Fug or Fab the Covers: Rita Ora on Elle

Somehow Rita Ora landed the cover of Elle’s music issue. And somehow it’s actually pretty damn good. Can we assume this is because it was out of her own hands?

[Photos: Elle]

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  1. mary lou bethune

    Boring. They put mouse ears on the poor girl? They must have been bored, too. I am still not sure why she is worthy of recompense- who is she?

  2. MKKS

    I think that cover is amazing. I’m not really aware of her music, so in the past when I’ve seen photos of her I’ve been mainly eyebrows-raised amazed by what she’s wearing & only vaguely noticed that she looked kind of pretty. But wow — this cover — she IS really beautiful. ALL about her face. And love the pink-and-grey. Also, HAT! Just at the perfect hat moment with all the horsey set swanning about at the moment. Eliza Dolittle at your service.

    Also … Aww. Our Town is so special.

    • Rachael

      I agree that I have never noticed before how really beautiful she is. I mean, hot damn, that face. It’s quite striking.

      The covers. The first — I love. The mouse ears, pass. The inside stuff — yes, good. As art, especially. And as a showcase for how lovely Rita Ora is.

      • Lucille Austero

        Agree. Lovely. And that’s not a word I really associated with Rita Ora up to this time.

  3. Stefanie

    Hmmm. Well she looks good, but Im giving that credit to the photographer/stylists/everyone other than her. She’s pretty but anonymous here. Although, TBH I really do not have a clue why she’s famous and only know her from GFY so maybe Im not the best judge.

  4. Kristen

    I love the mouse ear cover. Love love love the ladder shot. Actually I love it all except the odd pear dress with the neon intestine fascinator, which is just interesting.

  5. Mary

    Tyra is so jealous right now of that first cover.

    • Chris P

      Tyra is probably looking up Rita’s house address on Google Maps with one hand. (Her other hand is holding a tire iron.)

  6. CakesOnAPlane

    I really hate that Mouse Ear cover. It just makes me go “What?! Why are you so cranky at me, girl? What did I do to you?” Also, I’m not sure how they managed to escape the copyright wrath of Disney, no matter how vague that reference is (they are notorious sticklers for that kind of stuff).

    Love the cover, and I am on record as liking the bootaloons. There, I said it.

  7. MKKS

    About the mouse ears — I wonder if it’s some sort of message about packaging … sales … Disney-ification … of female artists? Seeing as it’s the Women in Music issue? I don’t love it or hate it but it sort of makes me interested in reading the article that goes with it? Maybe? There are a lot of question marks here though? So whatever the message was it’s not quite clear enough? Maybe?

  8. anna s.

    I’m okay with the Art Piece being the Art Piece. I really really wish they’d have made that photograph the Cover Piece.

    • S

      I’d seriously frame and hang that one. It is gorgeous.

      • Roosje

        Its so stunning, everything about it is perfect. I’m even willing to overlook the neon pastry

  9. Helen

    Too much paint on the lips and brows.

  10. valueofaloonie

    I’m not sure if I’m coming down with something or what, because…I really, really like that pink feather dress/reptilian bootaloons (word of the week!) combo.

    It’s kind of punk rock meets bizarro can-can dancer, and I’m down with that.

  11. Nan

    Sorry, I can’t get over the full on “Joan Crawford-Mommie Dearest” eyebrows.

  12. hfree

    The mouse cover made me think of this Herb Ritts photo of Madonna: http://shard3.1stdibs.us.com/archivesE/art/upload/29/846/Ritts_Madonna.MinnieMouse.jpg

  13. Sandra

    I wish photographers would get over the idea that women standing around slack-jawed with their fingers in their mouths is sexy. It isn’t; it just makes them look vapid and vacant.

  14. Kat

    I would love to know who art directed this shoot. They deserve a freaking medal. Beautiful.

  15. googler

    Wow, in some of those I feel like she’s a pinup girl channeling Marie Antoinette. Which is never something I thought I’d say about Rita Ora.

  16. googler

    But I loathe the mouse ears shot. Boo, stylist! Boo!

  17. lily

    For what it’s worth, my copy had Adele.. much more well deserved. and more beautiful.

  18. Charlotte

    She looks pretty, but if you told me that she was some random model instead of a (supposedly) famous musical act, I’d believe you. I don’t recognize her at all. That’s not good. (Well, it’s not good for her. It suits me fine because I’d wish people like Elle would stop trying to make her happen. Making her anonymous seems like a good start.)

    I wish they’d had any of the other women listed on the cover appear instead. How awesome would a Pink cover have been? I know she’s not “fashion” but she *is* interesting and talented. And her name doesn’t provoke a “Huh? Who’s that supposed to be?” from 95% of the population.

  19. tigers4us

    RitaO has ALWAYS been very pretty and cute. However, her styling has been on the cheap/tacky side. The Elle pics are great (professional styling and photography, of course), but I could do without the giant poof on her head.

  20. Eirwen

    Thank heaven they sorted out her horrid yellow blonde barnet. She looks lovely when not dressed in her usual crazy ass get-up.

  21. Sajorina

    I like the 1st cover & the 4th picture! She looks lovely in those two pics and I like the mix of pastels & black!

  22. Veronica

    Hate the Mickey Mouse motifs. HATE IT. Made me even angrier when they used it in that horribly Lolita-es

  23. Veronica

    (Whoops, hit enter too fast, there!)

    The Mickey Mouse motif grossed me out when they did it with the awful, Lolita-esque Dakota Fanning cover and it grosses me out here. It feels infantilizing when it’s juxtaposed with an adult woman, and it’s just completely out of place amidst all of the other high fashion here.

    OTHERWISE, I really love the cover, especially those strong, daring brows.

  24. Other Emily

    I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in every one (even with the mouse ears) and am very impressed with this art direction. I kind of love it all.

  25. TonyG

    Seriously…where did Rita Ora come from? Did she really deserve any magazine cover devoted to music? I have never heard really heard of her outside of her fashion foibles here. My music tastes, I suppose, could be dated, but still, I know who Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, P!nk, and Janelle Monae are. Just wondering…it’s as if she appeared from nowhere.

    Oh, the cover…I love it!

  26. Vandalfan

    Someone is trying So. Very. Hard. to make her happen. But it’s all been done before, and better- Beyonce did the classic beauty part, better; Madonna or that Born This Way gal did the wacky costumes while performing, better. And the mouse thing is a just a stupid insult.