Fug or Fab: Zooey Deschanel


Please do not excoriate Zooey here for the adorkability of the head-cocking. This is the only picture in which she is doing it — unfortunately, it is also the only full-length photo of her that’s not from rather a distance, so I had to use it. I like Zooey. I like New Girl. Actually, I liked it fine early on,  but I love it now, because I think it’s done a very, very clever job of building up its other characters while either diluting Jess’s more cloying goofy qualities and/or letting the character get away with fewer of them. Plus, I want to play True American with them right now — as do, I’m sure, a lot of people, which means the No. 1 Google Search return, True American Roofing Company, has probably had a banner week.

Where was I? Oh, right: Zooey.

That’s quite lovely. And I might like this unreservedly if the hem didn’t do that. See it down there? The way it looks like she’s slowly melting into a pool of sparkle? Granted, if you were to ask Zooey Deschanel how she would choose to melt if melting were required, I think “into a pool of sparkle” would be part of her answer. So maybe she was fulfilling a dream.

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  1. christine christine

    Shouldn’t it be an inch higher at the top? Otherwise LOVE.

    • gladly

      Exactly! We can just gather the sparkle pool at the hem and give her bosom some insurance against the roll down that I feel is only moments away.

      • Valeria

        My thoughts exactly. I don’t get it ~ ~ why would the lady, her stylist, or the dress designer want the lady to go out in public in a dress that seems too small on the top and too long on the bottom ??

      • Amy S

        I’m with you all, I like the color and material, but this dress is either not designed properly, or just not for her size/shape. The top is ridiculously too small/short so the part below the belt makes her look very hippy, which she is not. It is all about fit.

  2. JAL

    Pull it up a couple of inches and hem it and she’s close to perfect

  3. LoriK

    The dress is just too low, period. It’s not only melting in sparkle because it desperately needs to be hemmed. It’s also needs to be yanked up at the top. I’d like this fine if it fit her, but it doesn’t and I can’t get behind this mess.

  4. sarah

    yes, i saw some other shots of her in this and definitely felt like it was both too low and too long. hike it up and hem it a tad and it would be great. also, maybe because of your recent slideshow of her style evolution, but i feel like it’s not the first time she’s been victim to a dress riding too low on her chest…someone needs to work on this before something bad happens.

  5. Jill

    True American looks like the funnest, and I, too, really like New Girl. I swear, during last week’s episode, when that Russian girl was listing off all the random things she likes about America, I was pissing myself.

  6. Adriele

    Can we figure out how to play True American???? Seriously, I was dying laughing when they played that!!!

  7. BrownEyedBetty

    I like the color but it looks a little home-sewn, IMO. Also needs to be hiked up a bit up top. I want to like it but I just can’t.

  8. Linney

    I’m with the others-it needs to be hiked up all around. I loathe strapless dresses that fall some halfway down the boob.

    Also, New Girl is my Girls. I tried it and just cannot like it. The word adorkable makes me cringe because I can’t seem to hide from it when there is any discussion or article about Zooey Deschanel. It has run it’s course.

  9. Carolina Girl

    Despite the saggy bodice, there’s something not quite grown up about this look. We excoriate Rashida Jones for dressing too old and dowdy but let Zooey here get away with dressing like she’s going to a high school spring formal.

  10. Adriele

    Agreed. Pull it up and chop off some of the bottom.

    Her head tilt just annoys me, and I actually like Zooey. I’m also sick of the damn word adorkable.

  11. JanetP

    Oh, I love this show! And Zooey’s character is the least interesting to me.

    And this dress is indeed dissolving into puddles and that is never a good thing.

  12. Gigi

    It needs hiking up and has a Michelle Williams cute-but-sad patina, but Zooey is so cute. I love her iPhone 4S commercial because how can you not love a girl who orders in tomato soup to spend a rainy day dancing in her pajamas (cause I’ve decided she’d do that in real life, seems real-lifey).

    • Jane

      Plus she asks it to play “Shake, Rattle and Roll.” Which to me just solidifies her awesomeness.

  13. jem0512
  14. Lynne

    Yes to hiking it up in front and fixing the hem. I’m a little envious that she has the coloring to wear such a non-color successfully. Normally I’d say her hair should be a bit less casual for this event but it kind of works with the dress.

    I too love New Girl and would like to join the nearest competitive True American team.

  15. Anne B

    My kid loves New Girl — perhaps because she believes that “Jess” is her age (she’s 15). So I can’t have that much of a problem with her.

    I wish she weren’t 32-dressed-as-16, though.

  16. Claire L1

    I love the material, even the color. Everything just needs to be hiked up… way up.

  17. Shiitake

    Hitch it up and hem it.

  18. strah

    This dress is a dull color, sitting too low on her chest, and it’s dragging on the floor. Sorry to get all capsy, but this is A FUG TRIFECTA. What are you people thinking? This is an awful mess of a dress.

  19. The Fugger

    Somehow, I have a hunch that there’s going to be a post on Gawker within the next week that starts off, “Sparkle melter Zooey Deschanel…”

    It is about three inches south of where it needs to be, though. On all fronts.

  20. Jules

    The episode where she tries to be all sexy with Justin Long, while he’s doing a Jimmy Stewart impression was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. It made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

  21. Beth

    It’s not the “adorkability” factor that bugs me about the way that her head is cocked. It’s that it looks painfully stuck in the position mine was in when I had torticollis.

  22. SKGD

    Random sparkles would be much better, I do like the dress (hem not withstanding) but I agree with BrownEyedBetty about the homesewn factor – the fabric looks a little like it was on sale at the fabric shop.

  23. Lina

    If it fit, maybe. I’m not entirely sold on the dishwater color, but I could be. IF IT FIT.

  24. lisas

    This is the second strapless dress I’ve seen Zooey in, and the second time I’ve thought… this girl cannot wear a strapless dress. She just can’t. She doesn’t have the posture. She’s lovely with a very pretty figure, but she’d look a lot better with straps.

  25. Rubee

    If it’s too long and too wide at the bossom, it only means she shoul have gone for -at least- one smaller size. Other than that, I love the dress on her.

  26. Sajorina

    I love the grey metallic dress… I adore it! The puddling effect of the hem makes it look like curtains in a very fancy parlor, but with the proper hem, this would be PERFECT! It kind of makes me miss my Senior Prom, to which I would’ve totally worn that dress! LOVE! WANT! FAB!!!

  27. Louise

    I love the metallic dress. I agree with previous post with proper hem this would be the perfect dress. May I add am loving this blog


  28. Leah

    How did she walk? She either had to hike it up or repeatedly kick it in order to move without tripping.

  29. Kendra

    My favourite, favourite show right now. How much did last night’s episode ending break your heart? And did you pick up on the Damon Wayans reference at the end?! Love! I adore Zooey, have for ages. And as far as adorkable goes…I’ve been secretly warily watching this whole smackdown happening, nervous because…I constantly refer to myself as a dork. I am a giant dork, but in a legitimate Jess way. /sighs/ it’s not affected, I promise, I just…I JUST LIKE DISNEY MOVIES AND BAKING AND DRESSES AND NERDY GLASSES AND LOTR AND I TALK IN FUNNY VOICES WITHOUT NOTICING AND I MAKE SO MANY WEIRD FACES PEOPLE TELL ME I SHOULD BE IN A CARTOON SO I’M SORRY.

    But you know, I like being me :) adorkable all the way ladies!

  30. Miss Tee

    I think I would LOVE this dress if it was knee-length. And if it was hiked up at the top, of course.

    The New Girl makes me laugh every week. I am in love with Schmidt.

  31. gryt

    The tailoring of the dress is weird – it’s like the bodice is cut for a short person, a petite? (This is my experience, being a tall girl, with older vintage: even if the size is right everything is too short, so the waist hits too high… sooo super uncomfortable.) But then the skirt is gynormously long, so what up?

    Still, to not fix the hem when you’re going to a red carpet event is just weird.

  32. Cranky Old Batt

    I actually ALMOST like this color on her. I love the sparkles. But I am with the popular vote: the top is too small and the bottom too long. It ruins even her perfect shampoo commercial hair.

  33. Birdienumnums

    Dress impressions first – simple, cute enough, far too long. Strapless, boring. The hair & makeup work. Not bad overall.

    New Girl impressions – I “used” to like Zooey & her endless, quirky world of wonder but, now if I even deign to watch 5 minutes of that loathsome series, I border on Linda Blair pea-vomit time. Blechhhhh!!! Nauseating, tiresome, crappy writing & acting. Have you caught any of her karaoke videos on Hello Giggles — UGH, quick, I need a Dramamine drip. I truly don’t get it. I’ve tried to give the show & adorkable Zooey a chance but, that series is foul.

    Now, it appears that you detest “Girls” — well, something for everyone I guess. I’m easily old enough to be Lena Dunham’s mother yet that show resonates for me. Brings back my 20-something years with alarming clarity. No series targeted to this particular demographic has ever done that for me. Wait, that isn’t fair, one other series nailed it – “Freaks and Geeks”. I’m not interested in watching physically perfect specimens, I want to see something that feels authentic. I’m not interested in cutesy. Has there been media overload with “Girls” –yes indeed & I, as you, are fed up with that aspect – no contest. No one enjoys being force fed product. I truly think Lena Dunham is onto something. In no way do I think she’s idealizing these characters, they’re well beyond flawed, just the way I like them.

    Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  34. katkin74

    haha! I read it as she was “slowly smelting”, which could be also. I really do like it though – yank it up and chop it off at the hem to fit and it’s very cute.

  35. Celia

    I am LOVING New Girl right now. I was a little nervous at first, but then it remembered to not take itself too seriously and now I end up laughing hysterically every episode. Glee should take note!