Fug or Fab the Cover: Katy Perry

I don’t think ANY of us called THIS (wait! Two of you, in fact, did. I am impressed):

That being said, while I’m impressed by the psychic skills of Fug Nation, I don’t know that I am that impressed with the cover. I feel like we’ve all seen that dress, or a version thereof, a thousand times before today, and — more importantly — I actually think Katy Perry is much prettier than this. Her face is lighter than her chest (which, honestly, come on. If Photoshop is good for anything, it ought to be able to make one’s foundation match one’s actual skin) and she looks like she’s in the middle of an attack of hay fever. Is being allergic to your dress really THAT hot for summer?

What do you think? (PS: I DO want to read that Extreme Detox article, I’m not gonna lie.)

[Photo: Vogue.com]

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  1. porchswing

    I think she’s beautiful. I think this cover is horrendous. Someone got paid money for this atrocity.

    • JC

      She’s beautiful, but I think she has more to show than the cover above. They should have tried letting her wear custom suits – just a thought. Nonetheless, I think this cover worked fine for them.

  2. 1st time caller

    i honestly do not understand the choice being presented in the “good mood or good sex | do women have to choose?” article. is it suggesting that if one is in a good mood, one will not have good sex? that is not making any of the sense.

    also, this pose/dress/setting seems like Default Vogue Covers 101: Intro to Vogue Covers.

    • LoriK

      I want someone to give us a report on the mood/sex article too. I can’t imagine what they’re trying to say.

      As for the cover, it’s pretty standard for Vogue, but I think Kary looks pretty and trust me when I say that the dress looks a lot better than it actually is. That thing is a hot mess when you can see all of it.

    • caroline

      I read it. It’s about how antidepressants kill sex drive.

      • 1st time caller

        thank you for solving that mystery!

        i might have gone with something more obviously libido-specific…
        “good mood or good lady wood | do women have to choose?”

        just spitballin’ here.

    • Beth

      I was just coming here to mention that same point about the cover. It’s very by-the-numbers – “Let’s put high fashion in the field! Wooo!”

      • Sajorina

        Actually, only some antidepressants minimize your libido, but I don’t understand why apparently you wouldn’t be able to have good sex while taking them! I mean, you may not be in the mood at first, but afterwards the endorphins would make you feel great! It’s like exercise… You may not be in the mood to exercise one day, but after you do, you feel great! It’s not like you would have to choose between exercising or feeling great! Whatever, Vogue!

        • Martita

          Could you direct me to these antidepressants that don’t minimize female libido? The only one of which I am aware is Wellbutrin (buproprione). I would greatly appreciate it.

          From the tone of your comment (“the endorphins would make you feel great!”), I take it you are not relating personal experience?

          • Sajorina

            Well, the endorphins will make you feel great in the moment, but no I’m not speaking from personal experience! I’m only aware of two that don’t drastically minimize your libido: Paxil on its lowest dosage (20 mg) and Effexor XR on its lowest dosage (150 mg)! The dosage is as important as the medication itself; you feel more like yourself on the lowest dosage of a medication that works for you!

          • Sandra

            The SSRIs are notorious passion-killers. The SNRIs tend to be less so. Buproprion is in that class. SNRI stands for Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor. And yes, it is true that the side effects include both lack of interest and diminished ability to experience pleasure. The reward systems in the brain function in a lot of different aspects of life, so therapeutic alteration for one purpose certainly does have effects in other domains.

            For the real scoop on drugs actions and interactions, talk to a Registered Pharmacist. Evey pharmacy counter in the country is required by law to have one and they usually know more about this stuff than the physicians. On the other hand, if you have an established relationship with an MD, it would probably be less difficult to broach such an intimate topic.

        • Celeste

          Obviously, you’ve never suffered from depression or had to live through the horror of finding the right medication; and trust me, MOST of them at therapeutic dose (at least the efficacious ones) kill your libido (I’ ve tried them all), and what a simplistic explanation about waiting for the endorphins to kick in! Yeah, that’ll work; I find your post extremely offensive and shallow, especially coming from someone who clearly has no genuine experience with this issue.

          • Christine

            … or she just has a sense of humor and doesn’t take comments on a website (about fashion) too seriously? Yeeeeeesh. You’re obviously in the wrong spot for a serious conversation about that kind of stuff, there are plenty of other sites for those topics and conversations.

          • Sajorina

            @Celeste: You don’t know me! I know more about this issue than you can imagine, so don’t make assumptions about me from one comment! I was just answering Martita, not trying to offend anyone!

            Thank you, Christine and GFY Jessica!

  3. Kate

    I think Anna might be losing her touch. A lot of the recent covers just haven’t been that great.

    • Kate

      After going to download the recent issue on my iPad, noticed that the last few have all been variations of this seated with carefully placed arms pose (Michelle Obama, Carey Mulligan & Kate Upton). I feel like Vogue should be/used to be better than that!

  4. holly

    At a quick glance I thought this was Emily Blunt with dyed hair.

  5. PB

    Like it I do not. No, I don’t like it at all.

  6. porchswing

    What is the process with all of the magazine cover photo shopping? I’m beginning to think editors just hand it off to the least experienced (or most bent) person and never even check it before it goes to press.

  7. Elizabeth Mahon

    She looks like she’s wearing clown make-up. I’m fascinated though to read the article, about how madly in love she still is with John Mayer who I just don’t get.

  8.  HelenBackAgain

    I am so over people being photo-edited into unrecognizability. Everything that makes her uniquely Katy Perry has been edited out. If there hadn’t been anything to tell me who it was, I’d have assumed “random French model.”

    • Erika

      This. It made me think of that Dove Real Beauty video–the one where they widen the model’s eyes, lengthen her neck, etc. Ugh.

  9. caroline

    I dont care for the cover either – but her interview actually made her seem very likable – I’ve never been a big fan before. The detox article is hilarious, definitely read it.

  10. Trilby

    It’s all right, but her eyes aren’t matching up too well, and the bare shoulder lacks realism, as the dress is obviously too tight to have fallen like that, and has clearly been Uncomfortably Tugged.

  11. snorgler

    Those are some mighty dead eyes!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think it’s because of whatever they did to alter the color of them. Katy’s eyes are a very distinct and unusual violet-y bright blue; here they appear rather greenish. I guess they wanted to pick up the color of the grass?

      Anyway, painting in a color in the iris can sometimes remove expression, the same way opaque colored contacts do. It was a really bad idea.

  12. Kate S

    Homegirl looks like she smoked a bowl and was then asked to solve the debt crisis.

  13. Other Emily

    Ok, but if her fresh romantic outlook has brought her BACK to John Mayer, it’s not very fresh. He’s gross. As for the cover: dead/Benadryl eyes. Fevered pink cheeks. Bad photoshop. Not a good cover at all.

  14. KO33

    First reaction: Wow, she looks like she was up all night crying, and they’re trying to tone down the puffiness with bad eye makeup and distract with a bright lip. And even after what I’m sure was a gallon of visine, her right eye still looks bloodshot.

  15. evalyn

    Has she always had a cleft in her chin? I don’t like this Katie Perry – I perfer the crazy, at least she looks alive then.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes, but it’s a lot smaller than they’ve made it here. Rarely noticeable in a full-face shot.

  16. Sajorina

    I like it! And I want that dress!

    • Amberoni13

      Anna? Anna Wintour? Good of you to comment….

    • One of the Leahs

      Sajorina, I’m totally with you on this one. The dress is a pretty print, and she looks serene instead of kooky, for a change.

      •  Katharine

        This cover shot has improved the dress : it’s look 24 from the Fall 2013 Rodarte Ready-to-wear collection and the midsection is trippy, like a sort of abstract inverted head-dress. As noted above, the photoshopping has given Katy Perry a resemblance to a brunette Emily Blunt, but that’s not a fail … this is one of the better American Vogue covers.

        • Alicia

          Yes – such an improvement on the dress, not an improvement to the woman.

    • Sajorina

      I think the real Anna Wintour would say “You plebeian minions wouldn’t know class and good taste if it hit you in the head! Everything I put my stamp on is FABULOUS, just ask André Leon Tally! SCOOT!”

      The dress is pretty and she looks pretty! I love the pattern & colors of the dress and I like that the wording is not so big & abundant that it’s slapping me in the face! So, what’s not to like compared to sooooo many AWFUL magazine covers out there? I agree 1/Leahs & Katherine!

  17. Shanti

    Her face looks like a mask, with those heavy shadows around her eyes looking like eyeholes. I agree that this image drained her of everything that made her unique and interesting.

  18. Rell

    Lately every Vogue cover looks like the cover model has a mean case of food poisoning. See, Hathaway, Rooney Mara, Carey Mulligan, and now Katy Perry. Someone check craft services!

  19. Guerra

    I think her large, doe eyes look small here. Which is her best & most recognizable feature!

  20. val.

    Her face and neck don’t seem to belong to the same person somehow.. The effect is strange.

    • G

      That neck doesn’t belong to ANY human. They’ve photoshopped a beautiful woman into a freak.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        You’re right. Perry does have a long-ish neck to start, especially for her size (her publicist claims 5’8″ but I think it’s more like 5’5″):


        But it doesn’t look a thing like this. No one’s does, the shape is all wrong – it’s kind of snake-y. I think her trapezius was edited down to lengthen the neck.

        Like so many other edits in this photo, it was a really bad idea.

  21. Lily

    In the article she talks about good ol Russel asking her for a divorce VIA TEXT MESSAGE and that being the last time he ever communicated with her. And also that she thought the breakup was all her fault until she found out about undisclosed “other factors”. I was never her biggest fan but THAT ish right there…I give her a pass from here on out. You’re better off without that festering puddle of douche water, (thanks Charlie) Katy.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Goodness, I always just assumed that the more classy and talented of the two, who obviously could have done better from the outset, had been the one to ask for divorce. That it was actually him instead is borderline incomprehensible.

      I’m not a big fan of airing out one’s ish in public, but I can understand talking about that one. Getting it by text is so insulting. It isn’t like they were just going no further after a few dates, this was a marriage! She gets my sympathy, too.

      Well, I still hate the cover, but evidently they got a great interview out of her, so there’s that at least!

  22. Heidi

    I think it’s ironic that “Unique is the New Chic” but they’ve taken out all that makes Katy Perry unique (whether you like her or not).

  23. Ghanimatrix

    It looks like they photoshopped one side of her face onto the other, badly.

  24.  Emma

    I actually think the dress is gorgeous, but the pose is awkward and unflattering, the exposed shoulder looks cheap, and her makeup and expression are TERRIBLE.

  25. Ariel

    Please tell me that article pertains to ‘Deadly Spa’! (Did anyone else read the ‘Deadly Spa’ recap piece? Because you all should, immediately.)

  26. Anna

    She has dead eyes in every single shot in that spread. Otherwise I like the dresses and the theme/composition.

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  28. Esme

    I have to say I do love that dress so much, but with the background, the whole thing is too busy. And although I don’t think of Katy (whom I love) as a great beauty, she is much prettier than this; her face looks like a mask here.

  29. mj

    I think that the “let’s make her look skinnier by photoshopping the crap out of her face” technique has backfired again. She’s normally healthy & lovely looking. This is unfortunate. As is the shot making her eyes look not just “wonky” as she says, but out of sync.

  30. VV

    Her cleft chin is way too distracting and the make up is awful.

  31. TonyG

    The purpose of the face make up here seems to make her face look as wide and as contour-less as possible. Also, that extra white make-up ages her even as you can’t see a wrinkle.

  32.  vandalfan

    She is on the verge of throwing up. She looks nauseous.

  33. Truffles


  34. jean

    I like the green background and her hair which looks soft and not frozen. Otherwise she could be any pretty model with bright blue eyes. She could have been Zooey “New Girl” (can’t spell name and won’t google it right now because I’m lazy).

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