Fug or Fab: The Hart of Dixie ladies


Ever since Hot Neighbor Wade tweeted something about the first Hard of Dixie script (I’m leaving that typo, by the way… it is hilarious to me) with the hashtag #sexytime, I have been ALL SET for that show to get back quickly, especially because the finale was full of all the romantical (read: naked) shenanigans we’d been begging for all season. But until the formal shorts, snug pastel pants, and ABS OH LORDY THE ABS return, we have to content ourselves with what the lead actresses are wearing on the promo circuit. And it’s actually not bad. It MIGHT even be good. You decide.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. LoriK

    Those things on Bilson’s hips are actually just oe thing—a puplum. Yup, she’s wearing peplum pants, a visible bra, a floppy tie and terrible hair. A winner of an outfit all the way around.

    Jaime King’s 1st dress is also worse than it looks in the picture. The pattern on the back had sort of a faux thong going on. Combined with the pelvic business in the front it was sort of a nightmare. The 2nd dress is great though.

  2. Edith

    If Bilson fixed her terrible hair and swapped the color of her bra and shoes (is black shoes, blush bra), she’d be great.

  3. Mahastee

    Bilson manages to look good despite the peplum pants (WHAT??) and beige shoes. It confuses me, I mean the parts are dodgy, but the whole is kind of working?

    I looove Jaime’s second dress. Even though it is beige, it has enough red to keep it interesting, and lord knows how I adore a defined waistline. Don’t know about the ankle straps/skirt length combo, but again, she is defying the rules and making it work.

  4. Lizzie T

    Was “Hard of Dixie” an intentional typo? :)

    Bilson’s outfit is NOT doing it for me. The color (horrible), the individual pieces, the weird hair, the overall look… not her best.

    • Jane

      Wondering the same thing! If so, my love for Hot Neighbor Wade grows exponentially (like it really needed growing anyway. Also a Hart of Dixie slideshow without even one little peek at HNW or his abs makes me sad. Even if he wasn’t at the event.

  5. Lizzie T

    Also meant to say that Bilson’s droopy pockets make her boobs look sleepy. Like an anime character with a bow on her forehead and sad, sleeeeeepy eyes.

  6. Libby

    Jaime King’s second dress is fab! So pretty.
    Here’s hoping that the newly single Lemon will be wearing more relaxed, more current outfits. HNW, on the other hand, can stick with the T’s and abs.

  7. Lynne

    Love Jaime’s second dress! Also good shoe choice with that one.

  8. Karen

    I’ve yet to see Rachel Bilson wear anything on her show or in real life that approaches the charm of the dress she wears in that Magnum ice cream bar commercial. SO CUTE.

  9. gin_in_teacups

    Jamie’s second dress is fabulous! And, with a few reservations, I like Rachel’s outfit. The shoes need to go, and the hairstyle needs to change. Maybe a faux bob? I don’t know. But I actually think the outfit itself is really cute.

  10. neiges

    Rachel Bilson’s outfit is one of the styles I wear to work (i.e. a contemporary art gallery) but all in black (and see through only on the shoulders area) and never with pointy shoes (don’t like pointy shoes). Therefore, I like it with a few tweaks. The hair is sooooo strange – but I am almost sold, the black shiny color is terrific. And if I am not in love with Jaime King’s first dress, I really dislike the beige number. We are no longer in the fifties and we are not dolls. :-)

  11. Carnac

    “…Hard of Dixie” got me going. I read “…what the lead actresses are wearing on the promo circuit” as “… porno circuit..” Seems possible.

  12. Shiitake

    Nothing to see here.

  13. pantsonfire

    I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but I’m kind of ok with Bilson’s outfit? Peplum is one of the things in this world that I cannot abide. So I should definitely hate this, but I find the pants to be mysteriously flattering on her. Why? IT MAKES NO SENSE. But there you have it. If she hadn’t decided to try too hard and be ridiculous with her hair, this would maybe be a fab for me.

  14. vandalfan

    Jamie’s so pretty, but hairdo #1 is not so flattering.

  15. Sajorina

    I like Rachel’s outfit (I would sooo wear it myself), but I don’t like her hairdo… 1/2 FAB! I don’t like what’s going on with Jamie’s 1st outfit, but I LOVE THE 2nd unreservedly and she looks FABULOUS in it! COVET! So, 1 FUG & 1 FAB for Jamie!

  16. Shoeniverse

    She looks amazing, but it all smacks a little bit of Cheryl Cole trying to look classy. That would be a fail then…