Fug or Festive: Jane Seymour


Let’s just get this out of the way: I have no idea whether or not this fur is real, but let’s assume for the sake of curtailing vitriol that Jane here is wearing simulated animal pelt.

Jane Seymour

Do we think owning — and then finding occasion to wear — a knee-length SLEEVELESS red fur coat (really, just a mammoth vest that’s been sliced open) is gloriously decadent, in an Alexis Colby Eats Caviar For Breakfast In Bed On Her Satin Sheets way, or a little insane and impractical in an Alexis Colby Chooses To Wear A Deeply Subtle And Not-At-All Spottable Red Plaid Outfit And Matching Tam O’Shanter While Executing Her Plot To Maybe Kill Or Maim Her Archrival By Firing A Rifle In The Air To Spook Her Horse way?

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[Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

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Comments (29):

  1. Carolyn

    This would be truly wonderful if it was fully-sleeved. Delightfully wacky, as-is.

  2. Jenniwren

    I sure as shoot hope that is fake, because doing that to a beautiful, real pelt would only be adding insult to industry.

  3. WDC

    Open Hearts indeed… like the coat was used to mop up after an open heart surgery. Ick.

  4. Jill

    I, too, think this would be awesome with sleeves. Kinda like this purple rabbit fur coat my roommate in college had.

  5. Fawn

    I find this hilariously resplendent. I can think of little I would enjoy more than running around town in a sleeveless faux fur coat of any color – especially red!

  6. pelijenn

    It’s only deranged if it is synthetic. Otherwise, furry and fab!

  7. Katharine

    This is amusing, but really unflattering. I wish that the underlayer wasn’t satin, and had sleeves – maybe a nice merino wool knit dress, rich and less wrinkly.

    What I’m really liking here is the nude peeptoe with the little red-polished toes sticking out. Even though I’m not usually a fan of the nude shoe, this strikes me as very cute.

  8. Rosemary

    Well, at least it’s covering-up what appears to be a hideously wrinkled red satin dress.

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  10. ashley

    i feel that this is both decadent and deranged. i would probably find it less deranged if (as has been mentioned) it had sleeves, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it now,

  11. lou

    You know, she came really close. I was weaving in and out of fug with it for a whole minute there. It’s the bulkiness around the shoulders that makes it slip to the fug side. But imagine a less bulky, 3/4 lenth version worn with a black sheath and the right accessories and it would work on her. Great legs.

  12. Heather

    This only works if she is on the Playa at BurningMan. And even then, it’s COULD be trying too hard.

  13. yeahandalso

    it is pretty fug as a giant vest. I think with sleeves it could be fun, or even if it was just a small cropped vest worn with jeans and a black turtle neck.

    Also, from what we can see the dress underneath is VERY ill fitting, tag this as evils of satin for sure

  14. Best of Beehive

    She looks like the Cheshire Cat. If it were a little slimmer, I could see this kind of working.

  15. Elizabeth Fahrlander

    I certainly HOPE this fur is faux; it would be really sad if cute little creatures died to make something that wasn’t even PRETTY.

  16. Bob Stanley

    Fred Flintstone is missing a vest. Ô¿Ó

  17. Andrew S.

    Apparently, she’s confused herself with P. Diddy. Circa early 00s




  18. AliceAnn

    Remember when Joan Collins played Pearl Slaghoople in the Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas? This may be a reject from that films wardrobe.

  19. vandalfan

    Just not quite. It’s the underdress. Her arms need to be covered if fur is involved, like in a long sleeved dress. On the other hand, such length and weight would keep her legs plenty warm, so it should be a miniskirt., not this matronly length. To finish it, black tights and pumps would be better down there.

  20. Shnaggi

    Down there please tell Jane that the fabulous matching “Ugg” boots are on their way.
    Evil Satin matched with Evil pink pumps What in Hell’s furball is going on here…..

  21. Shnaggi

    PS Vandaflan what would be better “down there” I’m hoping would be a matching merkin….

  22. Lizzie

    Decadent. In as much as wearing (hopefully faux) furs are not deranged, this falls more into the decadent category. Mostly because I think Jane Seymour is the right person to carry that off.

  23. whiterabbit11

    the coat & dress look like satan’s cat coughed up a hairball onto her. jane herself looks great tho!

  24. Marcy

    Oh, Huggy Bear!

  25. The Other Molly

    There is something fundamentally sad about this whole outfit.
    It’s screaming “SHE’S FINALLY GONE TOTALLY LOCO!!”
    Fugly red fur, fugly red (and wrinkled) satin,
    non-matching ultra fugly nude shoes.
    And that crazed “WGAF” look on her face.

  26. Cassie

    It would be decadent with sleeves, OR with a sleeved satin blouse/dress underneath it. That would be terribly Alexis, to have the sleeves of her shirt be the sleeves you saw.

    As of now . . . it’s just sort of strange and she looks like someone hit her with a bucket of red paint from the knees up.

  27. Katie Starfish

    De Flintstones.

  28. Celeste Gonzalez

    Decadent. In as much as wearing (hopefully faux) furs are not deranged, this falls more into the decadent category. Mostly because I think Jane Seymour is the right person to carry that off.

  29. Nik

    Cruella DeVil…

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