Fug or Fab the Shoes: Globes Weekend

You know, if E! has a shoe-cam, can’t the red carpet do one too? A bajillion people at the Globes and these are all the close-ups of we have? Fetish FAIL.

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (22):

  1. TonyG

    Ellie Kemper’s shoes look like they are decorated with black shitake mushrooms. Instead of foot fireworks: foot fungus!

  2. Chasmosaur

    No pic of Idris Elba’s Louboutin studded “Roller” boat shoes? I’m not joking.


    I love that he wore them because he said if he hadn’t won, he was going to have to get violent with someone ;)

  3. poppy

    I wonder if Rose’s pinky toe popped in and out all evening.

  4. LLinNYC

    I NEED to know who makes those shoes Evan Rachel Wood is wearing in slide 3. Any idea?

  5. kirstyk

    I wasn’t aware January Jones was at the Globes this year…?

  6. AMS

    Piper Perabo’s shoes have me green with envy (and doesn’t she have pretty arches!, says the former ballet dancer). What a waste of them under that hideous dress.

  7. Amy

    …and this is why I could never be famous. I look at gorgeous heels and only think about how much they’d hurt my feet. Flats all the way!

  8. Sajorina

    “Yeah, hi… I would like to place an order for Piper’s, Evan Rachel’s, Stacey’s, Charlize’s, Biel’s, Chastain’s, Chung’s & Milos’ shoes in a size 8. Do you deliver overnight? Thanks!

    I think that Jamie Chung’s shoes are the ones that Rainbow Brite wears daily as an adult! And, I had an eerie felling when I saw the picture of Sofia Milos’ shoes because my feet look exactly like hers… It’s uncanny!

    • Anne B

      Can whoever fills your order please send an extra pair of each to Sajorina’s address? For me, of course.

      I’ll pick them up when we have our weekly cocktails. :)

  9. Anna

    I want Ewan Rachel’s in a size 7.5 please. Delivery by 4:00 today will do.

  10. vandalfan

    Nine of the fourteen fit the wearers, by my count.
    Words cannot describe how much I want the jeweled snake sandals. Every fiber of my being is electrified.

  11. Anne B

    Yes, I own January’s shoes. (With a cuter heel.) I can confirm that they do indeed rock out a funeral.

    I love the idea of the Keib kicking Intern George in the shins with those shoes … every time he tells her to stand up straight.

  12. Jules

    Love Charlize’s shoes. HATE Biel’s. I think they look matronly and stretched out. Blech.

    • Sajorina

      But, why is it that the maitronly & stretched out are the comfiest? Damn it!

  13. Stephanie

    I don’t think you really do want Jessica Chastain’s shoes. Look at how red and swollen that little pinky toe on her right foot is. Ouchie! Pretty, but ouchie.

  14. Infoqueen

    Piper even strikes whack-a-doo poses with her feet.

  15. Claire L

    Malin Akerman shoes looked much better ( and I don’t mean that as a dis, because on their own they make me feel so much envy it hurts) when you see the entire outfit….I think she has the only legs ever that actually look elongated in gladiator style sandals.

  16. Annie

    I want Jamie Chung’s shoes. They are so freaking perfect for every preppy wedding/event in the summertime! WANT WANT WANT. With a denim skirt? Yes. With a navy dress? YES. With a pink dress? YES. With anything Yellow or white or blue and not red – YES.

    Who makes those and when is someone affordable going to knock them off so I can have mine?

  17. swishmusic

    Can I give Jessica Biel’s shoes a vote for Golden Globes Best Dressed?

  18. daisy

    Can I vote that the super skinny toe band be outlawed? All the poor pinky toes are un-neccessary. A little wider band and voila! No more poor little pinky toes.