Fug or Fab The Cover: Sandra Bullock on Vogue

At least two of you predicted that Sandy Bullock here was going to land a cover for Gravity:

[Cover: Vogue.com]

My feelings on this cover are so mixed. For one thing, I love that Vogue has a 49-year-old woman on the cover; it doesn’t happen often enough, despite the fact that the 49-year-old women of the world are more likely to be the women who can actually afford that promised perfect fall wardrobe. I love this sea-foam-green-meets-Tiffanys-blue color, and I dig the sort of 60s thing they’re doing on her, especially because it feels like a smart wink to the fact that she’s in a movie that’s about, at least in part, the space program. I love Sandra Bullock in general, and I think her face has a lot of feeling in this photo (thanks perhaps to the fact that she doesn’t have, as the cover frets, an “overinjected face.” I hope the cure for that is just one sentence: “stop getting injections, dumb-ass, and go outside for a little while.”). The whole thing is striking.

On the “con” side of the pro/con equation: that hair. I get it, but I don’t know if I like it.

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Comments (98):

  1. Regina

    I really dont like her hair…. Other than that I think its great!

    • susannestyle

      agreed- i think it’s all good except for the old lady hair

      • SugarMagnolia

        That hair is made of NO. I think a 60s-era pixie would look great on her, but that mullet with the one weird tendril is a friend to no one.

    •  Emma

      You guys it’s a MULLET.

  2. Stefanie

    I hate it. It’s giving me Kris Jenner vibes so bad. Sandy deserves better.

    • Jessica


    • Dani

      Yes, you are so right! The hair is just AWFUL!

    • Chris P

      THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO POST. It’s the short hair + sequins (let’s be honest – Mama K is probably plotting how to get her grubby mitts on this RIGHT NOW) that’s causing that – and while I honestly think she objectively looks good (in a world where Kris Jenner is rightfully toiling in obscurity – a better world, if you will), the fact that she resembles a D-list celebrity ruins it.

    •  hillary l.

      We could compromise and say maybe it’s more Liza Minelli? Better? Maybe?

  3. ines

    i love it, it’s so different than her usual …

    and 49? really?? wow

  4. kittenmittens

    Like the dress and the face, but not the hair.

  5. pye

    The background/backlit lighting is somehow distracting. I think that’s what’s bugging me.

  6. Katty McNiley Ripley

    I’m sorry but to me is a high-class mullet haircut that I see

  7. Deborah Stultz

    I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that she looks like Diana Rigg/Emma Peel before. Must be the 60s vibe.

  8. Minutiae

    The hair. Ugh. I love her, but that hair does her a great disservice, especially since it’s otherwise fab.

  9. LoriK

    I get the hair, but I know I don’t like it.

  10. Olivia

    Other than the fact that her hair reminds me of Florence Henderson during the Brady Bunch, everything else is great. I love the pose, the colors, and face is flawless.

    • mandiann

      That’s who she looks like! It’s like she’s Carol Brady’s evil twin (we know she’s evil because she is a brunette).

  11. AmandaD

    I love it all except for her sad sad expression. Mixed with the outfit and it feels like one of those 50s/early 60s movies about how everyone is incredibly repressed and miserable and having sordid hateful affairs out of spite. Also known as this week’s Mad Men episode.

  12. lululu

    I REALLY don’t get this. It looks like a tall mullet.

    • Erin

      Seconded…it has a mullet-curl. Like a baby mullet? A rat-curl? Something bad!!! BAD! I could have gotten behind the hair without the mini-mullet.

  13. Robyn V

    It’s very Jamie Lee Curtis circa “Trading Places.” She’s looked prettier, but it’s kinda bad @$$.

  14. Christine

    I don’t like the lipstick shade, and I’d prefer the hair if I thought it was an updo instead of a 60′s-esque short style. If that curl of hair at her nape wasn’t there, I’d be happier.

    • TonyG

      Ditto on the lipstick shade, and then it seems they Photoshopped the upper center of her back to have a highlight burst that is the same color as the lipstick. Too contrived. Then again, beauty magazine covers are nothing if contrived.

      • Sophia Loren

        The only thing that bothers me about this cover are the pink tones in her lips, cheeks and back, esp with the red of the title. The hair is kooky-cool.

      • ohsohappy

        TonyG, that is exactly what I see. The wrong lip shade and that unnecessary back glow.

  15. Kristin Cass

    Can we also talk about the fact that she looks like she’s about to do an ice skating routine in this sequined getup?

  16. Leesa

    So much wasted potential on this one! Fabulous person, interesting colors, non-clichéd pose, sexy but not trashy… BUT (and it pains me to have to “but” this one), her makeup is distractingly and unflatteringly fuchsia and she looks more sad than fierce. She looks almost febrile, like they’re gearing up for flu season instead of fall season.

  17. Maria L.

    If Vogue was going for retro hair, they should have asked someone from Mad Men to help, because Anna’s crew surely came up with a miserable ‘do. It’s a fake mullet-bouffant.

    Her face looks great and I love the color of that dress, though I wish there were a little more of it, it looks like it is falling off or like someone forgot to make the back. I get the idea, but it doesn’t entirely work for me. Still, I can’t hate.

  18. Henny

    The hair would be ok if it hadn’t been teased so much. It’s just an awkward angle. In fact, Vogue does a LOT of awkward covers. All the elements are there, but the angle ruins it.

  19. Electric Landlady

    I don’t like the hair, and I am also not really on board with the lipstick. It’s almost mauve. Mauve lipstick is nobody’s friend.

  20. Heather S.

    The hair, the hair, the hair. It would be sublime otherwise. I loooooooooove that color, everything is better with sparkles, her back is gorgeous, the pose and her face are evocative of just Grace Kelly level glamor and GOOD GODS I hope I look that good at 49. But the HAIR is terrible. Can someone photoshop it off?

  21. Anna

    The hair is fine, but the lip color is TERRIBLE. Why couldn’t they have gone with a red or a nude lip?

    • Heather S.

      I think red would take away from the rest of it. Maybe more of a coral?

      • Anna

        Yes! Coral would’ve been great! As it is now, it just looks like she is freezing and/or slightly oxygen deprived.

  22. Karen G

    LOVE the dress, and her face is lovely, but I’d prefer a different color lipstick. I get that the pink is 60s, but that doesn’t mean it looks good. Her hair is okay, but yeah, kind of Kris Jenner, which is not a compliment. Her own is so much better. And would earrings have been so difficult?

  23. Ruth

    Sandy, I *know* you can smize. Why aren’t you?

  24.  Jen S. 2.0

    Co-sign. I like everything about this except for the shorn furry dead animal on her head.

  25. BrownEyedBetty

    The hair, the lipstick, her sad face: Not working for me. Such a shame as she is soooooo well-preserved and stunningly beautiful when done up right. This isn’t right.

  26. rax

    Sandra Bullock is such an awesome, awesome lady. I wish we could have her face on, showing all her vim and vigor. I hate how she looks sad and scared. She is a total bad ass with a career on fire and no forty-nine year old should look that hot! I want to see more of that, and less of a sad-faced waif with awful hair.

    • mary lou bethune

      There is a reason most 49 year old woman don’ t look that hot . I just wish the celebs would say” this is what $100,000 can do for you” or something like that. Sandy is wonderful actress, beautiful, and admirable in all things but her face is too smooth for a woman of her age. period.

  27. Kate Andrews

    Yes to everything but the hair. BUT: Did everyone else notice that there’s a Bridget Jones excerpt inside? That is exciting!!

  28.  Charlotte

    Not a fan of the hair, and that lipstick isn’t doing her any favors either.

    Otherwise she looks fab.

  29. anne

    I hope the coloring on the actual magazine is more flattering than what I can see on my computer. I have never, ever thought that was anything problematic about Sandy’s nose before. But here, it looks like a boiled potato dusted with paprika.

    Of course, maybe that is on the theme of autumn… carbs with paprika….

  30. Mikki

    I’m obviously in the minority here, but the first time I saw this I loved the hair. I think I just hate the flat iron, stick straight style she favors so often that this was a nice change. Makes for a nice retro vibe. I’ll just show myself out now….

  31. Rachael

    I love it, full stop. While I would not personally wear that hair, nor, do I imagine, would Sandra Bullock, it’s interesting. The drama of this cover is lovely. I think it’s great. I don’t think she looks sad, as several people have commented.

  32. Rachael

    I’m getting a weird Posh vibe from this cover, the styling, the expression… everything. Weird.

  33. Jessica

    I just had this conversation with a friend about it:

    Me: why is everything about this cover the worst? http://gofugyourself.com/fug-or-fab-the-cover-sandra-bullock-on-vogue-09-2013
    Me: is it because it looks like they copied the 1988 cover of vogue?
    Her: exactly
    Me: or is it because her dress is literally falling off her arm?
    Her: all of the above
    Me: Or is it because her cheeks are ruddy like she just finished chasing down a criminal in some cop movie she’s filming?
    Her: it can’t have anything to do with Sandra Bullock because she is literally everything. So whoever styled this cover is hopefully fired and in Vogue jail which I imagine to be in like Anna Wintour’s uptown basement and she feeds on their souls.

    Sounds about right.

    • chello

      the dress falling off her arm is all I could see for a loooooong time looking at this!

  34. Nicole

    I do think there is something weird Photoshop-wise going on around her shoulder that is distracting to me because I can’t figure out why I feel weird about it. But I can get past that because it’s just so common to look at a picture and turn your head every which way trying to figure out what is out of sort.
    But the hair. As soon as I saw this I though, “The Fug girls are going to Fug this.” I don’t get it. At all. It’s so out of proportion. I just can’t.
    Otherwise I think her face looks beautiful and I can be happy about seafoam sequins.

    • Miss Jane

      Yes, definitely something with the line of the dress over her shoulder – like it’s been altered slightly by someone who didn’t pay any attention to how the sequins sit on the rest of the seam…

      • delle

        exactly! The hair is horrible, but I could get past and not fug it except the way the sleeve lies on her shoulder is unreal. The sleeve is forward of where her arm meets her back – no way would that actually stay on a body unless taped there.

        The color of the dress, however, is amazing.

  35. Joy Holder Northrop

    I’m sensing a strong whiff of Famke Janssen here.

  36. Cat

    Ugh, the hair is killing me. Which is a shame, because her face is gorgeous (the makeup seems a little jarring with the blue background, though) and I love the dress.

  37.  HelenBackAgain

    That is a TERRIBLE wig. I can’t get past it. They fail for that alone.

  38. Alex Kap

    I feel a Jane Kaczmarek vibe here

  39. ErinB

    A gorgeous, mid-high ponytail (does that make sense? Not an “I Dream of Jeannie” ponytail) and different lipstick and I’m sold. Her real hair is so pretty, Vogue, why do you have to mess it up?

  40.  Squirrel!

    This picture makes me feel cold. Glacial background color, pink lips with blue undertone, bare back. Brr.

    • Squirrel!

      And her cheeks and nose look rosy from the cold, too. It looks like if she opened her mouth, you’d be able to see her breath.

  41. Evalyn

    I get the styling, and it doesn’t even look bad, it’s just that I like my Bullock straight.

  42. Caro

    Sorry, she looks like a female impersonator here.

  43. Meghan

    Not feeling the hair but love the dress. For some reason I thought she was around 39, 40-ish so whatever she’s doing – it’s working.

  44. PHX

    It’s very Jane Fonda-mugshot-from-1967…. (and I don’t mean that in a good way).

  45. Tiffany

    She looks so, so beautiful. Gorgeous. Love that color on her. WHY did they have to ruin it with that hair? It seems like sabotage! Everything else is perfect, love the color especially on her.

  46. val.

    I’m not on board with the hair. Not at all. I also don’t love the background color, which, while it goes with the dress, seems to make SB washed out and sickly-looking. I think she deserves better.

  47. Sajorina

    I love the seafoam green background, the dress, her gorgeous face and perfect skin! I hate the hairdo, the lipstick and the lack of jewels! She needed her hair up in a sleek ponytail, a vibrant pink or coral lipstick, and beautiful chandelier earrings! I would’ve even settled for diamond studs! Anyway, Sandra is SPECTACULAR!

  48. Alicia

    The first thing I thought when I looked at this photo was wow, she looks like Jamie Lee Curtis somehow, and my second thought was an outraged, why does Sandra Bullock have a mullet?!?!?!?!?!?!

  49. Alli

    Like the dress, adore the actress, hate hate hate the hair and makeup.

  50. jes229

    I really, really want to believe that this is “real” — i.e., un-touched-up — but I just don’t. And I think that part kind of sucks. And if I am wrong, kudos beyond belief …. but I really don’t think I am.

  51. Art Eclectic

    I have to disagree that her face look good – for me that’s exactly the FAIL. I find those colors terribly unflattering on her. The rest of it would have worked for me with the right makeup.

  52. sacchrainkiss

    The make-up isn’t really doing it for me, and the hair is definitely in High-Class Mullet territory, I think the background also is making things weird, I feel like if she were wearing this dress (I assume she’s wearing a dress) to an awards show we would all be falling over ourselves loving it, but the way that they did it just makes the whole thing see off. Also, I sort of want to smack whatever editor decided to put that plastic surgery headline next to Sandra Bullock, as if to say that the people who love Sandra Bullock are middle aged, and therefore have “plumped” their face. It’s a little insulting to everyone involved.

  53. Ranee Singleton

    She’s looking at the camera all “Look, I know this wig is stupid, but they’re making me wear it.”

  54. becky

    I saw a pic somewhere today (NY Post?) of Sandy with sunglasses on and a different dress, doing some take on a high wire act. The pic was awesome and would have been a way better cover than this.

  55. Eli

    I am glad that you get the hair, Jessica, but I at least do not. Translate please. Because to me it is an unsightly aberration on an otherwise beautifully turned out lady.

  56. Rene' Helm Thurston

    I think their attempt at sixties chic kind of stumbled into 70′s ick. The background color is just…OFF PUTTING. In a 70′s “I have harvest gold appliances” kind of way that just doesn’t work. I also think her face is too matte…at least I think that’s the problem. She needed a tiny bit of gloss on the lip. The hair is just epic FAIL. Maybe it’s my own GrrAnimals PTSD from my 70′s childhood, but it just reeks of wrong.

  57. Sandra

    The color of the dress is lovely, but the sequins in juxtaposition with the line about the new Bridget Jones story have me hearing “…because underneath our clothes, we have scales all over our bodies” in my head.

  58. Amy

    I thought I liked her with shorter hair then I realised I wasn’t scrolled all the way up

  59. Alanah

    I gave this an A, from the fringe (bangs?) down. Utterly mesmerizing. But the bouffant (auto-corrected to buffoon – actual LOL) top is killing me. I have to scroll to where I can’t see the mop-top to be able to keep looking at it.

  60. Esme

    It reminds me of a glamour shot of someone’s spinster librarian aunt.

  61. Roz

    Whoo hoo! Sandra was my prediction for a Vogue cover at the end of Fug last year. Yay for that, but Boo for this cover! WTF with the hair??? HATE IT. Ruins it. She looks so fab in that dress, so sexy, then that hi-DAY-ous short crap hair makes her look so housewife!! Terrible! Someone at Vogue hates her.

  62. Courtney

    I like her with short hair in theory, but this looks like a bad photoshop job where the top of her head got accidentally stretched out by an inch, or that old guy that doesn’t realize that his toupee doesn’t fit? It makes her scalp look creepily long and square. I love pretty much everything else about this cover, so I’m very disappointed.

  63. Aubreys642.com

    Mullet, that’s all I have to say. Yup.


  64. Leah M

    I think the main problem is her posture. She would look better, more confident and sexier with relaxed shoulders that weren’t curved forward quite as much. And yes, I now sound like my mother……

  65. Halley

    The hair reminds me of Kris Jenner. And Sandra Bullock as Kris Jenner= sad face.

  66. Jeannine

    she looks so much like Katharina Witt here – and the sequins aren’t helping!

  67. liz

    the hair is way too carol brady for my taste.

  68.  hillary l.

    Also, I kinda stopped paying attention to the rest of the cover once I saw there’s an article about Nora Ephron and Meg Ryan, by Delia Ephon. THAT is why I’m tracking down a copy for myself.

  69. Kim Usey

    I just want a whole nother lipstick and then I’m good to go.

  70. Tess

    She’s so gorgeous and funny, yet they make her look frumpy and cold from the neck up. What is with these magazine people?

  71. Dorch

    Meh. The hair. I’m getting so over Vogue and their insistence on celebs. It feels so safe. This on the other hand is a recent Aussie Harper’s Bazaar cover with Rosie Huntington-Whitely and it may be my favorite magazine cover image ever: http://www.designscene.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-Harpers-Baazar-Australia-01.jpg

    Lift your game, Anna.

  72. Simone

    Why did they make her look like Kris Jenner? WHY

  73. rcs

    The hair somehow makes her look significantly like Marcia Gay Harden. Which, you know, MGH is kickin’, but still…