25?

      • Miranda

        LOL! I still don’t understand a need for a stylist. Are you rendered incapable of picking out clothes as soon as you are famous? Or do they remove all mirrors from their house and are thus unable to tell what they look like? I would assume both are the case for many ‘famous’ people.

        • Tiffany

          Many times stylists filter things down for the star. They will also grab items from a lot of stores so the celeb can try them on at home…and then the stylist’s assistant will return if they don’t like or it doesn’t fit.

          • Helen

            Yeah, I think mainly it’s a time-saving thing. A working actor’s day is really long, though there’s often a lot of downtime, and starts early, and they have to spend a good deal of time on personal upkeep as well – hair, skin, nails, exercise, and so on.

            Also, some people don’t really have much taste and they know it. Or, limited taste. I tend to be pretty conservative; if I were attending the Academy Awards, I might very well hire a stylist on a one-time basis, just because they’d think of things that wouldn’t occur to me, and that maybe I should try.

  7. Ann

    It’s an improvement. Let’s just be happy about that.

  8. ErinE

    This girl can NEVER pull it together. Hair is always bad, makeup bad, bad clothes – it’s so sad because she’s got a lot to work with, but she never looks great.

    • Edith

      I honestly can’t believe she didn’t get into Fug Madness, on the strength of her Globes dress alone.

  9. Helen

    It’s fine. It could be better, but I am not mad at it either.

  10. Sandra

    I love the blue shiny part. The whole dress should be that. The hair is not dressy enough for the outfit and there should be some jewelry involved.

    • themis

      This. I actually think it’s a great dress; hair and jewelry need to be spiffed, a little.

  11. Andrew S.

    Eh – better than her usual at least

  12. TonyG

    The sparkling darker part of the dress somehow made me think of any number of cartoon characters: JarJar Binks from Star Wars, Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants, Slurms McKenzie from Futurama. Maybe I just watch too many cartoons.

  13. FuginB'ham

    NEEDS A STYLIST – please Fugs. You know people!

  14. witjunkie

    I wish the shiny bit didn’t split off into wine goblets, but other than that, I love this.

  15. ML

    You know, folks, I look at the other “dressy gowns” that celebs sport on these red carpet affairs here for our GFY pleasure and hey — Kaley’s get-up isn’t shooting off fireworks, doesn’t have a special crotch window showing off her netherparts and it’s not bearing a cage attached for packing a marmoset somewhere in the lining. All of this, compared with so much of what we see from the celeb camp, pleases me because my standards for these people have now, sadly, been lowered to subterranean levels. So I’m giving it a “pass” in Pass/Fail terms just for simplicity and the Not Bat-Poo Crazy Factor.

  16. Tronish

    The pattern on her dress reminds me of one of those movies where it’s suddenly revealed that the characters are in a virtual reality, and the screen goes all weird and checker-y as the illusion breaks down around them.

    Not a great look.