Fug or Fab the Cover: Princess Charlene


I love looking at covers of magazines which are published in languages I am unable to read, because it means I can invent the headlines. I’m sure this issue of Japanese Vogue is touting the usual Vogue articles, which I imagine to be universal — something about a weird new plastic surgery meant to alleviate a cosmetic problem we weren’t even aware was a problem, something about a rich and expensively dressed woman who also runs an art gallery/investment brokerage/dermatology practice and everything she wears therein, something about a new starlet whose parents are obscurely famous and the charming dinner parties she gives for hipsters, the end — but I like to think it’s sporting things like, “Princess Charlene: She Wore Color Once. Can It Happen Again?” and “Women Who Might Hate Their Husbands: How To Talk To Them” and “So You Tried To Flee The Country: Three Women Speak Out.”

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  1. jackie

    She is beautiful, but this is not a flattering angle. Atleast she doesn’t look terrified/annoyed like usual.

    • Amber

      Yes! She has such great arms/shoulders, but they have her all hunched over.

  2. a

    Are you sure this (bored/irritated/unhappy) isn’t just her natural state? Some people just look cranky all the time…

  3.  Stefanie

    Huh. Well…I guess it’s good they didnt make her look like someone else.

  4. anna s.

    She looks… sad. Or maybe troubled. At any rate, it’s not a positive emotion that she’s emoting here. If Vogue’s photo staff and highly trained crack photoshop team can’t manage to make you look happy, or light, or interesting, or edgy, or in some way exciting, then I feel bad for you.

    The Princess really needs to get a PR staff who can circulate some pictures of her smiling and playing table tennis with adorable moppets, a la Kate. She’s a sporty person, some widely publicized pictures of her being happy and sporty would do wonders for that couple’s optics.

  5. Sandra

    I think they just wanted to give her a Princess Grace aura. And I think they succeeded. I have no idea whether that fits Charlene’s personality or not.

  6. Mouse

    She looks…plastic.

  7. Tiffany

    I think she looks naturally beautiful here and not overly made up. Her skin looks so soft and lovely. I think it is pretty great.

    I LOVE the fact that there are only two headlines. Can American mags start doing that? It is refreshing, which makes it enticing!

    •  Billie

      I was going to say the same thing about the headlines. This cover is SO refreshing.

  8. Cucina49

    She’s beautiful and elegant, but she looks as if she can’t be bothered to hold up her head. Which is presumably not the look they were trying to achieve.

  9. EmilyAP

    I think I voted for glorious just because it’s so uncluttered. The clean white, the soft blues, the lack of non-wedding jewelry… so gorgeously uncluttered.

    I wish her pose weren’t so odd and she had a colored lipstick on.

  10. Critique

    Let’s not forget she’s not a professional model, so she doesn’t have all of the “posing” tricks of the trade down pat. Maybe they were trying to minimize her swimmer’s shoulders, which always look huge to me.

  11. lynn

    The pose is so awkward I found myself tilting in order to look at it. Once I knew I was altering my posture in order to view, I became irritated. Her face does not look serene, it looks serious like she is saying ..”can you get me out of this frame of a picture?” Notice how the wedding band seems to be thrust into our faces.
    Obviously, I voted terrible :-)

  12. Nanc in Ashland

    My eye is drawn right to her wedding ring–is it beige?!

  13. HelenBackAgain

    I love it. Simple, spare, cleanly lovely. VERY Japanese.

  14. Vi

    She looks like she wants to punch someone in the face. Probably with her ring hand. Love her shoulders, though.

  15. Miranda

    The shots inside the magazine are really quite gorgeous. The bonus is that these clothes appear to be from her closet. I’ve seen her wear the white dress and black jumpsuit recently. The shot of her in the gold dress overlooking Monaco is fabulous. And there’s also a bonus doggie in one of them!


    • One of the Leahs

      Miranda– thanks for that link! The photos are gorgeous.

      Not to mention bonus dog!

    • Sajorina

      Thank you, Miranda! She looks beautiful in every one of those pictures, but the one of her looking over Monaco in the gold dress is STUNNING!

    • Evangeline

      The inside photos are MUCH more attractive than the cover. The gold dress one is amazing. I feel much better now.

      • formerlawyer

        What is it with Royalty and zippers?
        see the third photo and IIRC the Countess of Wessex/

  16. Tessa

    She’s really beautiful but that cover shot pose is awkward – it looks like something got stuck in her hair and she’s trying to pull it out.

    Also, why is she leaning sideways so oddly? Low ceiling? Dodging a monkey swinging from the chandelier? Trying the emulate the leaning tower of Pisa?

    So many questions…

  17. house mouse

    She’s so pretty, but that photo is so awkward.

  18. MollySC

    I make that face while waiting for coffee. It’s a mixture of anxiety, impatience, half-awakeness, and boredom. I feel like that sums her life up, and I wish it didn’t.
    Can’t some hot, shirtless, pirates take her ‘captive’ or something?

  19. Sajorina

    I love it in its simplicity! She looks GORGEOUS! And, even though the dress is giving me a Sharon Stone’s “Basic Instinct” vibe, I say FAB!

  20. Moolahloolah

    There are two camps of thoughts for her face -one is that she has that vacant-eyed look a la Charlize Theron the South African white girl look that can be interpreted as serene. The other is that she looks joyless.

    I didn’t know about those news articles alleging the princess tried to run away before her wedding until today. So I knew nothing about her background. I have seen her photos before though, and think she looks sad. She looks sad even when she smiles. This is what she makes me feel.

    Anyway, the posture with that upright arm is awkward. It would have looked fine if the hair was styled loose and voluminous in a casual chic way. It would have looked as if she is brushing her hand through her hair relaxedly. With her hair that neat, the posture is meaningless and staged.