Fug or Fine: Elizabeth Hurley


I mean, it’s not like this is terrifyingly tasteless or anything, in a giant-safety-pin-parade kind of way. And I understand that it’s pink because they are at a pink-themed party.

But it’s so Glinda the Good Witch meets Little Mermaid. At a beauty pageant. I’m exhausted just looking at it.

Am I crazy?

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Comments (47):

  1. Ines

    her face balances (almost) the supergirly dress. it’s so natural with the tiny wrinkels, love it.

    • Emma

      That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Elizabeth Hurley’s face referred to as “natural.”

  2. Cristina

    She must have shopped at the same place Sofia Vergara gets all her pageant dresses.

  3. Helen

    I’m throwing in for it. I think she looks slinky and spectacular.

  4. Mel

    I think I might like it better if it sat just a wee bit higher on her hips, but either way, something about the striations (I really have no better word for it) of the bodice reminds me of the muscle diagrams in anatomy textbooks, and that kind of ruins the look for me.

  5. Rayna

    I have to love it, because………pink, sparkly.

    • Kat

      Yep! I’m helpless against that combo! Pink + sparkly = YESSS.

      • michelle

        I’m jumping on the pink + sparkly on a fabulous bod = awesome! Not sure a regular person could pull it off though.

  6. Michelle

    What? No! Come on! That’s not Elizabeth Hurley, is it?? Girlfriend is 47 years old!! If I look that good at 47, I’m going to wear pageant dresses every damned day!

  7. Big Noise

    That’s Elizabeth Hurley? I saw her in a photo over at Jezebel and wondered who the hell was standing next to Kate Hudson. She looks — different?

    • Amy

      I had to google search Elizabeth Hurley because I wondered if I mixed up the name. Nope, I was thinking of the right Elizabeth Hurley, and this Elizabeth Hurley looks — very different.

      • Kris

        I thought the same thing! Her face just does not look like her face anymore!

  8. D

    I like it but I’m not sold on the bottom part.
    I supose that they were trying to do a “fade” with the sequins, but they end too abruptly so it just looks like they ran out of sequins.

  9. Kristen

    I just can’t commit to this dress. I like it, but not. It reminds me of those shirts you can get at Walgreens that accordion on to your body…it looks teeny-tiny but you can stretch the pleat-things to fit you.

  10. stacey

    for some reason this reminds me of the lady gaga meat dress. or just a meat dress.

    • Melissa

      Exactly what I was thinking. Meat dress.

    • HKS

      Yup. I was coming here to say it reminded me of raw bacon. SPARKLY raw bacon, maybe. But definitely some sort of meat dress.

  11. Sarah C

    I think it wouldn’t look so overwhelmingly pink if she wasn’t surrounded by other pink stuff. Overall she still looks amazing so I’d give it a pass.

  12. BrownEyedBetty

    The color is gorgeous on her. And the bodice shows off her rockin’ bod fo sho…even if it has a whiff of shapewear to it..?? My only real issue is the weird faded afterthought of a hem detail down there. It just looks grey and forgotten. Weird.

  13. Vandalfan

    The foot-eating fluff on the bottom must have escaped from that other gal’s ruffly chaps. This is total over- the- top drag queen, but it’s right for the occasion.

  14. Sandra

    Pageant? Of what, showgirls at Caesar’s Palace? She has got an amazing figure, but I feel like she shoves it in everybody’s face because she has no other discernible talent.

  15. Googler

    Sophia Vergara probably fought her tooth and nail for this. And lost.

  16. Tracey

    I think she looks fantastic but she looks like someone else. With regard to the dress, it fits her well, and I should love pink and sparkly, but yes, with a bit of a fashion icon status associated with her, it’s very Sofie Vergara… or even mid-80s Morgan Fairchild. She’s better than that!

  17. CC

    There are a lot of comments that are basically answering the question: “Does she look good?” or “Is this dress flattering?”

    Personally, I think we need to step back and ask a different (and in my opinion), more important question. “Is Ms. Hurley’s ensemble appropriate for the event?” And, my answer is: No.

    Though she is certainly no stranger to showing off her cleavage, I personally think it’s tacky and inconsiderate to show off your girls — and she is REALLY showing them off — at an event for breast cancer. There were, I am sure, many women at this event who had lost a breast or both to breast cancer. If I had gone through that (or had a loved one who went through that) and I saw Busty O’Hurley walking around, flaunting her overflowing cleavage like a showgirl, I would be very put off.

    • cate

      This was my exact thought, too. She has great boobs, no doubt, but showing them off here seems really insensitive.

  18. MuskokaMom

    She looks like she is melting into the floor. Something about the proportions is bothering me.

  19. anonymoose

    Hurley is so lovely to look at, but not in this getup. Have her boobs gotten ridiculously larger? I love boobs, I have boobs, but these boobs look…out of place.

  20. Eirwen


  21. mary lou bethune

    This ghastly get up hints/screams that she will not give in to aging gracefully. She is beautiful still and her figure is incredible but there is an air of desperation.

  22. Aurora

    I tried to imagine her walking across a patio lit with candles, and then emerging through the french doors into a dimly lit room…all sparkly against the dark night behind her…kinda fab that way!

  23. Mary Urech Stallings

    She is showing breasts and the dress is pink so it is appropriate for the event.

  24. Caroleena Stantonova

    Is she at Caesars Palace?

  25. Nancy

    There’s just something not-classy about this on her – for any occasion perhaps. She’s very pretty and has a great figure, etc. But it feels like she’s either trying too hard (because she’s getting older ONLY BY HOLLYWOOD STANDARDS) and so is shoving it in everyone’s faces how hot she is. Something flattering but toned-down would’ve been much better.

  26. Sajorina

    My only problems are the excess of tulle at the bottom and the lack of a colorful lipstick! She looks pretty good, though!

  27. SaraK

    This is what Katie Price thinks she looks like when she’s trying to be “classy.” Also, something about the pose makes me think she can’t breathe properly in that dress. So, a nice opening salvo for Fug Madness ’14.

    • Laure75

      Agreed! this is VERY Little Ponies/Katie Price. This one also deserves a place in Fug Madness!

  28. Laure75

    There are no words to say how ugly and NOT CLASSY this is. Pink + sequins ? She looks like a barbie doll or a Vegas showgirl! With a disproportionately long upper-half. And the stitching of sequins look, like someone else rightly pointed out, like the human muscles. Very weird.

  29. Maudo

    Is it just me, or does she not look slightly like a giant shrimp…

  30. stacie

    She looks like a Barbie. Which, is a compliment for her 47 year old body and face. Not so much for her fashion sense.

  31. Rachel

    One thing: Lisa Vanderpump

  32. Mandy B

    Oh Look, Liz is trying to remind us of that time she played the Devil in that movie Bedazzled, and since sparkles done right IS my favorite color … Im buying it.

  33. Kate

    I don’t mind the dress overall. I wish the bodice ended an inch or two higher and I could do without the dirty looking tulle at the bottom, but otherwise it’s fine.

  34. Lynnlynn

    Enough already with the skintight/cleavage-baring/thigh-high slit nonsense. Yes, she looks great and has a great figure for her age. WE GET IT. Now put on something tasteful for once.

  35. Lily1214

    I don’t care what anyone says . . . she looks terrific. Gorgeous gown. I’d wear it. Has she had just a little work done?

  36. Emma

    So trashy. It’s like Versace with extra bling. At least she’s not toting that ugly tan handbag she drags everywhere; the one they call “Shane.” See what I did there?