Fug or Fab the Cover: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth


Well, okay then. Here we are. If the cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence made me think everything was going to be okay, this one makes me feel a bit more concerned. Why does Peeta look like a bouncer fighting a burgeoning ‘roid problem? Do we really think Gale is waking up every morning and neatly tucking in his shirt before hopping a fence to do some sneaky illegal poaching? Do men who flout the anti-meat-capturing laws of a totalitarian dictatorship think to themselves, “welp, I got no problem bagging some rabbits to sell on the black market, but A LOOSE SHIRTTAIL? HELL NO.”? Are his pants a wee bit too high for a rebellious neighborhood hottie? Why does Peeta look so CONFRONTATIONAL? YOU’RE A SWEET KID WHO IS REALLY INTO CARBS. I am confused.

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  1. Emily

    I have a terrible fondness for Josh Hutcherson. I think he’s such a nice-seeming and talented young guy. Liam Hemsworth is not forgiven for the Miley Cyrus movie. Not now, not ever. The tucked-in shirt is just silly, although I guess it’s probably not his fault. I dunno — I haven’t read the Hunger Games (yet), so I don’t have a meaningful comment.

  2. Willow

    I half expected the first promo pictures to be of then shirtless and wrestling so I suppose there’s that to be happy about.

    I am still not sold on Liam Hemsworth as Gale, I still hope it’s a joke and Ben Barnes will swoop in and save the day.

  3. Libby

    Uh, Josh Hutcherson is 5’7″ and Liam Hemsworth is 6’4” – they didn’t do a very good job photoshopping these guys into the same shot.

  4. Monkey

    Why is there no quiz option for THEY’RE RUINING EVERYTHING?

  5. Allie

    I hadn’t seen the EW Jennifer Lawrence cover, so thank you for that. I was on the fence before, but now I feel better about her being Katniss.

  6. kathotdog

    I like Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, as I find him attractive, but not too attractive and a quiet sort; but I don’t know about Gale. Also, Woody Harrelson will have to do lots of magic to make me believe he’s Haymitch. I’m still excited for these movies, though I wonder why imdb lists Hunger Games 4? Unless they’re planning a HP7 and breaking the last book into 2 films.

  7. inconceivable

    I’m with you, Monkey. This cover is the worst.

  8. Anonymous_Skater

    The cover background makes me think of “Lost”…..also, it does look like the guys were Photoshopped into the same picture.

  9. TaraMisu

    Ohhhhhhh I don’t know…. I’m still really concerned here. I’m not into any of the actors they chose, but I have my fingers crossed…. tucked in shirt is hilarious tho!!

  10. Carrie

    Lots of apple boxes involved, here.

  11. Carolyn

    I think these two young men look… quite dashing. Hm. Yes, yes, I think this will be good.

    P.S. – Woody Harrelson as Haymitch?! BRILLIANT! Oh please let him channel Roy Munson.

  12. Lupe

    Am I the only one NOT particularly excited for this movie? I never got why the books are so popular. I’ve read hundreds of young adult novels just like it. And hundreds better.

    Then again, Twilight. I should stop with the questioning.

  13. eee

    LOL @ Carrie. I was thinking the same thing. Isn’t Josh Hutcherson (damn fine actor that he is) a wee one compared to Liam Hemsworth? This is almost as good as the TomKat wedding photo height-wise.

  14. erin

    @kathotdog: There is talk of making it a four movie series, but they haven’t figured out exactly where to break three books into four parts.

  15. MamaFre

    I’m more concerned with the level of Gale bulge we’re getting here. Anyone else?

  16. ortenzia

    it’s uncanny how this is exactly as how i imagined peeta in the books. exactly exactly.

    gale i don’t understand, i pictured more of a what’s his face from i am number four…

    still though, i have hope. tiny hope. maybe…

  17. Susie Q

    The one thing I really am worried about is the fact they have said they are going to play up the romance aspect of the books and make it steamier, which to me suggests we are driving like a drunk driver in to Twilight territory.

    I’d rather they bulked up the movie by focusing on the other Tributes and giving them more of a backstory as apposed to Team Peeta or Team Gale nonsense.

  18. Angela Martin

    Peeta looks a little too beefy for me. He looks like a WWE wrestler. We shall see.

  19. Rayanne Graff

    Well, sure, cos the Hunger Games is meant to be a homoerotic slapstick comedy…

  20. sara

    I agree with Monkey! I am NOT HAPPY with ANY of the casting. Except for Donald Sutherland as President Snow. But he’s hardly IN the first book! Sigh.

  21. Alice

    Gale’s arms look really old

  22. Lisa K

    I couldn’t vote because I’m not sold on the actors OR the cover. I wasn’t sold on JL’s cover either. Everyone just looks too old like it’s the Hunger Games version of Red Dawn.

  23. CeeCee

    I am with Monkey – I want an option that says “NO. And NO again”.

    I mean, The Hunger Games (book) was decent, but the series, as a whole was, well…not as bad as Twilight, I guess? But the first book was solid, and I am sad to see such crap casting across the board for the movies. Woody Harelson as Haymitch was the ONLY inspired move!

    Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss made me shake my head in confusion (um, hello, what about that Irish actress from “Hannah” and “Antonement”; blanking on her name…) but after I actually saw her “act” in the latest X-Men movie I officially gave up thinking this (or, god forbid, “these”) movies were going to be any good. Booooo, all around!

  24. Jenn

    I need a “This cover has me concerned, but it’s also just the cover.” button. I don’t know if these guys are good actors. I’m concerned with a whole slew of things that I can’t quite place. It’s all just nervous making.

    And I’m fully not on board with Woody Harrelson.

  25. Isla

    Coming soon to NBC “Bears” a comedy which focuses on a gay couple who live in the woods and have wacky forraging and hunting adventures. There’s also a wisecracking squirrel.

    I might start writing the screenplay.

  26. CH

    I’m upset that Gale is hotter than Peeta.

  27. Kate

    Forgive the pun, but I’d imagined Peeta as just the slightest bit doughy. Strong, but not buff. I mean, he comes from one of the better fed homes in their District and eats a ton of (stale) bread. I just want him a little softer looking.

    I don’t get Liam Hemsworth as Gale AT ALL.

    Don’t even get me started on Woody Harrelson. RDJ would’ve been a FANTASTIC Haymitch.

    I’m so skeptical about this whole thing. They’d better not ruin the story.

  28. Anna Banana

    Ummmm….how to say it. Peeta is not dashing enough for me. Thin Lip Syndrome perhaps? I don’t know either of these guys but I’m reading the books currently. Gale Is swarthy enough I guess, but blondie on the right is not chiming my bells.

  29. Stefanie

    I just started the Hunger Games and it is so good but Im not far enough into it to have built the character in my head . That said, I have no idea who either one of these guys are.

  30. Alejandro & Cilantro

    I think the main issue here is the fact this is a photoshop disaster, Josh Hutcherson look much more approachable in real life, they just seem to have edited the life out of him.

  31. Stefanie

    Oh and these two look like frat boy lumberjacks.

  32. Jo

    That kind of Peeta is the Peeta that would glare and scowl at you for having your second helping of delicious bread… and then punch you.
    Not the lovely caring Peeta who would sneak you delicious breaded snacks because he loves full bodied women.

    Wait.. what was the question?
    But yes, I agree. Gale would never tuck in his shirt… but in my mind he doesn’t wear a shirt soo….

  33. Laura

    Oh dear. I’m officially concerned.

    And furthermore, does Peeta look like a young Bradley Whitford to anyone else?

  34. Heather

    I’ve always pictured Peeta as being played by someone like Chord Overstreet (specifically, how he plays nice-guy Sam on Glee). Peeta is not a short, bronzed man-god. And there is no fire in Helmsworth at all, which is so the opposite of Gale. So I’ve got some concerns, but it might be fine in the long run.

    Harrelson as Heymitch could be really great. We’ll see.

    The casting decision I’m most upset about is Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

  35. hnodc

    If you are going to have a knife slung through your belt for skinning poached rabbits, then said belt must be unobstructed by an untucked shirt. And also I’m sure the Capital has mutated some wicked poison ivy that he doesn’t want to risk getting on his ripped abs that I hope we are treated to at some point. The pants are too tight because the train from District 8 has not arrived bringing new ones, and he is a growing boy.

  36. yeahandalso

    Josh was adorable in The Kids Are All Right, not so much on that cover.

    Also, America has decided Chris is the brother we care about, sorry other Helmsworth

  37. Willow

    Heather I agree about Cinna, I always imagined him as a skinny white guy with ginger hair, kind of like Jesse Tyler-Ferguson… but I seem to be alone in that.

  38. Wordphreak

    How old are these characters supposed to be?

  39. Willow

    Wordphreak, Gale on the left is 18 and Peeta is about 14 or 15, or that’s what I remember.

  40. eee

    As an aside, I always pictured Cinna as a bit like Nick Verreos from season 2 of Project Runway. Everyone I’ve talked to has a different opinion. I think he’s the character left the most to readers’ interpretations.

  41. liz

    I don’t like this cover picture, but the other pictures on ew.com are better.

  42. LoriK

    Count me in with the group that couldn’t vote because there was no “This cover is bad and It’s not going to be OK” option. I’m not pleased with any of the casting (except for Donald Sutherland who makes everything better). This is shaping up to be a movie I’ll just skip.

  43. kathotdog

    @Wordphreak & @ Willow: I don’t think the movie version ages can be true to the book character ages at all; I think they will have to age them up as most American folks don’t want to see 12-, 13- and 14-year-olds gruesomely killing each other.

  44. Heather

    Willow, I like the idea of a ginger Cinna!

    eee, I agreee about Cinna being very open to interpretation. I guess what sticks out to me about Cinna (from the books) is that he is LESS flamboyant/loud/shallow than the rest of the prep team. He’s very cool, but also quiet and is like a breath of fresh air to Katniss in the capital. So, Kravitz will either be playing against type (he has probably never been the most normal person in a room), or they/re going to make the rest of the team SUPER CRAZY- looking! I would have liked to see someone like Zachary Quinto for the part instead.

  45. Deli

    I don’t know who these people are.

  46. Aria

    Hutcherson looks better than I imagined– when I first heard about the casting, i thought it was awful, but he looks okay here. Hemsworth or whatver looks awful – NOTHING like how imagine Gale. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch is a toss up – could be horrible, could be brilliant. Still don’t get Kravitz as Cinna — I think of Cinna as slight and kinda soft-spoken and neither of that comes to mind with flamboyantly dressed rock star Kravitz.

  47. JackieG

    @Wordphreak and @Willow: Gale is 18, Katniss and Peeta are 16 in the first book. I agree that the other pictures are better and Peeta is a little too tough looking on the cover. Peeta’s always been my focus though, so I don’t really care if they nail Gale. He was always background noise to me. I’m very eager to see Josh as Peeta. He was great in ‘Kids are Alright’ but his other recent movies have been slow to come to the theater, which is concerning. He’s cute as a button and I’m really hoping he can deliver!

  48. sarah

    actually, i feel like they might both fit the part well, but the styling is just way off. peeta should definitely not look quite that ripped (or angry), and gale would never be so tucked in and pretty boy-ish. i too love josh hutcherson so really, if he just softens it up a bit, i think he’ll be perfect.

  49. Alisa

    Neither guy looks anything like what I imagined. In fact I am still scratching my head at most of the casting choices in this movie. And Josh is definitely standing on a few crates in that picture. I’m really not looking forward to this movie.

  50. Jennie-Suz

    I’m with Monkey. This cover = FAIL.

  51. Coleen

    If they have to stick with those actors, I want them to switch it. Seriously. I like Josh Hutcherson, but I cannot take him seriously as Peeta when I think he’d have made a better Gale.

  52. Laura

    Peeta is supposed to be at least slightly ripped – they make mention in the first book that he’s got strong arms/shoulders from years of carting around bags of ingredients for the bakery. Katniss lists it as an advantage, and then Peeta says something like “I’m sure the arena will be full of bags of flour for me to throw at people.”

  53. CeeCee

    Zachary Quinto as Cinna = EXACTLY!

  54. Lindsay

    For everyone who doesn’t get Kravitz as Cinna, watch his scenes in Precious, in which he plays a kind, supportive nurse in an otherwise pretty bleak world. That bit of casting and Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket are the two roles that I think will be the most spot-on.

  55. Allison

    @kathotdog: But that’s the whole point of the books. The horror of children being forced to gruesomely kill eachother.

    IMDb did a casting wishlist a few months ago and they suggested Ian Somerhalder for Cinna. And that just clicked in my mind when I read that list. It seemed perfect and I’d love to see what he’d have done in that role. Either way, I wish they’d have cast someone with more acting experience. The role of Cinna needs to have a quiet intensity that will take skill to pull off. No offense to Kravitz, but he’s only got one film under his belt.

  56. marie

    just read lainey’s piece at laineygossip.com and she convinced me as to why josh would be a good Peeta..ive never really cared for Gale’s character so doesnt really matter at all.. and yes, whoever it was who said RDJ would make a fantastic Haymitch is spot on…how about Sir Hopkins for President Snow?

  57. Miranda

    So far the only thing I’m happy with is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Oh god I’m so afraid.

  58. abbitha07

    Heaather you read my mind about Peeta…as I was reading the books i pictured him exactly like Chord Overstreet! No one i tell that to seems to agree though…

    I like Woody Harrelson as haymitch, but RDJ would have been great. Elizabeth Banks gennerally annoys me, so good casting for Effie?

  59. Luanna

    @Susie Q – Totally agreed. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE romance, but The Hunger Games is a series that takes itself seriously. There is a lot of darkness, brutality, and despair. It’s fine to include SOME romance (again, I love romance, and I love Katniss and Peeta), but trying to turn it into something that’s all about Katniss’s boy issues seems disrespectful. And amping up the “hotness”? Please. A big part of Katniss’s character is that as tough and hardcore as she is, she’s really quite innocent in some ways, and completely inexperienced when it comes to love/romance. Changing that would be changing Katniss in a big way that I don’t want to see, IMO.

    Now, as for the cover, I don’t see it as a big deal. I still think Liam Hemsworth is a very odd choice for Gale, but I’m excited to see Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. He may look all pouty and confrontational here, but in general he’s always struck me as having a very sweet, charming, kind of shy vibe which is perfect for Peeta. Has no one else here seen Bridge to Terabithia? (Yes, I’m aware he’s was like 13 years old or something in that movie, but contrary to popular opinion, not all 13-year-olds are sweet and adorable like he was.)

  60. Verodemort

    Yeah, I think these two fellas are looking hot. I was concerned with the cover and the tucked in but the other pictures provided are a lot better! No mean looking Peeta here :)


  61. TonyG

    Never heard of ‘em and the cover does not make me want to get to know them or the show. It’s just, well…boring.

  62. Lindsey

    I don’t agree with either of them being cast in the movie. They look nothing like what I imagined the characters to look like..however, thats just my opinion.

  63. Edel

    Is it just me or does Josh Hutcherson look like a Chris Lilley character? Imagine it, ‘My name is Peet’a!’.

  64. Emily

    I still can’t get over the name Peeta. Reading that name in my head I feel like a small child with a speech impediment.

  65. Emmy

    Have those who disagree with Woody Harrelson as Haymitch seen Zombieland? I feel like his character in that is shades of how I imagined Haymitch, so I think it could work out. And ditto Lenny Kravitz’ role in Precious as a bright spot for how he might play Cinna.

  66. Lori

    Wow, Josh H must be drinking his protein shakes. When did he get all muscleroid?

    I picture Gale as the big,tough looking one and Peeta as pretty (someone mentioned Chord Overstreet–yeah, like that!) Maybe they should just switch places.

  67. AK

    Why no option for “this whole movie will be a disaster?”

  68. Penny

    was also looking for NO NO NO NO NO. Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland and the girl playing Rue are looking okay, but everyone else – oh so wrong. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch could just be filled in with CGI – he’s done this part 20 times already, Haymitch shouldn’t be a rerun of all your previous “characters”. Just saw Lenny Kravitz playing himself on “Entourage” and frankly was embarrassed for him, he’d better have been a lot better in “Precious”, but he’s still no Cinna. Am going to avoid these movies like I avoided the Harry Potter movies as much as possible (despite the presence of some British acting royalty).

  69. Sneza

    I think the tucked-in shirt gives Gale a camp-counselor vibe which is really kind of deep. He’s not Che Guevara, he’s Daniel Mintz of MoveOn.

  70. Leone

    That looks like some really BAD casting esp. for Peeta. There’s not a single description in the book to lead you to believe he looks this beefy in your face. Ugh…sorry, I mean’s “fug”. I predict this is going to be one big disappointing idiotic movie.

  71. KSK

    Is “welp” a typo? Just curious. It’s funny, whether a typo or not.

  72. jean

    Thank you girls for letting us vent about this. I’m so glad that Fug Nation is so firmly against this casting! I’ve been a hater since the first pictures came out, although I’ve warmed to Jennifer Lawrence (still too old …it should have been Hailee or Soirsen, however it is spelled). They’ve “Twilighted” it, alas. A movie that should have been vicious and bloody and horrible will be romantic and full of angst. Sigh. Gale need to be thin, half-starved, and intense. There are no have-starved actors in Hollywood?

  73. Sajorina

    I just wanted to say that Chris Hemsworth is 7 million, 11 thousand, 346 hundred times HOTTER than his brother Liam! GO “THOR”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Kristina

    I love the idea of Ben Barnes as Gale. That would make the choice between these two much harder.

    That said, Cinna in my head was always a young Tim Gunn.

  75. AJ

    I need there to be an option that says:
    I looked at this cover and thought, “Well that is better than I expected. Hm…panic averted.” AND THEN I read your thoughts and panic took serious hold again. Damn it.

  76. Ray

    So funny how perceptions differ. I got this issue in the mail and thought how much BOTH guys look like I had imagined them. Peeta is described as “medium height, stocky build.” Though the 18-year-old Hutcherson gained 15 pounds for this role, he’s hardly a “WWE wrestler” (unless you think The Rock is 5’7″). He’s not supposed to be pretty like Chord Overstreet, IMO — the pretty one in the books is really Finnick Odair.

    And I like the idea of Lenny Kravitz as Cinna — who is supposed to be “normal,” compared to the other Capitol stylists, with “close-cropped natural hair” (and gold eyeliner). I think Lenny could do the calm Bohemian thing very well and still be a loving father figure for Katniss. I just hope they don’t go full-on Twilight with these movies and make them ALL about the Triangle–the books were much more subtle than that.

  77. Penny

    You know, Cinna was my favourite character in the books – I even had a crush – so I was very interested to see who they would cast in the movie, and hoped they wouldn’t make him overtly flamboyant, because he wasn’t in the books, and wearing gold eyeliner and being a fashion designer doesn’t necessarily make him gay (although I love the gay men so it doesn’t actually rule him out, either). To the people who said “ginger” above – Cinna was described as having reddish hair and green eyes, wasn’t he? Not that that’s my biggest thing about Lenny Kravitz – it’s mostly that he seems like a bit of an arrogant dick in real life, which admittedly has coloured my impression of him, and what I’ve seen of his acting didn’t do it for me either – but I avoided “Precious” despite what was obviously some really good acting because it was obviously going to make me cry very very hard….

    My ideal Cinna is a cross between Hot Neville, Darren Criss and Steve Carell. And it could be worse, they could have cast Ben Affleck and that would be just horrid.

    Can I just say how much I love not only the Fug Girls but the people who post here? Sometimes I read some of the comments underneath a Yahoo! article and I feel like there’s no hope for humanity. And then I read the posts here and I laugh and laugh and I think you’re all brilliant. Sorry this isn’t funny. OH but please let them keep Kristin Bell away from Johanna Mason! I like Kristin Bell just fine and she can play any District 1 or 2 Tribute (like Cashmere) but NOT Johanna Mason. Drew Barrymore maybe.

  78. Alix H.

    Ok, wait. Are we being serious here? If you’re already nitpicking this movie down to whether Gale’s pants are too high or whether or not his shirt is tucked in, be prepared to be incredibly disappointed with the movie. I mean – can we think for a minute about what Hollywood did to the Harry Potter movies? If you don’t want to enjoy this movie at all, I’d say you’re off to a good start. I, for one, want to enjoy this movie and have faith that it will be well done.

    Gale’s shirt being tucked in makes sense to me, as does Peeta’s serious demeanor. You think he’s being too confrontational? Do we have to be reminded that he’s a character put into a situation where he’s being hunted by everyone that surrounds him? And as for Gale – these are characters that have had to grow up a lot faster than a lot of us have. Gale has taken on the responsibility of providing for his family – and goes to illegal measures to do it…. does he really strike you as a slob? I thought part of the reason Katniss admires him so much is because he has his s*** together? Am I the only one who got a hardened boy-scout vibe about Gale?

    I mean, the movie has been cast, it’s being shot, it’s happening. Lets try to enjoy it, shall we?

  79. EyreApparent

    I have no idea who either of them are – or what the Hunger Games are. Is that because I’m in England or because I have been hiding under a rock withour realising it?!? Mini Steve Guttenburg & enlarged Elijah Wood….?

  80. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m more worried about their names. I know Gale is also a man’s name but it’s rather old hat. But Peeta? Honestly, Peeta? Could he be the child of the president of PETA? The extra “e” standing for “extremely”?

  81. Claire

    As a Brit who doesn’t know these actors I did not understand what was going on here. I was so confused about which was Peeta and which was Gale, their colouring and stylings and completely contradictory. It really looks like they got confused and styled the wrong one in the wrong outfit and pose. Having said that I do like Peeta’s look, he is supposed to be strong from lifting all those bags of flour, it’s just a shame he’s so angry.

  82. Neil

    So… they cast a blond guy and dyed his hair brown, and cast a brunet guy and died his hair blond. Riiiight… It’s like Spider-Man 3 with Kirsten Dunst as a redhead and Bryce Dallas Howard all over again. And Josh Hutcherson really doesn’t suit blond.

  83. Betsy

    I’m still worried about Gale, but I think Josh will do a good job as Peeta. Now don’t laugh, but the tucked in shirt doesn’t bother me at all. My husband is doing his PhD in forestry, and whenever he goes out to do field work (even in 100 degree plus weather), he tucks his shirt into his pants and sometimes wears a belt. I think it helps keep bugs out or things getting caught. So seeing someone who’s going to be “working” outdoors have his shirt tucked in actually make a lot of sense to me. :)

  84. ISBN

    I think Forever Young Adult called it with the best SHOULD HAVE BEEN casting for Peeta and Gale: http://www.foreveryoungadult.com/2011/04/04/peeta-gale-casting-another-nefarious-capitol-plot/

    The other thing that disturbs me about this cover is the background. That’s what the hunger games arena will look like? Or is it District 12 or… what. I don’t know, I pictured something a little less…blah.

    I’m not thrilled with any of the casting either. HOWEVER, I saw “Winter’s Bone” and changed my mind about Jennifer Lawrence. She was really amazing in it. Her character was tough and bleak and I think she’ll do Katniss justice.

    And I think Pres. Snow should have been Gary Oldman.

    Not against Woody, as long as he doesn’t try to bring too much funny.
    The present Gale could have been a friggin JC Penny catalog model.

  85. Anna Dalrymple

    @ISBN I agree. As I read The Hunger Games I thought Katniss was a lot like Jennifer’s character in Winter’s Bone. I think she’ll be great and I think she looks spot on on that cover.

    As for the guys, I didn’t even recognise Josh up there as that sweet kid from The Kids Are Alright. He looks so beefy and much, much older than the character he’ll be playing. But it sounds like it’ll be a good casting. I’m not familiar with the other actor at all but he kind of LOOKS like how I pictured Gale.

    @Heather I don’t know who Zachary Quinto is but he’s pretty much exactly how I pictured Cinna. Good call! But I reckon Lenny will be good.

    So, I hate the cover but I’m still keeping faith that the film will be good.