Fug or Fine: Emmy Rossum


The dress isn’t my problem.

It’s nice, it’s low-key… with those shoes, it might be better if it were shorter, but we are not feuding. That dress is not banned from my front porch, I am not filing a restraining order, and I did not block it on Facebook.

But I’m not so sure about what I’m seeing in close-up.

Now suddenly the sequins look a little cheaper (I just made an “It’s a Monet” joke in another post, but it applies here, too; seriously, Clueless was wise before its time), and her makeup is super distracting to me. Blurry brown shadow and hot pink lipstick don’t gel with either the dress or her face. Basically, I’m having a wah-waaaah moment. Sometimes a noise is worth a thousand words.

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  1. Corriner

    She should immediately fire whatever makeup technician put that lipstick on her face. It is the colour of Barbie’s convertible.

  2. Bailey

    That makeup is all kinds of wrong.
    And I feel like something in a rich color would look amazing on her, why does she go for the pale and the beige lately?

  3. Bella

    The makeup is really bad. So bad that I wonder if she is ok?

  4. Lisa

    Oh boy, I liked it until I saw the close-up. Now I just feel bad for her.

  5. Sophia Loren

    In the not-close-up her face looked like the classic photo of Anne Frank – cute, but uncanny. The hairdo helped with that. However, Anne Frank wouldn’t wear that lipstick.

  6. Tiffany

    Wow, that is some horrific make up! The shadow to her brows enhances the bags under her eyes. The pink and the brown don’t really go together. Yikes. Pretty girl, ugly make up.

  7. hb

    It’s not just the lipstick…shadow should not cover half your face!

  8. ErinE

    I LOVED this dress before the zoom in. bad hair/make-up though – she doesn’t look well and she’s gorgeous.

  9. Daffodil

    Her hair! I am a lady with coarse, frizzy hair, and of course I hate it. But I am a lady who doesn’t get photographed at fancy events, so I don’t worry too much about it. I think if I paid cash money to someone to style my hair for a fancy event, as I’m sure Emmy did here, then I would not want people to be able to identify my hair type as “coarse and frizzy” in 0.72 seconds. I feel like paid, professional hairstylists have serums and gels and mousses and potions for that.

    Seriously, not even telling her makeup artists to turn the hose to “seventh-grader” and spray it full blast disguises that hair. Oh, honey, NO.

  10. Anna S.

    Whoever said that she looks like Anne Frank was spot on. This lady does NOT know how to do makeup. See also the recent Fug in which she cocked up another perfectly reasonable dress with terrible makeup and accessories. Someone get this girl a stylist who is willing to veto her makeup choices, might do wonders for her reputation.

  11. Other Emily

    Are we sure she doesn’t have a raging fever here? She looks ill! Too bad, too, because I like the dress.

  12. Ri

    The dress rates an okay. But the makeup does nothing for her and the whole thing would do better with shoes and jewelry of a contrasting color. And a clutch too. Otherwise it’s just a sea of gold. And not in a good way.

  13. cynicalsmirk

    I don’t mind her hair, particularly from a distance. But that lip colour!!! Egad….Horrors!!!

  14. LJ

    I’m not a fan of the shoes.

  15. Kathryn Mackenzie

    I think Emmy Rossum is one of those women who looks better when she’s going a bit rougher. She almost always looks better as Fiona Gallagher than she does in any of her polished up appearances.

  16. Edith

    No. With her coloring (which I share), she needs to steer clear of any lipstick shade that has a blue undertone. I learned long ago that if the lipstick looks too brown in the store, it’ll look good on my face.

  17. Helen

    Fine, for me. Could be really gorgeous with better styling and makeup, but not a fug either.

  18. Dani

    That makeup makes her look like she has some sort of kidney condition. I can’t even pick out everything that’s wrong with it – she needs a boldly lined eye, less of that awful bronze shadow, a lipcolour that doesn’t totally clash with the style of her dress, blush and a better foundation because that one looks like she slapped on five layers of her grandmother’s leftover full coverage Covergirl from the 80s. With a trowel.

    I feel sorry for her. Unless she chose this makeup herself. In that case, I do not respect her right to choose things.

  19. Aurora

    The whole get up seems planned to be seen from a distance, and photographed.

    Is that a thing? the elements blend ok seen from out in the audience, or wherever it was the photogs were; up close it all falls apart…

    like a pointelliste painting…

  20. lynne

    She is so very beautiful, but looks much better in less makeup

  21. Sajorina

    LOVE the dress, but the styling of her head is terrible!

  22. labyrinthine

    The shoes are super-fug, too.

  23. Ellen

    I feel like she’s doing the same bronze eye, bright blue-based pink lip as Hayden Panettiere, and it just DOESN’T WORK. Those two color families should not be combined. Not even on someone as gorgeous as Emmy.

  24. Emma

    My first thought when I saw this pic on another website was not “pretty dress” but “WEIRD makeup!” She seems to have made her eyes look sort of sallow, which really isn’t the point of eye makeup, and this is the SECOND time she’s worn garish purplish-pink lipstick recently. There was a pic from a Beautiful Creatures premiere where she wore a white lace dress with purple lipstick, and I hated that too.

  25. jtaylo

    A little late here, but I can’t help but comment on that eye shadow irks the snot out of me. A woman I used to work with wore the same consumptive shade ALL THE TIME, and I always wanted to tell her that “at death’s doorstep” was not a good look for her. Or anyone for that matter. She also needed better bras but that’s for another day.

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