Fug or Fab: Zooey Deschanel


Well, I certainly support the idea of this. Lord knows neither of us met a sequin we didn’t want to take home for a torrid affair.

What’s tripping me up is the red belt. I can’t tell if it’s the perfect splash of color, or an unconvincing attempt at spice. Kind of like when you ask for garlic bread, but when it comes, it turns out all they did was sprinkle it with powder and hope it would pass. You can taste the fake. I’m wondering if that’s what I’m doing with the belt. And now that I back up, can I see her bra under that bodice? Is everything unraveling before my eyes? Or, to further the other comparison, should I just shut up and be glad I got ANY bread in the first place and revel in the marvelous carbosity of it all?

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  1. filmcricket

    I’m not sure it’s the right red belt, but it’s definitely better than no red belt.

  2. PeggyO

    The belt is great. What’s ruining the look is the gold shoes. Too much, too heavy!

    • Cranky Old Batt


      And the matchy purse, too. Another pop of red (or an unexpected but tasteful color) would have been better.

      • AmyK

        I agree. The shoes aren’t working for me. I actually like the red belt. Maybe red shoes?

        • vandalfan

          Big ten-four on the golden hooves. The belt works. She should have selected Loub’s, with their pop of undersole red.

        • SharonCville

          Red shoes and some red in the clutch would have made this SO much better! I really hate those shoes– very clunky. That style pump with the little cutout always looks like cloven hooves to me.

    • Tracy L

      Totally agree. Belt with red shoes–maybe. Belt with sparkly purse and gold shoes is too much. Really like the dress on its own.

    • M.Amanda

      My thoughts exactly.

  3. Suzie

    I think I’d like to see a different shoe, maybe in red? I know that’s soooo matchy, but I can’t help it. I’m an OCD matcher.

  4. China

    I don’t mind the belt, but I hate the shoes.

  5. pidget

    I like the idea of a red belt, but not this particular one. Also, your readers are right and those shoes are awful. It’s summer – whither the strappy sandals?

  6. rax

    It’s the headband that trips me up. Does she need a god damned headband?

    • maxameliana

      I loved this look, shoes and all, until I read the headband comment. now all I can see is the headband. that meddling headband!!!

      • Melissa

        Ditto. It’s the belt on her HAIR that’s the problem. Goddamned hair belt.

    • Anita

      Yeah, me too. Even if the headband had been red to match the belt it would’ve been better.

  7. Jasmine

    Definitely the shoes. Can’t handle them, they look like hooves. I love the rest of it, though! Right down to the nails that match the best, minus the accent nail on each hand. Sparkles sparkles sparkles sparkles sparkles!

  8. holly

    The neckline is really odd. It needs to be higher or lower.

    • sarah

      totally agree that the neckline is two inches to high… or something of the sort…

  9. Cranky Old Batt

    I like the red belt. Maybe not this particular one. Something about it is hanging me up. But even if I give her a pass on it, it looks lost and lonely. It is floating out there by itself, the red nails are not enough to create balance.

    Why do women insist on wearing shoes that make look like they have hooves instead of feet? I will never get on board with this look.

    The headband just doesn’t go this this outfit. Too casual. Matchy purse: you’re fired!

  10. Hannah

    Styled by Santa Claus

    • Deborah Stultz

      I was just coming in to say it looked like a Christmas party. But I really like Christmas parties, so–WIN!

      • Billie

        I was also just coming to say that all I can see in this is Will Farrell ‘Singing! I’m singing! In a store!’

  11. Pennyb

    I like the red belt and the whole thing in theory but the shoes are way too heavy and matchy. Also, the length is kind of unflattering to her legs. It needs to be a few inches shorter and definitely above the knee.

    • Lori

      word. The shoes are worse than the belt and the length is worse than the shoes.

  12. Corinna

    I CAN’T with those shoes. I had hoped the hoof trend would be a short one, but somehow it’s managed to cling on for years.

  13. sarah

    Love the dress – wish she had matched it with different shoes and a different clutch

  14. Becca

    The red belt seems to casual. I don’t know what it is about it but it doesn’t fit with that fancy of a dress. And yeah. Those shoes are gross.

  15. Tania Ramirez

    I love the dress, as a I also,have never met a sequin I didn’t like. I think it’s a great cut and length. I hate the shoes they are too heavy for the dress; gold sandals would’ve been a better choice. And the purse is a different colour sequin, too much. The belt I have no troubles with, I like the splash of colour; i wish the belt looked as expensive as the dress.

  16. Jen S 2.0

    Agreeing with others — the dress is great, the styling is not. The IDEA of the belt is good, but the belt, shoes, headband, and clutch are each about 75% (the headband might even be 25%). Different colorful belt, clutch that coordinates with (not necessarily “matches”) the belt (especially since the one we have here is too far off from the color of the dress), lighter shoes, and no headband and we’d be in serious business.

  17. Gigi

    Maybe it’s in her Target contract to bring a dash of red to every outfit?

    Love Zoe and gold sequins, but a better bra would have sold me on this unequivocally.

  18. Jen from cincy

    This dress instantly reminded me of the dress Vivian Pressman wore after a night of slummin’ with Robbie in Dirty Dancing… You know, the scene where she’s stuffing her nylons in her bag, and sees Baby leaving Johnny’s place?


  19. Katie

    re: visible bra – it seems that the dress is lined, and the lining stops in what looks like a bra-shaped neckline.

  20. Kat

    It’s a little bit too wonder woman with the wide red belt.

  21. Leah

    Let’s all rejoice that she is at least not wearing pantyhose!! The dress is really beautiful and fits well, regardless of styling.
    And for all those complaining about “hooves,” big glamorous shoes will never go away. So you might as well learn to walk in them already.

  22. steen

    Those shoes are an atrocity. red, strappy shoes would have looked great with this though.

  23. crystal

    I’m cool with the belt and maybe the shoes, but I’m not sold on the clutch. And definitely not the headband. Everything is just…a little off?

    I love the dress, though.

  24. Kate

    I’m just happy she’s done with the opaque tights. That is a miracle in and of itself (coming from a Deschanel/New Girl fan)

  25. theotherjennifer

    those shoes are “clodhoppers” as my dear departed nana would say. But I think she looks fabulous (I thought it was young Brenda Walsh at first glance!)

  26. Krissy

    I dont’ like the sequins…they seem to be placed VERY far apart, and it makes it look cheap to me. Kind of like a piece of paper that got glitter spilled on it. The look is very boring to me.

  27. Lime

    At least she’s not wearing it with opaque black tights. It’s summer, WHY WEAR TIGHTS?

  28. Alice

    my question is….why is zooey deschanel at the espys?

  29. val.

    The belt looks cheap. I don’t mind the idea of it, but she falls flat in the execution.

  30. Caroleena Stantonova

    At least she’s not wearing her giant eyeball face.

  31. Mahastee

    I LOVE this, the different coloured sequins give it a textured look and the red belt is perfect. Love the hair and makeup.

    The shoes & bag might not be perfect, but I don’t find them distracting, so it’s all good.

  32. Rose

    On Zooey, I love the belt – it’s so her. On somebody else, I wouldn’t be so sure. Big no on the shoes, but overall, it works for me.

  33. Libby

    The problem with the belt is that looks like it came with a red trench coat.

  34. KK

    I’d prefer the dress tighten a little more toward her knees, the flared hem looks a little cheap/ill fitting to me.

    I like the pop of color, but red is so DONE. I think it would have been fun in purple, or aqua, or even green. Something a little more unexpected than red for the pop of color.

  35. ceecee

    Can she keep the cute red belt and dump the tin foil dress?

  36. Sarah

    I think this is the best she has looked. Very classy. I think sometimes she goes to far to the Q word.

  37. SmallFry

    This is a win because she didn’t break out the black opaque tights.

  38. pantsonfire

    Yeah, Zooey Deschanel + Espys = wha? But ok. I’ll take that action. I think she looks pretty great, relatively speaking. I can’t normally deal with how heavy-handed she is with the 60s theme. It’s like she’s a time traveler. And this definitely reads from that era, but it’s toned done some. Don’t love the belt, but it fits with her style. Her hair and makeup look better than usual, though now I’m noticing what appears to be a headband and it’s making me grouchy. But all and all, I like this better than a lot of her looks.

  39. Zuss

    Wait…am I the only person who had NO idea this was Zooey Deschanel? This looks nothing like the pictures I’ve seen of her. At any rate, I kinda like this.

  40. Nancy

    What’s tripping me up is the length – it should be above the knee. And the shoes are too heavy. But really, it’s the length for me.
    I think she’s overrated in the cute department. I don’t understand the fascination many have.

  41. Rina

    The neckline is odd — it makes her boobs seem droopy and her neck look extremely short. The red belt is a nice color but looks too utilitarian and bulky for this dress. She also needs some other bit of color to tie it in, as her shoes and dress are so aggressively matchy-matchy.

  42. Shiitake

    Too much metallic with the hooves and clutch.

  43. Trace

    That hair style is causing her to morph into Flo the Car Insurance Lady…which is a scary scary thought.
    I like the belt on the dress, I just wish it wasn’t THAT belt. It looks too…industrial?

  44. tiburon

    I was about to say, “Finally! An adult dress for an adult woman!” Then I saw the damned headband.

  45. Lisa

    The dress needs to be about an inch shorter and she needs different shoes. The belt is fine

  46. Erin

    I’d say a skinny belt and wearing this in October, when I like gold and red, would make it work. Shoes are bad.

  47. Claire L1

    I’m on board with the red shoes and/or clutch idea….

  48. Funkyhighness

    Love the belt and the dress! The shoes should be given back to the horse they were stolen from.