I am almost surprised that they didn't use this as the cover. Vogue loves a giant hat. Or, if that's not documented and I'm hallucinating, I think the sentiment seems accurate.Vogue SHOULD love a giant hat. And dammit if Keira isn't making THAT work as well. This is so gorgeous. She has secrets. She is an aristocrat by birth but she's twiddling the ring like it's a signal, maybe to the lowly blacksmith who stole her heart, or the cuckolded married man who longs to be free so he can act on his forbidden passion -- so basically, in my world, the ring-twiddle is the fancy-pants Olden Times version of tugging on your earlobe when you win an Oscar so that your kids know you're thinking of them. She should make this her headshot, Or her holiday card. "What did you do this year? Not much happened here. EXCEPT FORBIDDEN LOVE."
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