Fug or Fab The Fake Makeover: Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is currently shooting what might be the boringest-titled movie in the history of film: The Reluctant Fundamentalist. It feels like someone named it by picking adjectives and nouns out of a hat. It could as easily have been The Naysaying Botanist, or The Jacketed Existentialist, or The Mild Gardener. Anyway, for her undoubtedly fascinating role inĀ The Pensive Chemist, Kate has donned a brunette wig. I’m curious as to what you think.

Am I crazy or does it give her a Wino Forever vibe? Old-school Wino, though, circa Heathers. I’m trying to imagine this color actually properly dyed on her real hair, and in the end I think it would be all wrong. I mean, sure, it could work for The Uncertain Barber, or The Disinterested Mixologist. But for Kate Hudson? She’s Goldie Hawn’s daughter. A slightly messy head of blonde hair is not only in her DNA, but it’s her family calling card. And so I feel like, why are you casting Kate Hudson in your movie to be anything else? Because the whole time I’ve looked at this photo, I’ve been thinking, “Hey, look, The Tedious Zoologist looks like Kate Hudson in a bad wig.” Not promising for your film.

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Katharine

    That is nothing like a Wino Forever vibe. Old-school pre-hive Wino was absolutely gorgeous. Poor Kate here, on the other hand, looks almost unbelievably homely with dark hair. That isn’t just doing nothing for her, it is actively conspiring against her.

    • Katharine

      And I just realised that by Wino you meant Winona Ryder, but most of my statement still stands; I can’t remember ever looking at Winona and thinking, “who IS that plain, roundfaced, ordinary-looking chick, and why is she in a celebrity blog? Is she somebody?”

  2. Penny

    She’s still got a gorgeous face – but it ages her. It really really looks like a wig though. How have wigs not advanced any in this day and age? I mean “Game of Thrones” had scene-stealingly bad wigs. Entire scenes were physically ruined by the bad wigs.

  3. Sarah

    Is the Reluctant Naturalist a prequel to the Constant Gardener?

    • Carolyn

      Or is it the sequel to The Rural Juror?

      • Angela Brown

        THANK YOU, Carolyn. I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name of Jenna’s movie, which I was also immediately reminded of when I read “The Reluctant Naturalist”.

      • AK

        Yes! Exactly what I was going to say. So glad there are other people out there who think like me, but unfortunately, that sequel is titled Urban Fervor :)

      • Shannon

        Thank you for the 30 Rock quote! LOVE IT!

    • Antof9

      I’m even more upset that she looks chubby. I mean, not for a normal person – heck, I’d love to look like that — but for Kate Hudson. How come she gets brown hair and immediately looks chubby?

      A sad, chubby, brown-haired girl

  4. Mair Mair

    I don’t know if it’s the hair or the apparently bad outfit or what, but she’s completely unrecognizable.

  5. Hel


    “People” calls the movie “The reluctant fundamentalist” whick kind of makes more sense. But wait… it’s a movie with Kate Hudson…

  6. naftels

    from the thumbnail pic in my google reader, i totally thought this was sara gilbert.

    • KSCnCA

      Yes, I thought why not just hire Sara Gilbert!

    • amys

      I totally thought Sara Gilbert, too. She wouldn’t even need to do a thing to her hair. Why hire Giggles McBlondie?

    • Steph

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought she resembled Sara Gilbert!

      • Christopher D

        I kinda think that’s a disservice to Sara Gilbert, who looks great as is, and Hudson, who is now and always a BLONDE, not this terrible movie of the week “lets make her look awful/plain Fundamentalist.” Gah!

    • Elaine

      At least Sara Gilbert can act.

  7. taylor

    I think Hel’s right and the movie title is actually “The Reluctant Fundamentalist.”
    Although I’m now curious about how one become a reluctant naturalist. Is it someone who hates the outdoors, but then is dropped (via a terribly mustachioed villain, of course) in the middle of a jungle and there discovers their love of nature?

  8. Hel

    Sorry: *which*

    According to imdb, People is right: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2032557/
    I guess brunette means “serious” hair.

  9. Jessica

    I can’t get past the outfit. If she were wearing a cute dress and had this color hair but styled better, it might look good. I can’t tell.

  10. Chicklet

    Maybe in a lighter brown, the wig (or a dye job) would work, but here it just makes her look wan. (Although the facial expression isn’t helping, either.)

    Mainly, I wanted to say that The Reluctant Naturalist just makes me think of The Rural Juror, the movie Jenna made between seasons of The Girlie Show on 30 Rock. (You can’t go wrong with an adaptation of a Kevin Grisham novel.)

    • Annie E

      I loved the Rurr Jurr.

      Kate Hudson is just not that good unless she’s playing Penny Lane. I echo the question – why hire Kate Hudson for anything if she’s not playing a version of Penny Lane, blonde hair and all?

    • Carolyn

      hah, just wrote the same thing before seeing your post. I will be calling this film The Rural Juror from now on. It will take the place of The Lincoln Lawyer which currently holds that title in our house.

  11. TonyG

    Heather and Jessica:

    Could you do one of these for An American Horror Story?

    I have a feeling that you’ll have plenty to post with its dowdily (is that a word) dressed characters to contrast with crazy colorful characters, to wit: a maid who appears as both a 80 year old and a bombshell temptress; a teenage girl who walked in on daddy doing the do; a potentially serial killer boyfriend for said teenage girl, an oddball don’t-f***-with-me Southerner played by Jessica Lange; a rubber-suited ghost that’s got the hots for Connie Britton’s character who is a troubled kick-ass wife and….Dylan McDermott, who is kind of dreamy and was either half or fully nude for at least four scenes.


  12. Kate

    I can even integrate the hair and her face because it just screams, “BAD WIG.” It looks like she just popped into a Halloween store.

  13. TonyG

    Oops! Meant to post my comment in the Hart of Dixie recap? 40 lashes for me. Sorry folks!

  14. Chasmosaur

    Nothing like Winona Ryder. Not one bit. While Winona Ryder is (supposedly) naturally a blond, her dyed hair color suits her coloring down to the ground. This does NOTHING for Kate Hudson’s skin.

  15. Ellen

    I saw a comment on people.com about this wig. The person simply said, “I thought she was Sarah Gilbert.” So, so true.

  16. Angela

    I think she looks more like Drew Barrymore, to be honest.

  17. Amy

    i can’t get past that jacket. for the love of pete townsend, WTF?

    • auntho

      Thank you. That whole ensemble is frump city, with some eye-catching red to suck you in and then bore you to death.

  18. Mikki

    “Reluctant Naturalist” makes me think it’s a movie about someone being conned into attending a nudist colony and has to come to terms with accepting their body with all its faults…in which case Matthew McConaughey should be co-starring. As far as the wig…it’s not doing her any favors.

  19. Neil

    Not at all Wino circa Heathers, as Katharine has said.

    Much more like Tiny Tim circa The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

    • Heather

      I don’t mean it looks exactly like Wino circa heathers — just that the fuller dark hair and something about her face evokes Wino more than it does Kate Hudson.

  20. labyrinthine

    it would be awesome if you referred to “fake makeovers” as “fakeovers” for the rest of time.

  21. wordphreak

    Why didn’t they just hire an actress who already looks like this? Who wants Kate Hudson when she looks like someone else?

  22. Brandy

    I thought she looked more like Bebe Newirth’s daughter than Goldie Hawn’s daughter in that wig. And that jacket is seriously fug.

  23. Martha

    More than Wino, she kind of looks like Sara Gilbert in that wig.

  24. fritanga

    The film should be called “The Ill-Advised Plagarist” because if this isn’t an “homage” to Edina Monsoon, I don’t know what is.

  25. Kirsten

    Are you sure that’s not Drew Barrymore?

  26. Anne B

    This reminds me of those tedious crime procedurals I used to watch with my kid.

    “It looks like somebody’s … dressed her … postmortem. See? And the hair. It’s got something in it. Tar? Anne B, what was that YA novel you read, the one with the tar in the blonde hair?

    “Okay, so we’re looking for someone in her 30′s to 40′s, with a deep knowledge of secondhand stores and hatred for blondes. And an attic.”

  27. Michele

    So to be a frumpy ‘reluctant naturalist’ it was necessary to be brunette? I think I’m insulted.

  28. JanetP

    Yes, Sara Gilbert.

    I keep thinking the title is “The Reluctant Naturist.” Which I guess would account for all that hair.

  29. Lina

    There is a sort of Veronica from Heathers, if she was working on a PhD in English or History or Women’s Studies vibe about this — I’m not getting a hard sciences sensibility from it at all. Also, crucially, Veronica would have to actually grow up to be HAPPY, because Kate Hudson is genetically predisposed to a bubbly disposition. Regardless, the outfit says “lowly tenure-track Assistant Professor” like whoa.

    That said, the horizontal stripes on the sleeves clashing with the vertical stripes on the body of the jacket makes my eyes hurt. And something about the way the collars of shirt and jacket are lining up doesn’t seem quite right. I like the bag, though!

    • Sandra

      Even assistant professors don’t dress that badly. The contrasting stripes are just…..wrong.

  30. AJ

    Poor mans attempt at Rachel Weisz. Fail

  31. Mare

    I can’t believe how dumpy this makes Giggles look, and I can’t believe she allows it!

    • Andrea

      Word! Bad enough what the wig does to her colouring but the whole outfit makes her look quite a bit heavier than she is. I know the angle isn’t great but those shoulder pads certainly wouldn’t help.

  32. Aria

    Hate the color and style [and her outfit as well]. On a brighter note, I was thinking about dying my very blonde hair brown [not quite that dark] for the winter, but I think this photo just snapped that idea right out of me. So thanks Fug Girls and Kate!

    • Chicklet

      Don’t write off trying brunette-dom just yet! This is a bad wig, not just because it has a cool undertone when a warm undertone would be much more flattering, there’s also no depth to it, via highlights and lowlights. Talk with your stylist, who can help you find a flattering shade (since you’re naturally blonde, probably a lighter shade of brown), and giving it depth. You may also want to try a semi-permanent color or something? Just because I *think* blonde hair soaks up dye like crazy and it may get out of hand. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. :-)

  33. BB

    Anyone else getting a “Drew Barrymore” vibe from this? I never noticed how similar they were until now.

  34. Ava

    The movie is called the Reluctant Fundamentalist, based on the book also entitled the Reluctant Fundamentalist, by Mohsin Hamid.

    • Rafath

      I was wondering when someone’s gonna mention the book the movie is obviously based on. Kate wouldn’t be playing the title character and yes, she looks ridiculous and unsuited to the role!

      P.S. – Do give it a read, a very nice account of how a regular guy ends up as a fundamentalist – very reluctantly!

  35. cpro

    dowdy, dumpy, frumpy, and suddenly 20 pounds heavier…how did a wig do all that one big pouf of its synthetic hair?

  36. Cruising

    Mikki, I too thought the nudist interpretation of Naturalist. I was wondering why she was wearing clothes at all.

  37. Laura E.

    I’m also seeing a Drew Barrymore resemblance. And the whole outfit is pretty dreadful.

  38. jenelope

    I think she looks like Kat Denning’s older, frumpier sister.

    • Sajorina

      Oh, no, Kat has gorgeous naturally shiny curly dark brown hair that suits her pale skin, not like this mate, monotone black wig disaster! And, I’ve seen Kat Dennings’ older sister and she looks nothing like Kat or Kate Hudson!

  39. Laucie

    My first thought was Drew, as well. Don’t really care about the clothes, since it’s a costume, and she could be portraying anything. I’m not a fan, but even with a gigantic, obvious-looking wig, she’s still a pretty girl.

  40. Claire L

    This is going to sound catty…. and it is… but I am SO going to show this to my husband and say “Um….see…not so much”.

  41. Sando

    This makes me feel like a gloomy universe in which there is no happiness or beauty. What the world would be if fundamentalists ruled it and made Kate Hudson dress like this for real. Then I noticed the ‘get this look’ shopping tab at the bottom and started laughing!

  42. vandalfan

    But- I like her jacket! (Hides and runs away)

  43. Anna

    There is an excellent book called The Reluctant Fundamentalist. It is much more interesting than the title suggests!

    Not sure whether Kate Hudson is worthy of a role in the film version though…

  44. Blanche

    Excellent point about the movie title.

    Is this sound logic?:
    Does Kate Hudson looking bad in a frizzy, badly-cut, dark brown wig mean that I would look a lot better if I had an expensive hair stylist on staff who dyed my hair blonde? Not that that’s going to happen, but now I know it was an existential possibility, I can care even less.

  45. Erin

    The Reluctant Fundamentalist is actually quite a well renowned book, and the only female character I can think of who she must be playing is supposed to be super depressed (actually pretty batsh*t crazy) intellectual type girl, so I suppose frumpy is a fair enough look for that.

  46. SaraK

    This is just painful. Seeing Kate Hudson look both terrible and quite a lot like me is not a good feeling. I think I need to get a haircut and purge a few jackets out of my closet. Meanwhile, Kate needs to get rid of that costume director and hire another one. Even if she’s supposed to be a “super depressed (actually pretty batsh*t crazy) intellectual type girl” there has to be a better way to get there than this. Ouch.

  47. Liz

    I imagine it’s based on the book of the same title..

    also – totes has a young wino (though perhaps more Beetlejuice esq.) look to it

  48. Sajorina

    I see Lauren Graham! This is like Kate Hudson plays Lorelai Gilmore in the upcoming movie “Gilmore Girls: If Lorelai had stayed in Hartford: The College Years”!

  49. BB_Brune

    I don’t get it then, they should have cast Winona instead to play the “super depressed (actually pretty batsh*t crazy) intellectual type girl” (to quote Erin).
    That’s got Winona written all over it…
    Oh well…

  50. amber

    I didn’t even recognize her at first. I don’t really see Wino, but I DO see a young Debra Winger. Either way, the wig, the Fragile Pharmacist, the whole thing says meh to me.

    • Bacon Larue

      It turns out that to carry off hair like this, you have to have one heckuva face.
      This is Debra Winger hair, OK. But that is no Debra Winger face.

      Debra Winger was of the era when about half the Hollywood actresses had thin lips and gigantic brown eye pools each approximately the size of Lake Superior, set under incredible cheekbones in otherwise pale, delicately-boned faces.

      Obviously, I think it was a distinctive look that ought to be revived.

  51. Lara

    Hey, isnt she The Rural Juror??

  52. Becky

    Tedious Zoologist, Heather, you are a genius with words and gave me a great giggle with your titles, Bravo!!!!

  53. Kara K

    The book the movie’s based on isn’t bad but that hair is awful. Should have gone with something a little lighter and actually dyed. Blair Waldorf’s hair-esque.

  54. ladeeb

    The book was fantastic! I hope they don`t screw it up. She’s playing someone severely depressed if I recall…

  55. Christine

    Every time I see this picture, I think it’s Sara Gilbert. Not a great look for Kate.

  56. shoeboxs


  57. Wanda from Canada

    Oh my, oh my, she looks just like the gal who played Rosanne’s daughter. …..Sara Gilbert ? Go blonde, honey, go blonde.

  58. Louisa

    It doesn’t suit her or flatter her, so not knowing anything about this movie, I can only guess that this is the intended effect.

  59. Raya

    The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a book about a Pakistani man who gets disillusioned with America. It’s a brilliantly written-book and the title is entirely apt for the plot – which means that none of your helpful suggestions for the title would be very helpful at all. It would be great if you would at least take the time to google up whatever you are talking about before criticizing it merely for the sake of criticizing it.

    Also, as per her role, Kate Hudson is supposed to look the way she looks in this picture – mostly because unlike other Kate Hudson movies – this is not a rom-com or anything remotely like a rom-com.

    And just in case you are still disinclined to spend the energy googling this up, here’s a helpful link – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Reluctant_Fundamentalist

  60. moiraeknittoo

    I actually thought this was a shot of Drew Barrymore before I started reading. Whoa.

  61. Louisa

    The color of her brows completely voids the pretense of the dark wig. A bit of pencil would have made the look a little more believable.